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Feline groovy! Now CDs for cats

One of the two CDs for stressed-out felines and their human companions
One of the two CDs for stressed-out felines and their human companions  

VIENNA, Austria -- A scientist in Vienna has developed two CDs to help cats relax.

Animal behaviourist Hermann Bubna-Littitz, professor at the Veterinary University of Vienna, says the music is designed to lull cats into a pleasant, relaxed state.

"We were able to prove with guaranteed statistics that our house cats sought out the proximity of the loudspeakers when we played this music ... and the tendency towards aggressive behaviour declined," he said in a statement on Thursday.

"By means of music of a certain rhythm one can shift bodily functions toward the state of rest and relaxation, thus to a pleasant condition and thus well-being," Bubna-Littiz said. "Situations which cause well-being are preferred."

The CD catalogue for "Music for Cats and Friends" (Volumes 1 and 2) features electronically-composed numbers such as "Moonlight Walk," "Endless Time" and "Coming Home" -- and of course there is "Memories" from the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical, "Cats."

The compact discs cost 19.50 euros ($19.21) each.

The producers at say they are not planning a cover version for dogs. Nor have they any plans yet for a feline version of the pop song: "Who let's the dogs out?"


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