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Spark wants to hear from you. Are you passionate about technology? What topics do you want to learn more about? What sort of technology advances would make your life better?

Send your comments and ideas to Here are some of your e-mails.

Dear Spark,
Your story about the computerized points scoring system for martial arts was really good Full story. I believe the International Olympic Committee (IOC) should consider using the invention. So many people in my country feel that one of our boxers competing at the Athens Olympics was unfairly judged. If the electronic points evaluation system had have been in place, very few would be complaining!
Isa Kabenge, Uganda

Dear Spark,
I have an technology idea. What about micro-processors made from organic materials that could replace destroyed neurons? Or making a connection with new micro processors for faster neural pulses. Another idea is converting electrical neutral pulses to light for faster transmission. Do you or anyone have any information about these concepts?
Murat Akcanbaž, Turkey

Dear Spark,
I was very excited to see your program. Can you put information on it about how an up and coming inventor can get started -- especially if they do not live in a developed country. Are there any competitions for young inventors and are they open to people from all continents?
Obashola Eniola Lagos, Nigeria

Dear Spark,
I am a big fan of FrogPadexternal link. I believe it one day be lauded as an innovative keyboard design.
Pheloxi, Phrogger Phan ;)

Dear Spark,
I saw your piece about nanotechnology and found it very interesting. Please do more stories like that. I look forward to more technology topics on Spark and will look out for it in the listings. The host of the show is wonderful.
Nelson Schneider, California, U.S.

Dear Spark,
I am a Silicon Valley artist based in Vienna. I have painted a tribute to the pixel -- which is celebrating its 50th anniversary -- and auctioned it off off on eBay More informationexternal link.
Claude Bossett, Austria

Dear Spark,
Congratulations with your first transmission. It was concise and informative and nicely presented. As for your request for ideas for self cleaning garment, the product look very impressive, too good to believe, although gold and silver embroidery already existed centuries ago, and are very expensive. I can imagine a big market for self-cleaning cloth, but when demand rises, so will the price of silver, and so on.
J.M. Feekes, The Netherlands

Dear Spark,
Congratulations on a great show! It would be interesting to see an in-depth interview with Steve Jobs. I am a PC user, but lately Apple seem to be doing very nice products (not just the iPod & iTunes, but also OS/X innovations, great notebooks and displays, 64-bit computers).
Humberto Lobos Sucarrat, Chile

Dear Spark,
As a big Genesis fan, I was delighted to see Peter Gabriel on your show. Congratulations. I can't wait for the next Spark. I would love to know more about the concept of "future combustible". Here, in Argentina, scientists are developing combustible and motors and engines that work on vegetable oil.
Elio Juan Bario, Argentina

Dear Spark,
In general, the show is great -- it brings viewers a new look at technology and the impact it has on our lives. But you can do better. I want to see more reports by Kristie Lu Stout, as she is experienced in reporting technology news, and I want to see more reports from Asia correspondents. The show should air at 9.30pm in Hong Kong, instead of 8.30pm.
Jonathan Tin, Hong Kong

Dear Spark,
Welcome to existence. I have several ideas for gadgets, but the two I'd like to mention are: an answering machine suitable for the blind and/or elderly. At this time there isn't one on the market. The other device is a friction-based heat generator. It would have the benefit of not using a flame or flammable fuel.
I used to be concerned that these ideas would be stolen and make someone, other than myself, wealthy. I don't care about that anymore. I just want these devices out there for people to use. These are useful devices that people need right now. Maybe you can find, or help me find, bona fide developers for these two gadgets. Dan Lewis, Houston, Texas

CNN reserves the right to abridge e-mails. Not all e-mails can be published.

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