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Sagging sex in the city

Half of the respondents suffered sexual problems in the past three months.
Half of the respondents suffered sexual problems in the past three months.  

CNN staff and wires

HONG KONG, China -- As Hong Kong's economy suffers from stresses and strains, so are the sex lives of the territory's seven million people, according to a survey.

Financial pressure and a hectic lifestyle in the territory's crowded streets are having a drastic effect on sex in the city.

A survey by the Chinese University of Hong Kong shows that more than one million people suffered from sex-related problems in the past year.

And experts warned the problem could get worse if further tales of economic woe materialize for Hong Kongers as the territory struggles to cope with a global downturn and growing competition from Chinese cities.

Family, work or financial pressures were the biggest contributors to losing sexual libido, the survey said.

Time Asia's 2001 Sex in Asia survey 

People were between twice and three times more likely to suffer from sexual problems if they were having money problems, says Chinese University's Dr Joseph Lau.

Meanwhile, people were twice as likely to have sexual dysfunction from work stress.

And the numbers of people reporting their sexual issues is likely to be underinflated, according to the researchers.

"Men are meant to be potent. Women are meant not to mention about sex, so the problem may have been concealed," says Lau.

About one fourth of women are lacking interest or are not enjoying sex, he added.

Sagging sex drive

Fifty-one per cent of men and 53 percent of women reported sexual problems in the survey, in which 1,571 men and 1,656 women aged between 18 and 59 were questioned.

These were the latest statistics to highlight Hong Kong's sagging sex drive. A survey last year by Time Asia showed that the territory's sexual activity lagged behind many of its Asian neighbors.

The Time survey found that only five percent of men thought they were sexy, compared with 55 percent in the Philippines and 48 percent in South Korea, and only 16 percent of Hong Kong women felt likewise, compared with 68 percent in the Philippines.

A global survey by leading condom manufacturer Durex in November also found Hong Kong people were the least sexually active in Asia, after Japan.

But Lau says there is light at the end of tunnel if economic woes worsen.

"There's an old saying -- correct or incorrect -- that poor people, even when they have not too much entertainment and so they enjoy sex even more."




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