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(CNN) -- Are you a business person on the go?

To learn how to keep it all in balance, from health to family to cost conscious travel, click on the stories below and learn more about what has featured on the CNN Business Traveller television show and on the Web.

June 2007

A new supersonic boom

Orders for Airbus at Paris

May 2007: 21st Century Travel Show

The price of green travel

Coping with jet lag

Battle for the skies

Fight for your rights

April 2007

Video: Branson's billion dollar deal

BA plans partnered bid for Iberia

Top awards for BA and Continental

Virgin Atlantic orders 787s

High flyers who gamble it all

BA lose the most bags

Takeover talk heats up

March 2007

Size matters for Terminal 5

EU backs trans-Atlantic air deal

A380 makes big statement in USA

Virgin Blue skies for Boeing

Airs Asia X delays take off

Boeing collects more 787 orders

Dubai jet accident injures 14

Airport officials get X-ray vision

EU and U.S. reach for "open skies"

February 2007

Deja vu for JetBlue

EU ban on Pakistan International Airlines planes

Airline logo scares superstitious

No-fly list complaints site launched

Joining the personal jet set

Airbus vs. Boeing: Battle for the skies

Quest on board the A380

Meger mania in U.S. fades

Taxing time for passengers

Russia gets first budget airline

January 2007

BA to run 'full flight program'

Bangkok's Don Muang airport may re-open

Silverjet takes to the skies

LAX: Gateway to Asia

Traveling across time

United win coveted China route

Airlines start to move "mountain"

December 2006

Playing tag to track bags

Air travel chaos in UK

Gallery: Escape to Tsukiji market

Eos aim to fill luxury niche

Heathrow trials biometrics

Airbus gives go-ahead to A350


Japan - what you should know

Tasman alliance is scrapped

US Airways bid for Delta

Apple in tune with airlines

Quest interviews Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe

BA upgrades Club World

Plane talking

Perks of the job

Hotels get wired


No privacy for laptops

Video: SIA chief on Airbus woes

Air-bridging the Gulf

Speed-dating for airlines

Escape to a desert oasis

Airlines reel at A380 delays


New tricks with biometrics

Hand luggage rules to be relaxed

Escape to Phi Phi island

Bangkok airport ready for take-off

Talks stall on passenger data deal


Ryanair to allow mobile phones

Hand luggage rules 'don't reduce risk'

Smaller bags fly off the shelves

Airlines, airports need to 'stop fighting'

Damaged laptops may be covered

When cabin fever turns to air rage

'Smoking airline' plan, as hotels stub out


Hotel rooms for those on the move

Going the distance to work

Coastal Croatia the perfect escape

Boeing says non-metal 737s not far off

Getting mileage out of your air miles

Clocking up miles in the aisles

Plastic route to earning free flights

Use of work air miles up for debate

From novel idea to big take off


Going green in the air

Take a break, biz travelers told

Switch off BlackBerry and get creative

Dead Sea soak a hidden oasis

Minister: Israel's tourism growing

Staying safe in Israel

Israel a hub for high-tech advances

Iscar deal puts Israel on investment map

Doha airport creates no-queue solution

Paper tickets fly into history books

May 2006

Survey: Biz trips a hassle, not a perk

Mysterious journey of luggage revealed

Tags keep watchful eye on luggage

Tips for the virgin traveler

April 2006

Sales least likely reason for work trips

Traveling office for the road warrior

Gender gap still wide in business travel

Clever clothes fit for the road

CNN's Quest learns to fly

New business class airline to launch

Sleep doctor offers jet lag secrets

Cheap flights good for business

March 2006

Private jets promise air revolution

Air options for high flyers

Avoiding the scareports

Surviving the etiquette minefield

From big business to big cats

Mini microchips beat lost luggage

China airlines scramble to improve

Tests show cell phone air safety risk

February 2006

Back on the train gang

The service secret

Brazil's commercial carnival

From Russia with (more) love

Joining the 'rotory' club

Drama in the skies

U.S. eyes video visas

January 2006

Cell phones have the answer

Lying in wait for airborne criminals

BA goes budget

Counting the cost of cheaper flights

Celebrating an aviation legend

Terminal velocity for Heathrow

Plane clothes investigation

Hotel gets ahead with hat designer

Dog days ahead for biz travel

Hang-ups over in-flight cellular use

December 2005

Turbulent forecast for Asian airlines

Goodbye mini bars, hello mini rooms

Just the business?

Snow safari in lapland

Airlines go flat out for comfort

Making long-haul longer

Blast-off for frequent flyers

Using tech to tackle phone bills

November 2005

Taking on the travel giants

Arming women road warriors

Weird world of lost luggage

Air industry embraces the Easy life

Escaping to Japan's best rests

Do sleeping pills cure jet lag?

Beating the body clock

Online guide to airport lounging

Death of a travel salesman?

Travel warnings amid French violence

October 2005

Business travel costs tipped to rise

Lost in the language of signs

Secrets to smoother travel

Avoiding bird flu dangers

Unwinding at India's super spa

Geneva offers great quality of life

Putting the best to the test

Don't leave home without...

September 2005

Travel with environment in mind

Hotels get more eco-friendly

BA chief on flying, climate change

Smart Traveller: September

Eco-travel talk, have your say

Click a camera phone at your peril

New biz airline to fly trans-Atlantic

The risk of traveling for business

August 2005

Dial a city tour on a cell phone

Forget flight food, bring your own

Surviving Vietnam's business world

After air strike comes reparation

Bankruptcy looms over Delta

Vietnam on an upward turn

Tackle fear of flying with a course

No-frills hotel hits central London

The cost of a good night's sleep

July 2005

Team trips turn out trumps

SMS trend for travel updates

Japan's art of giving gifts

Commerce in a cultural context

Corporate thrills reach new highs

Seasonal advice for the traveler

Trash guidebook, pack a podcast

Tough to fly as oil prices climb

June 2005

Branson's vision for Virgin Nigeria

ID theft joins list of scams

Learn a language in-flight

Doing deals at dicey destinations

Greasing the wheels of business

The lowdown on in-flight meals

High-flying jobs boom grips India

May 2005

Tips for the rigors of the road

Travel slump hits tsunami areas

Bad food? Blame the altitude

Tips for booking hot restaurants

Battle brews over India's skies

Looking for a partner on the road

April 2005

Study shows fliers are out of breath

Ban on lighters sparks debate

Finding a city that suits you

Deciding where to live

The rise of the super-commuter

Pressure at the car rental counter

New heights for in-flight Internet

March 2005

Asian airports voted best in world

The sky-high comfort race

Airlines looks to climate change

Plan safety before a business trip

Commuter solace in the soundtract

Helping out with safety overseas

February 2005

Biometric ID may snare travelers

Tech trims down business travel

Keeping fit on that business trip

Tips on keeping fit on the road

Europe uses tech for border travel

Justifying private jets for business

January 2005

What irritates business travelers

Triple points for frequent travelers

The art in travel

Wizz Air offering new biz fare

Flying above business class

December 2004

In-flight Web surfing takes off

Outsourcing comes to airlines

China's boardroom banquets

Tips for the China market

First U.S. flight to Vietnam

New focus on first-class lounges

Strategies for winter air travel

Translating brand success globally

Traveling with a weak dollar

November 2004

CNN Business Traveller wins award

Expression can be a big deal

Dressed for executive success

The debate over travel warnings

Entertainment in the skies

More travelers, more delay

Flying business in the Pacific

Achieving the best travel deal

Getting real deals for travel

October 2004

The fine art of negotiation

First e-mail, now Asia's e-airport

Cracking cross-cultural etiquette

Makers battle for next generation

In-flight phone-free zone may end

Long-haul flights get longer

September 2004

Hotels wire up for guests

London launches charm offensive

The effects of Alitalia's woes

Russia focuses on airport security

Oil prices affect Asia's airlines

August 2004

Cruising away from executive stress

Spas cater for time-starved execs

Catering to metrosexual travelers

Asiana-style aerobics in the air

Air pact fuels China, U.S. travel

July 2004

Battle of the sexes over travel expenses

10-year UK passports may go

AirAsia's CEO flies humbly high

An interview with AirAsia's CEO

Stress of managing leisure time

Achieving a life-travel balance

No limit to easyJet hand baggage

Working with tax havens in mind

New business jet to fly Zurich-NYC

Taxing issues with al-Fayed

An interview with Mohamed al-Fayed

EU workers catch travel bug

June 2004

UK changes tack on travel advice

Busy lives fixed for a fee

Away on business: Get organized

APEC card sets up no-fuss travel

The world's best airport lounges

Defiance over Berlin airport closure

The rise of self-service travel

Flying with cleaner air in mind

May 2004

In search of a good night's sleep

Tallinn grows as a travel hub

When money is no object on the road

Dubai flies high as a travel hub

Airfares predicted to rise

April 2004

Cash in on a home away from home

Hotel building boom hits China

The in-flight right to recline

Airport duty-free flies to new heights

March 2004

Budget carriers lure corporate coffers

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