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Kelly Rowland pursues her own destiny

Kelly Rowland

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(CNN) -- Even when Destiny's Child takes a break, the best-selling female group in history is never far from the public eye.

Member Beyonce Knowles has a solo project in the works. Michelle Williams topped the gospel charts with her solo effort, "Heart To Yours."

And Kelly Rowland, fresh from her global smash and twice Grammy-nominated -- hit "Dilemma" with hip-hop artist Nelly, is launching her new album in Europe.

Called "Simply Deep," Rowland's album was released in the U.S. last October and is led by the catchy track, "Stole." Fans of the 21-year-old R&B singer should also look out for the follow-up single, "Can't Nobody," due out later this month.

TMR caught up with Rowland to talk more about going solo, and what lies ahead for Destiny's Child.

TMR: How did this solo project come about?

Rowland: Destiny's Child has been around a long time and we really wanted to give the public eye a rest from DC for a minute. So it was our manager's idea for us to each do solo records.

The great thing is that I've always loved R&B, rock, and Sade, who I think is a category all of her own. This album reflects my personality, what kind of music I would listen to, what I was going through when I recorded the record, and my childhood.

TMR: When you're trying to convey something about your experiences to producers and songwriters, what do you say to them?

Rowland: I really teamed up with the writers and told them what I wanted. One writer in particular, Solange Knowles, who happens to be Beyonce's sister, wrote a song on my record called "Beyond Imagination" that talks about my childhood and what it was like. It's writers like Solange who sit back and listen to the artist and really pinpoint your personality and write it down.

TMR: How does recording an album as a solo artist compare with recording as a group?

Rowland: I have to say recording with the group is better, but recording by yourself is more challenging, and I think it makes you buckle down and be more serious. When you're in the group, you know you've got your other sisters to depend on. When you're by yourself you've got to be more focused.

TMR: How was it working with Nelly on "Dilemma"?

Rowland: Nelly actually called me up and asked me to do the song and I didn't believe him. So when I went into the studio, I knew it was real and we finished the song. And the next thing you know it was mixed, and I got excited and was like, "Man this is a hot song!" He was excited and he said, "I sure wish this would be a single." So the next thing you know it was released ... they couldn't stop playing it on the radio. It just became this massive song.

TMR: How important is the family feel with Destiny's Child?

Rowland: It's very important for DC to still be very close-knit. We're a unit, and a lot of people were nervous when we said we were going to do solo projects. But the good thing is we just finished a tour over here and we just finished a Christmas U.S. tour, so that's a point proven right there. We're still here. We're not going anywhere. We still support each other in what we do.

Beyonce just got a Pepsi deal, Michelle is hosting this year's Stella Awards and I just got two Grammy nominations for "Dilemma." So it's a blessing from God that we've still got things that keep us out there.

TMR: Tell us about the first single, "Stole."

Rowland: "Stole" is the first single off the record and it talks about three different scenarios with young people, and it tells a story about each of their lives and what they go through and how their lives were taken away from them. What I really love is that the song and the video really go hand in hand.

TMR: Has this solo project given you a new appetite for working with Destiny's Child, and/or on more solo projects?

Rowland: For DC. We'll get started on the next record later on this year -- probably about fall. For me, I'm hoping to get into more movies. Beyonce's record will be coming out and I'll be supporting her. Michelle is supposed to be starting on a second record. Solange, her record will be out this year and her record is fantabulous. She wrote 95 percent of her record and did all the vocal arrangements. She's a true talent and I can't wait until the world gets a taste of her. She's different.

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