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Starving dog eats its owner

VIENNA, Austria -- An Alsatian pet dog has eaten its owner's corpse after becoming trapped in a house for several weeks, police have said.

The 78-year-old woman who died alone about three weeks beforehand was almost entirely devoured by her dog in Feldbach in the Austrian province of Styria before being discovered by police.

Police said the German shepherd dog had been in the house with its owner when she is believed to have died of a heart attack.

All doors and windows had been locked in the house and the animal was forced to eat the body to avoid starving.

Police made the macabre discovery late on Tuesday after breaking into the locked house after a neighbour had raised the alarm.

The neighbour said the woman had phoned him weeks before saying she felt poorly, and he become concerned that she might have gone into hospital and left nobody looking after the dog.

The woman had not been seen since April 20, local media reported on Wednesday.




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