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Holloway's mother makes plea

Suspects' mother says they'll stay put in Aruba

Satish Kalpoe, right, and brother Deepak leave jail after being freed Monday in Aruba.


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ORANJESTAD, Aruba (CNN) -- The mother of missing American teenager Natalee Holloway asked Tuesday that two brothers held as suspects in her daughter's disappearance not leave Aruba until the case is solved.

Beth Holloway Twitty pleaded for other countries not to allow them entry, and for Aruban officials to notify the U.S. State Department, if the brothers decide to leave the Caribbean island.

A judge ordered 21-year-old Deepak Kalpoe and his 18-year-old brother, Satish, released from jail Monday.

Their mother, Nadira Ramirez, told CNN that the family had canceled a planned vacation to Suriname so as not to give the impression that they were trying to flee.

"I wish the best for her [Holloway's mother] that we can get this problem solved," she said. "I still have in my heart that she [Holloway] is living."

And the brothers' lawyer pointed out that the young men were never formally charged and were free to leave the island -- but would not.

Prosecutors could appeal the Kalpoes' release but have not decided whether to do so, the Aruba prosecutor's office said Monday.

The judge ordered that their friend, 17-year-old Joran Van Der Sloot, remain in custody another 60 days, while police investigate what happened to the 18-year-old woman.

He has three days to decide whether to appeal his continued detention, prosecutors said.

Attorneys for all three men have said they are innocent.

Under Aruban law, prosecutors can request extensions for holding suspects. Each time, they must meet a higher standard for proving the necessity of keeping them in custody before a judge can approve the request.

Aruba residents staged a protest Tuesday to show their anger over criticism of local officials and the way they have conducted the search. Some of the criticism has come from Holloway's family.

Holloway was last reported seen early May 30 leaving a nightclub with the Kalpoe brothers and Van Der Sloot, the son of a judge on the Caribbean island.

Her mother said she is convinced the Kalpoe brothers "were involved in a violent crime against my daughter," questioning how they could be allowed "to walk freely among the tourists and citizens of Aruba."

"...There are no limits where they choose to travel," Twitty told reporters.

Arlene Ellis-Schipper, a lawyer on the island, said their release indicated police no longer have enough evidence to keep the Kalpoes in custody. But that doesn't mean they are ruled out as suspects, she said.

Prosecutors have said that Van Der Sloot and the Kalpoes made statements "that are not sustained by other investigative results and/or witness statements."

Phone conversations, text messages and computer chat records cast suspicion on them, prosecutors said.

The Kalpoes told police they left Holloway unharmed at a beach near a Marriott hotel.

David Kock, Satish Kalpoe's attorney, told CNN that two fishermen told investigators they didn't see a couple matching the descriptions of Holloway and Van Der Sloot at the beach the night she disappeared.

But the lawyer quoted the couple as saying they did see a white Suzuki vehicle on the beach.

"That is the only thing that they saw that was abnormal for that day," the lawyer said.

Police were seen moving two vehicles from the Van Der Sloot home last month, including a white Suzuki.

On Sunday, police took each of the three suspects separately to a stretch of beach near the Marriott "to make sure their stories matched," government spokesman Ruben Trapenberg said. (Full story)

Three Dutch F-16 jets equipped with lasers and special cameras made a test flight over Aruba in preparation for a search Wednesday. The planes landed Monday on the adjacent island of Curacao. (Full story)

Each of the F-16s is equipped with a television infrared camera, two daylight cameras and a 12-inch lens housed in pods slung beneath the aircraft.

About 40 personnel accompanied the planes; they include specialists who will analyze pictures taken from the planes, the ministry said.

The test flight was aimed at helping the pilots and crews familiarize themselves with locations to be searched. The jets flew over the island's landmark lighthouse, on its northern tip.

A security guard arrested earlier in the case and then freed told CNN that Deepak Kalpoe confided in him when they were both in jail that the group went to the lighthouse after leaving the nightclub with Holloway.

Holloway, from Mountain Brook, Alabama, a Birmingham suburb, was celebrating her high school graduation with classmates and parent chaperones when she disappeared.

CNN's Tracy Sabo and Patrick Oppmann contributed to the report.

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