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Russia anger at Argentine shelling

MOSCOW, Russia -- A diplomatic row has broken out between Argentina and Russia after a trawler was fired on.

Russia summoned the Argentinean ambassador on Saturday to denounce what it called the shelling with "no justification" of a Russian fishing trawler by an Argentinian coastguard vessel.

The coastguard vessel opened fire without warning after alleging the Odoyevsk had violated Argentina's territorial waters and refused to show its catch, a foreign statement said.

The foreign ministry made a "firm protest" to ambassador Juan Carlos Sanchez Arnau over the incident involving the trawler Odoyevsk, which took place on Thursday, a ministry statement said.

Moscow has now asked Argentina to investigate how the incident happened and to take measures to prevent any repeat.

The ministry statement said: "It was emphasised that there was no justification for the use of force in connection with a peaceful civil vessel, thereby threatening people's lives."

Both countries have agreed not to let the incident hurt relations between Moscow and Buenos Aires, the ministry added.

The Russian embassy in Buenos Aires had earlier handed a note of protest to Argentina's foreign ministry.

There was no word on whether the Odoyevsk was hit by the shelling or whether anyone was injured.




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