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Golden Jubilee in quotes

LONDON, England -- The four-day Golden Jubilee celebrations in the words of some of those who have taken part:

"You never know, it could be somebody important" -- Queen Elizabeth advising an embarrassed young woman to answer her mobile phone which rang out while they were in conversation

"Your Majesty... Mummy. Ladies and gentlemen, in my long experience of pop concerts, this has been something very special indeed" -- Prince Charles, on stage at the pop concert in the grounds of Buckingham Palace

"The carriage is on leather braces and not only rocks backwards and forwards but also oscillates, so I don't think it can be a particularly comfortable or enjoyable ride." -- royal head coachman Colin Henderson tells the Press Association about the glittering, but uncomfortable, State Gold Coach

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Golden Jubilee in quotes 
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"I still believe that love is all you need. I don't know a better message than that" -- Sir Paul McCartney at the palace pop concert

"I'm more surprised than anybody else that I'm here ... I'm on my best behaviour. I don't want to spend the rest of my life in the Tower" -- Rock legend Ozzy Osborne

"This is the first time I have been on stage with Paul McCartney and believe me I'm nervous" -- former Beach Boy Brian Wilson

"I couldn't get a note wrong, it was probably the best I've every played it. It was unbelievable, I'll never forget it the whole of my life" -- Queen guitarist Brian May after performing on the roof of Buckingham Palace

"I just wanted to be here to soak up the atmosphere, just to say that I was there. It's a fun day and she is someone we can be proud of" -- Keith Sullivan, 38, a builder from Basildon, Essex, tells PA

"That was amazing. I managed to see the queen and she looked just how she does on her pictures. She wasn't moving at all, just like on the stamps" -- American student Kelly Benjamin

"It is a wonderful celebration. I am celebrating the queen's 50 years and it has been a wonderful 50 years. She is an incredible woman and a great inspiration" -- Sophie Charlton, 27, from Brisbane, Australia

"The monarchy is very important in England and it's beautiful to see the queen and all the people" -- Brazilian Rosana Nogueira

"We brought two tents and we've been camped out since early yesterday The party last night was wonderful and I could do with my bed. We're all very tired but we're determined to make the most of the jubilee celebrations today" -- Stephen Clash, from Coventry, England

"The party was absolutely fantastic. But we're both very tired now and I'm longing for my bath but we wouldn't miss today's procession for the world" -- Sandra Lister, from Brightlingsea, Essex, on the south English coast

"The range of our continuing celebrations tells us something important. They tell us that, unlike so much in the modern world, this relationship, the one between sovereign and people, has grown stronger and deeper with the passage of time" -- the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr George Carey


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