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Daily Blog Roundup: Tuesday, July 27, 2004

By David L. Sifry
Special to

Editor's Note: Dave L. Sifry is the CEO and founder of Technorati, a Web-based company that tracks weblogs, or personal journals, on the Internet

• Daily Blog Roundup:  Monday, July 26

(CNN) -- Blogger activity started to hit full stride on the second day of the Democratic National Convention as logistical issues were resolved and jet lag wore off.

Some "pros" suffered a few jabsexternal link as well. In this cartoon, Pulitzer prize-winning cartoonist Doug Marlette weighs in on how the press of the present differs from some of the press of the past. Funny stuff. There's lots to cover, so here are some of the most interesting stories of the day.

  • Free speech areas: Oh, the irony: Some great commentary and photographs of the caged-in free speech areas. Daniel Rubinexternal link: "The "Free Speech" area became so inhospitable today -- from the screeching microphone reverb to the vacuum truck spraying waves of dirt on spectators -- that by 2 p.m., even the 9 1/2 foot Gandhi had had enough." Some photosexternal link.
  • Through the looking glass: The surreal feel went up about three notches today when talk-show host Jerry Springer visited blogger's alley to interview (and be interviewed by) bloggers. TalkLeft has a pictureexternal link. Jason Shellen of Blogger also stopped by and showed off a neat hackexternal link they've built to scroll through DNC-related postings
  • Howard Dean: There is a large group of Deaniac bloggers out there, and Howard Dean gave them a speech that left a lot of them feeling good, if nostalgic. His speech is on the webexternal link and commentary from the Deaniacs was largely positive. Some examples from Jerome Armstrongexternal link, Matt Grossexternal link, and TalkLeft,external link but have a look at some of the comments to get an idea of the bittersweet feelings that were also produced.
  • Obama, Obama, Obama! Barack Obama was the big story tonight. His keynote electrified the credentialed bloggers. Beck from Incite wroteexternal link: "The crowd is chanting his name now, and he just supplanted Clinton as most effective speaker of this year's DNC." Kos, from The Daily Kos, raved, "Brilliant. Awesome. We already knew he was a star. Now the rest of the country does so as well." Jesse Taylor of Pandagon, wroteexternal link, "You know how good this speech is? It will be on rap albums next year, during the tracks that are trying to be socially conscious." Dave Pell at ElectaBlog wroteexternal link, "I almost expected the guy to complete his speech by saying 'And I accept your nomination...' He rocked the house."
  • More moblogs: Lots of pictures were posted from on and off the floor of the convention. Collections of floor photosexternal link, Obama reactions,external link youthful supportersexternal link, and bag searchesexternal link. Bill Scher has a good set of postsexternal link (and photos) covering the last couple of days.
  • Comic relief: When you've had enough of this serious coverage, take a break with some Scrappleexternal link, some country musicexternal link, or even a folk songexternal link.

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