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Our Lady of Peace, Ivory Coast
Read what mourners around the world have to say about the issues facing the new pope 
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(CNN) -- asked users to share their thoughts about the political, spiritual, economic and other global issues the next pope will face. Here is a sampling from thousands of responses, some of which have been edited:

The next pope will be challenged by his capacity to be conservative and maintain the visions of the late pope. He should be challenged by the growing level of corruption and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa by the elites and government officials.
Chris Nnah; Port Harcourt Rivers State, Nigeria

I do not mind where the next pope is coming from. I look forward to seeing a pope whose mission is to preach love, peace and unity among the peoples of the world. Pope John Paul II was not a white man in my eyes he was just a humble man who represented the world and the message of the almighty God.
Patrick Mwenya; Maun, Botswana

I just hope that the next pope could also follow those footsteps, and make a stronger effort and investment in the Third World countries ... I am Catholic and stand behind the strong beliefs [Pope John Paul II] had on abortion and condoms, but I hope that a compromise can be reached on condom use, because of the devastation that AIDS is having on our continent.
Ike Herbst; Mbabane, Swaziland

The next pontiff will face a greater challenge than any of his predecessors due to the standards that were set by Pope John Paul II. For him to be widely adored he has to act like John Paul II, but at the same time not imitate John Paul II. He will have to chose his own unique way of leading the Catholic Church which will also be recognized by people.
Clever; South Africa

His eminence Pope John Paul II did leave a legacy behind which should serve as a road map for action by the next pope.
E.N.K.T. Essel; Accra, Ghana

The next pope will have more challenges in the church to confront. Issues of women priests, gays and homosexuals in churches amidst dwindling numbers in the developed countries. In Africa and other developing countries, it will be an issue of fighting the global imbalance and an attempt to reduce poverty through fair trade and fair global policies.
Campion Benjamin; Kumasi, Ghana

I think the next Pope should do more to help address the issue of HIV/AIDS, especially in the Third World.
Jack Mcbrams; Blantyre, Malawi

The next pope will have to tackle the ever rising issue of racism in the whole world over -- the injustice of man-to-man meted out by the world super powers to the underprivileged, especially what is going on in Iraq and the looming war in Iran and North Korea. He will also have to tackle the ever-volatile co-existence of the different religions of the world vis-a-vis the upsurge of fight between the Muslims and Christians the world over.
Enechi Thomas Onyekachukwu; Lagos, Nigeria

He will face the problem of celibacy -- whether they (secular clergy) should marry or not, the loss of vocations especially in the European nations, the radical and conservative stand of the Catholic church on contraceptives and abortion, the ordination of women as clergy/priests,and the recognition of same sex marriage in the church. Finally, I think he will spend most of his time to measure up to the standard of the late pope, because, the whole world will be looking up to him for his comments on the above issues and many more.
Dominic; Nairobi, Kenya

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