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Kissinger: Don't let terror take credit for Mideast peace

Henry Kissinger talks to CNN on Friday
Henry Kissinger talks to CNN on Friday  

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger praised President Bush on Friday for making a "clear and strong statement of what America expects from both sides."

But he warned that U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell needs to get both sides to change their stances without the settlement appearing to have been prompted by the acts of suicide bombers.

"It is important for us and it is important for the war against terrorism that the outcome, whatever it is, is not perceived as having been elicited from us by suicide bombing, and that one side has to make the territorial concession and the other side only recognizes that it exists but changes nothing else," Kissinger said in an interview on CNN's "American Morning."

Kissinger said it will be important for both sides to change their positions and for the Arab states to make clear that their agenda cannot be pushed forward by terror attacks.

"I think there is a chance of this working as long as ... at the end of what is being done, the terrorists should not be able to say that they got us to do things that we would not have done except for terrorism," Kissinger said.

"Just as the Israelis have to do things that are very painful to them which have been spelled out in detail and forcefully by the president, the Arab states have to state that suicide bombing is not an appropriate means of achieving Arab objectives," said Kissinger.

"Right now the suicide bombers are glorified as martyrs. Their families are getting subventions. And, therefore, they are undoubtedly claiming credit for having produced American intervention and activity in diplomacy that we had heretofore rejected," he said.




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