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Hitler's globe goes on display

A swastika was emblazoned on one of Hitler's desktop globes  

MUNICH, Germany -- A huge globe which Adolf Hitler is believed to have used to outline his plans for world domination has been put on show in a Munich library.

The World War Two relic, which is nearly two metres (6ft) tall and has been gouged by bayonets and riddled with bullet holes, was found in the Fuehrerbau -- the Nazi party headquarters in Munich.

Reinhard Horn of the Bavarian State Library said: "We believe it stood in Hitler's office." The ravaged orb was one of a handful made in 1937 for top Nazis, he said

The outsize globe is 1.2 metres (3 ft 9 in) in diameter and stands 1.7 metres (5 ft 7 in) high. The German dictator is believed to have used it to explain his foreign policies to visiting dignitaries.

The globe has been hidden away for decades in the state library's storage room before being put on display.

The relic's size evokes Charlie Chaplin's anti-Nazi satire "The Great Dictator" in which his parody of Hitler, Adenoid Hynkel, dances around his office playing with a giant globe, enthralled at the prospect of ruling the world.

Horn, who is head of the library's maps and pictures department, said: "At first I thought of putting a photo of Chaplin next to it, but we're a scientific library, so I left it."

Horn said he had not yet seen any neo-Nazis admiring it, adding: "If they come, I'll take it away again."

Reuters contributed to this report.


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