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Office talk: Have your say

We want your views on what makes the perfect global office.

Who are your role models, how do you navigate through the maze of technology and how can you achieve a glowing annual staff review?

Have your say about Global Office. CNN's Richard Quest and Liz George will read the best e-mails on air.

Your Say -- January 20

Your Say -- January 27

Your Say -- February 3

Your Say -- February 16

Your Say -- March 1

In my experience of over seven years in corporate life, I have learnt that the only difference between someone with an MBA and one without is the attitude. An MBA does not give you knowledge to better your performance. Most MBAs do tend to keep the big picture in mind while the non-MBAs mostly get into micro management and miss the point. Anmol Sherpa, Gujarat, India

Once in a while we all have a boss who considers himself an expert! Definition of an expert...(ex..spurt )..X is an undefined quantity. Spurt is a drip under pressure. Y.N., Canada

I have had a terrible boss for four years. Each time he had a bad day, I was the resident punch bag. Although I continue to produce results that even other managers were appreciative of. No manager would want to go up against my manager for fear of reprisals. I was passed over for promotion twice. Jackal Sutrak, Malaysia

A great staff review can be achieved through a perfect balance of production and people practices aligned with the goals of the organization -- a tough and heady combination, but a manageable one. It requires meticulous planning, monitoring and evaluation at various times. Ranjan Matthew, Moovattupuzha, Kerala, India

If there are bad managers, why are they managers? Good managers have good manners. They give honest and sincere appreciation, do not condemn or complain, but show a genuine interest in others by making others feel important. They also show sympathy when asked to carry out downsizing. Dr Harold Dresner, Karmiel, Israel

I am not against women getting ahead .If its because of their knowledge, but what has happen is that some individuals get left behind because companies have to have a certain number of woman in so many position. Larry, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In my opinion, it seems that men are more or less indifferent to women both in and out of the workplace. Contrarily however, women always seem to feel they are being mistreated. Women tend to want to compete with men, whereas the average modern man does not view women with any contempt at all. Bill Hetherington, Halifax, Nova Scotia

From my male standpoint I think many women are given well beyond equal rights bordering on favoritism. I have seen many women promoted well above their competency level. To be fair I also see many women work hard and apply themselves to achieve their goals. But others flirt their way to the top when they are vastly unqualified. I have heard women around the office use phrases like "well, if I need to show a little leg to get what I want I will do it". I find this to be utterly disgusting that women use sexuality in the business environment. I am not saying that women as a gender ca not do the job of a man, far from it, I know many women whom I have very high respect for and would not have a problem at all working for them. M.K., Des Moines, Iowa

Equality in workplace -- try inequality -- against men. In the provincial government try looking at the male/female employment ratio and also how many managers are female as opposed to male and you will see the truth about systematic discrimination against non-ethnic males. Nick, Canada