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Smart Traveller

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(CNN) -- This section of CNN Business Traveller aims to keep you up to date with the latest developments in the high flying world of the road warrior.


Richard Quest sitting on the job, in this case it's a Zuca bag.


Zuca bag

As its strapline says, the Zuca bag is designed for the "seasoned road warrior." And perhaps also for the weary road warrior, because the selling point of this bag is that it doubles up as a seat.

Its lightweight aluminium frame is capable of supporting a massive 640 lbs of business traveller and it also serves as a sturdy frame to protect your most fragile belongings.


CNN's Richard Quest tested the Zuca over several days aboard trains and planes across Europe. He is in no doubt about its usefulness as a seat in busy stations and airports and is impressed by it stylish appearance. But there are some problems. With the opening on the side instead of the top, getting into the bag means turning on its back. And once you are inside, there's a lack of pockets. To get things out of the main body, you inevitably have to pull everything out and push things around.

But the Zuca Pro is designed for the business traveller. It fits in the overhead compartment on standard commercial aircraft; is designed to roll down narrow aircraft aisles and has handles to make it easy and safe to lift into the overhead compartment. While Richard may find them annoying, the removable pockets inside the bag are designed so you can stack them like drawers in the dresser of the hotel. There's a waterproof internal storage pocket for wet gear or dirty laundry and a zipper bag for toiletries. All in all Richard likes the Zuca. The lack of pockets is problem but as a bag that doubles up as a seat, it's a top tip for Smart Traveller. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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