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Hurricane Ivan: Your e-mails

Are you in the path of Hurricane Ivan, or have you already been affected? Tell us about your experience.

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Hurricane Ivan brings massive rain and high winds to Cuba.

Floridians preparing for the worst.

Ride along with the Hurricane Hunters as they fly into the heart of Ivan.

The Jamaican government is surveying the damage from Ivan.
U.S. landfalls:
- Unnamed storm, 1935, Florida
- Camille, 1969, Mississippi
- Andrew, 1992, Florida
Source: NOAA
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(CNN) -- We asked those affected by Hurricane Ivan, or those in its path, to e-mail us with their thoughts and experiences. The following are a selection of your replies.

Hello, I have been following the Ivan Hurricane and so sad to see and watch as I live in New Zealand, I wish you all well and to all the families that are now homeless my heart goes out to all. Tilly Edwards

My mother and step-father are riding out the storm in Gulf Shores Island at the Ward residence. They have been talking to me on their cell phone as the storm hit. My step-father attempted to check on their home while he was in the eye (I KNOW...STUPID). Report numerous trees and power lines down everywhere. Stated that it looked like a war zone. Flooding was so bad, could not even get to their home. Almost became lost because the streets were covered with debris and the street signs were so badly damaged. Saw only one white truck on the road, probably an emergency worker. John Gilliland, Laurel, U.S.

Thanks so much for the information I read on your website. I'm from New Orleans and have family and friends in the area. I now live with my husband in Luanda, Angola Africa. It's VERY frustrating not knowing what is going on. The ONLY way to find out is my computer as nothing up to date is on our TV. So thanks for keeping me informed. Pam Carter, U.S.

I have a elderly friend in Gulf Breeze, who was to ill to leave her home. She e-mailed me she was going to stay in her windowless bathroom, and wait out the storm. I called the sheriff 's department, they said they couldn't go back into that area until after the storm. Shortly after I made the call a officer returned my call and said he would try to get to her. Then the bridge was closed. I have not heard how the Gulf Breeze area is doing. Can someone let me know how that area is doing.? Thanks. Norma, Texas, U.S.

What a great job reporting this hurricane. I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. My son, his wife and two child live in Panama City. Do you expect any more tornnados??? Janice, Canada.

I just called my sister in Gulf Breeze and the phone is actually still working. They obviously have no power though, and she and her 79 year old neighbor were huddled in a hallway listening to a radio. She said the noise has been really loud, with things hitting the house & the house keeps shaking. Then she said it was getting really loud like a train & she got scared and had to hang up. Terri Leesburg, VA, U.S.

Check this web site Two students from the University of South Alabama campus newspaper the Vanguard are reporting through the website about the storm and how things are on campus. Unique perpsective.

Is the increased frequency and severity of hurricanes related to global warming? What is the outlook for the future? Michael, California, U.S.

I just wanted to comment on those fella's out there reporting in that terrible weather! It's a fantastic thing that you are doing, please be very careful in your quest to make sure others are safe. Terri London, Ontario Canada

The maximum sustained winds are reported at 130 mph winds. I am watching the telecast live and am wondering why none of the reporting stations are reporting sustained winds anywhere near that amount. Are those winds over Fairhope, offshore, or where? Alex Nitzman, Wilmington, DE, U.S.

My daughter is employed by Hyatt in Grand Cayman and got through to us by phone last nite. She is unhurt and so are all of her friends. She knows of no confirmed deaths but info is scarce. The Hyatt, as with most of the island, is devastated and with no water or electricity health issues are of major concern now. There is a ferry 4 times larger than a house sitting in the Hyatt parking lot on top of many cars. They continue to wait for flights and information on what they are to do next as they try to protect what is left of their belongings from looting. Paul & Cathy McAvoy

My son, Dean Somers, lives in Grand Cayman. He phoned us today (Monday, September 13th) to tell us that Grand Cayman is totally destroyed. He said there is almost nothing left. The only good thing is that the house he rents with 2 others was the only house left standing and he congratulated the owner for building such a good house.

We have been following CNN's reports on Hurricane Ivan and there is a lot about Jamaica and Cuba but nothing really about Cayman. I'm talking pictures, etc. We're hoping that CNN will be able to show some on their news reports. Betty & Danny Somers Winnipeg, Canada

My wife and children live north of Mobile Al. and I'm in Ba'quba Iraq and helpless to help. Andrew B.Daugherty, Iraq

Hi, My name is Karen Guthrie. My sister and her family live in Destin Florida, and I have a holiday home there. I live in the UK and can only imagine the fear that must be running through the residents living in the threatened areas, I am scared for you all. As there is nothing I can do, I just wanted to tell you all, we are praying for you and our hearts are with you. God Bless and Stay Safe x Karen Guthrie, UK

Why have we not seen any coverage on the devastation in the Cayman Islands? They have no water, no power and no telephones. Not a single network is mentioning the situation there and this island needs help. A curfew has been imposed and they are trying to get things in order but it will be days before power is restored. Those of us lucky enough to have been evacuated can not reach our friends and colleagues back home -- we have no news from anyone. Everyone is talking about Cuba and Florida but our little island is under water and its residents need food and water -- please put it on the air so we can get help out there. The British have sent 2 ships with supplies but we obviously need more! mp

I live in a small home right in the path of the hurricane. I feel so helpless knowing that all this is about to be gone and there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop it. With 5 cats and 4 dogs it is impossible to get a hotel room or stay in a shelter, but a stranger has been nice enough to let me and my girlfriend ride out the storm with our pets in his vacant condominium. I am praying that we all make it through this in one piece. It looks like it's going to be a very frightening experience for all of us, but at least I'll be with the people and the pets I love. I hope and pray this doesn't turn out to be as bad as I'm imagining it will be. Janna, Pensacola, Florida

My boss has an absolutely beautiful estate in Negril, Jamaica. It is right on the rocky westernmost tip of the island, with stunning sunsets and glorious surroundings. But it suffered severe damage from Ivan's punishing winds and 25 to 60 ft waves, as did many properties in Negril, and some of the structures nearest the water have been literally swallowed by the sea--just disappeared completely. Just to make things worse, his primary residence and business are located in New Orleans. Can you imagine living with the dread that the same hurricane could smash you and your property twice?! Living with the stress of worrying about what has already happened to your property, watching the same massive threat headed for you yet again?! We can only hope this isn't the one that "comes up the mouth"-- the one that tracks up the path of the Mississippi River, the "big one," the nightmare of any sane New Orleanian. Nikki White, New Orleans

As a resident of the MS Gulf Coast, I may very well be in the path of Ivan. I remember, as a young person, being in the Category 5 hurricane named Camile. I road it out in a telephone company office 5 blocks from the beach. The winds howled for hours and hours, We were allowed to go out after 24 hours after the storm winds subsided - but only to check on our family. We had no electricity for a week and marshall law for a week. My friend's husband was lost in the Richelieu Apartments on the beach. (the famous hurricane party). My family lost many close friends. I do not plan to be here in another hurricane of that magnitude. We are making preparations to leave town now. I have an 82-year old mother who has many health issues and a brother-in-law who had both kidneys and his bladder removed last year at Tulane Hospital in New Orleans. He has dialysis 3 times a week. We have to go someplace where we can make sure he can dialyze while we are there. Pray for us. We know God is in control. Joy

Hi, my name is Lynn Allenby from East Yorkshire in England. I can't say I'm directly affected by the hurricanes out there but my husband, Nick, working on a huge rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Although up until now there has been no need for panic, they are now evacuating everyone to a place of safety as they expect it to hit soon. I'm presuming this one is "Ivan". To us in England this is very scary. We do realize that you Americans will be well prepared for this type of thing, dealing with such weather every hurricane season, but watching the news reports on satellite television really brings home the absolute havoc and devastation these things cause. And are you not having an unusual amount of bad weather just lately, or could it be that I am just more aware now that my husband is working in America? I just pray that all the folks in its path will take the advice of the emergency services and find safety. As I will be praying for my husband and all those working on rigs out there also. Lynn Allenby, England

Could you please try to report on the Cayman Islands? They have been flattened -- the airport is out with only a spot for one helicopter to land. You can get info from: The stormcarib site works for all the islands.... Kitty Werner, U.S.

Hi, my boyfriend and I were in Cuba from Sept.4 to the 11th. We had awesome weather up until about Thursday night. That was when we were informed that all Canadians were being evacuated from Cuba as per the Canadian government. There were about 400 other Canadians in our hotel, so you can imagine how chaotic it was in the lobby. No one really knew what was going on or what the new flight times would be for us to get out of there. We stayed in Varadero, and I must say that people down there have been very helpful. The Cuban people that we dealt with were really nice, always had a smile on their face and despite the hurricane incident I would love to go back there. Alot of people complained and asked if they were going to receive re-imbursement from their trip, but all I have to say is be thankful that you will be at home safe and sound instead of being caught in the hurricane. Krista Blinch

I was watching the news last night and some Americans living in retirement on one of the islands was sitting tight to protect the home investment they had made. They talked about the cinder block walls and the 175mph roof they had built. They are extremely unwise. In 1969 a film crew went to the town of Buras, Louisiana to interview an engineer who was proudly showing off his hurricane proof house. He detailed all of the special building materials and techniques that would allow he and his family to sit out hurricane Camille. He had even gone to the extreme of having re-inforcing rods placed down through the bricks into the slab of his raised slab. The slab was found after the storm, the twisted re-inforcing rods sticking out of it. Nothing else of the family, including the bodies, was ever found. The families who stay should not be considered as reliable judges of common sense. D. Sean Hindman, New Orleans, U.S.

I have 2 family members right now in grand Cayman and they have lost everything house car belongings. Nothing left. They are in a another concrete Building and they are sitting in waist high Water and the water is contaminated with sewage and debris. All we can do as a Family is pray and stick together through this tragic time. I Can't tell you how devastating this is as a family and not being able to help out. Way to painful. Geoff Darling, Vancouver, Canada

My step-son as well as a very dear friend live on Grand Cayman. I've been watching your news channel as well as any other I can find with information regarding H.Ivan and am unable to gather enough information regarding how prepared Grand Cayman is for the hurricane. It seems the islands are too small and unworthy of mention which is extremely frustrating right now. The hurricane is much closer to Grand Cayman than Cuba or Florida right now and if it remains a category 5 and moves through or over the island, could cause massive destruction and loss of life. Please if you can report in greater detail about what's happening on Grand Cayman/Islands. They may be small but the life on them is just as precious as those in Cuba and Florida. So please try to provide as much information as you can. Thank you! Lyn Stirling, Kelowna, Canada

My husband and I would like to just extend a prayer and a thanks to the people of montego bay we were on a company retreat and we were staying at the rosehall wyndam resort and as scary as it got on Thursday not knowing if we were going to be able to make it home and be safe the people there were so focused on not only preparing the hotel but also in still meeting the needs of the guest left there . we were lucky enough to get a flight out of the country at 8pm Thursday but our hearts and worries are still with the people of Montego Bay. Joanna Christenberry

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