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Deadly storm rips through coastal China

Around 800 people have been killed in floooding during this year's rainy season
Around 800 people have been killed in floooding during this year's rainy season  

HONG KONG, China -- As many as 33 people are feared dead after tropical storm Kammuri hit the southern Chinese province of Guangdong.

State media reported that 13 people were killed and 14 injured while 20 were still missing from the storm which swept through the coastal cities of Shanwei, Shantou and Lufeng Monday.

Torrential rains from Kammuri caused rivers to overflow and houses to collapse, cutting off water and electricity supplies in the storm-hit areas, the China Daily reported.

The report said that 10 farmers died in a massive landslide in Wuhua County, while two workmen were electrocuted while repairing damaged water facilities in Shantou.

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The local government has sent a relief team to the area to assist residents in rebuilding their homes and restoring farm production, the China Daily report said.

But the devastation caused by the rain has an upside, with Kammuri helping to ease the major drought that has affected Guangdong this year.

The heavy rains are expected to last a few more days, weather forecasters said.

Meanwhile, in the province of Liaoning in China's northeast, rainstorms and flooding has affected 18,000 hectares of land and affected some 45,000 households, the China Daily reported.

About 10,000 livestock had been killed from the heavy rainfall.

Torrential rain is rarely seen in the region, the report added.




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