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E-mail appeals: Sri Lanka

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(CNN) -- We received thousands of e-mails in the days after December's tsunamis from people seeking news of friends and relatives in areas affected by the disaster.

The e-mails are alphabetized by the missing person's last name. E-mails received before December 29 are not sorted.

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Indika, Oshan
Oshan Indika has permanent Australian Residency. He was celebrating a family wedding in Sri Lanka over this time. All his work friends are very concerned for his safety. Any help would be appreciated very much.

Jacob, Thavamalar
I am looking for my wife's aunt who lived in Kalmunai.

James, Cindy and Prassad
Seeking informtion of friends Cindy and Prassad James and daughter Natasha who live in Shanghai, China, possibly visiting family in Colombo, Sri Lanka for Christmas.

Janaki, Prasantha
And her family, living in Matara.

Jarvis, Pat; Barry Leonards
Looking for Pat Jarvis & Barry Leonards

Jayarathna, Judy, Lakmal, Duminda And Sumanarathna, E.D
Any info on: Jayarathna, Judy in Balapitiya; Lakmal, Duminda in Darga Town; Sumanarathna, E.D. in Beruwala.

Jayasekara family
Jayasekara family of Kandewatta Terrace Nugegoda. Friends in Reading, England, are anxious for news, especially of 9-year-old Devinie.

Jayasinghe family
I am looking for my baby father his name is Ranjith Vertram Jayasinghe and his mother her name is Doreen Nuriel Jayasinghe and father name is Brian Joshua Ranjith DOB: 7-13-1968 Adress atubadda Moratuwa.

Jayasoma, H and family
They live in Waulagoda, Hikkaduwa.
Update: Have made contact today, they are all fine. Thank you for your assistance.

Jayasuriya, Lalith, Kanthi and family
The Jayasuriya Family live in a village called Medagampitiya just outside Gampaha in West Sri Lanka. I am terribly concerned for them as I know the area was affected. They are Lalith and Kanthi, parents and three children, Randi, 12, Dilshan, 10, Threema, 9. I stayed with the family for six months and they were like parents to me. Please help.

Jayasuriya, Priyanka, Shaniya and Asini
Looking for Priyanka Jayasuriya (28), Shaniya Jayasuriya (28) and Asini Tihari Jayasuriya (8 months).

Jayatilaka, Rohan
We are looking for any information on Rohan Jayatilaka. He lives at 99 Rosemead Place, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Update: Thank you!! The children of Rohan Jayatilaka received great news on New Year's Day. They were able to talk to their father and he is well. Thank you for all your help!!! Our thoughts are with you all.

Jayawickrama, Heshani
Looking for Heshani Jayawickram, 17 years old, tall and slim build, from Thalawathagoda, Sri Lanka.

Jaywickrama, Neeta
We are trying to find out about Neeta Jaywickrama and her family of Lanka, Galhena Road, Beruwala, Sri Lanka.

Jeyarajan, T.
My friend T. Jeyarajan, his friends call him Jeya, he is 25 years old, and goes to Eastern University, he is a senior this year, looking to graduate with a degree in communications. His mailing address is M.P.K. Road, Chenkalady. We have not heard from him since the tsunami. We usually correspond by e-mail. I don't know if it is because the communications are down, or if something has happened to him and his family. We are very worried. If any one knows or can get word to him, please let us know if he is ok. Does anyone know if Chenkalady was badly hit by the earthquake and tsunami?? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Jiffrey, Amina and Namasivayam, Kalaimathy
I am looking for two of my friends from the University of Peradeniya (graduated 1995). Amina Jiffrey is from Sainthamaruthu Batticaloa, Eastern Province. Her husband is an announcer at Sri Lankan Rupavahini corporation. His name is A.R.M Jiffrey. My other friend is from Karativu, Eastern Province. Her name is Kalaimathy Namasivayam and she is married to Siva with two kids. She was teaching at Karaitivu Maha Vidyalayam with two other known gentlemen, Ceylon--Illankainathan and Kiri.

Johansson, Karin
Looking for a cousin. Karin Johansson from Sweden who was working in Sri Lanka until April of 2005. Just yesterday we received a Christmas card from Karin telling us of how much she loves working in the warm climate among the very friendly people of SriLanka. Please, if you can find her, let us know.

Johnston, Becky; Reid, James
We would like any information about Becky Johnston and James Reid on holiday in Sri Lanka.

Josep, Feethan
Moorthy Kapugamage is looking for his mother: Feethan Josep. She is 59 years old.

Joseph, Kevin Rubbish
We are looking for a friend named Kevin Rubbish Joseph. He is 27 years old, about 5'5", dark curly hair and medium built.

Kalauff, Alam
Alam Kalauff. I am looking for a buddy who moved back to Colombo to take care of his family's business. He was living in Baltimore, Maryland. He has many people worried, if you have any information please let me know.

Kalubuwilia, Dinesh
My friend Dinesh Kalubuwilia was supposed to have gone home to Sri Lanka to visit family. We believe his girlfriend, Natascha Geral, was with him. We have tried for days to reach him by phone in France, where he currently resides, but no luck. We are unsure if he left before or after the tsunami hit. I do not know in what area his family lives, but I am very worried about him and Natascha. If anyone happens to know anything, please let me know.

Kalyani, Kalyani
I am looking for information on my friend Kalyani Kalyani and her family who live in Auradhapura. I pray they are safe and all their families. My thoughts are with everyone whom this tragedy has affected.

Kamalarasan, Ratnam
Looking for Ratnam Kamalarasan (Jerome). Born December 12, 1971. Lavina, Sri Lanka. Affiliated with Calvary Church, Pastor Leslie J. Mathews.

Kanagaratnam family
Desperately seeking word of Kanagaratnam family. My friend, Theya, went to Sri Lanka prior to Christmas to visit her mother and family. There is also a brother in south India, a brother in Utah and a sister in Maryland. Have any of you heard from Theya and her mother?
My friend Theya Kanagaratnam and her mom and brother are safe! Finally got in touch with her brother in Utah who reports they are all well.

Kandasamy, Indu
Has been holidaying in Sri Lanka.

Kariyawasame, Osada
Osada Kariyawasame, age one-and-a-half, missing in Galle. J. Kariyawasame, age 59, missing in Galle.

Karunaratna, Kanchana
Work colleague named Kanchana Karunaratna. Born in Sri Lanka -- now living in Australia. Left Perth approximately December 22 with relatives to visit Sri Lanka.

Karunaratne, Chandrika
The missing person is Mrs Chandrika Karunaratne who is the mother of three kids. She has been last seen close to her house in the water at Urawatta, Ambalangoda, Sri Lanka. She is my niece.

Katadige, Dhrmasire-Subasilgha and Nipuna Deshan Subasilgha
We would like to have information about the following persons: Dhrmasire-Subasilgha Katadige and Nipuna Deshan Subasilgha Katadige. They live in Tissamaharama Kawantissa Pura.

Kathirkamh family; Ganam family; Thampirjah family
A Sri Lankan friend of mine has no news from his family of fishermen living in the area of Jaffna. Names : Kathirkamh, Ganam, Thampirjah. Thank you for your help.

How is the situation inside Galle's Fort? I'm worried about Mr Kodhikara, who ran a Guest House with roughly the same name. Also the people from Weltevreden Guest House, nearby.

Kularatne, Upali
Please help me to find my classmate Upali Kularatne, who is working at Lanka Salt Ltd., at Palatupana, Hambantota. After the tsunami I could not get any message from him.

Kulasiri, Rajitha
I am trying to locate Rajitha Kulasiri a friend who lives in Galle. I have had no news since the tsunami.

Kumarawardu family
I am looking for the Kumarawadu family who live in Seenigama/Hikkaduwa.

Kumari, Sanjeenani Nadisani
I'm trying to locate my sponsored child, Sanjeenani Nadisani Kumari of Uswetakeiyawa, Sri Lanka. She is with the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging.
Update: Please remove Sanjeenani Kumari from the missing person's list. Through use of your Web site I did receive valuable information which leads me to believe she's probably OK. Thank you for providing this wonderful service!

Kuruppu, Chinthaka
I am looking for Chinthaka Kuruppu and family. I'm not sure where in Sri Lanka they live, but I would like to know that they are safe. If anyone has information please e-mail me. Thank you!

Knill, John and Jackie
John and Jackie Knill, Caucasian in early 50s. Jackie is 5'6" with shoulder-length brown hair. John is 5'9" with salt and pepper hair. Canadians. Last seen in Khao Lak on Christmas Day.

Kodikara family
I am trying to locate my family. My husband's name is Ranasingha Weerakkodi Pradeep Pyasanna Kumara. They are from Geool and work in Thalgaswala.

Kohl, Fritz; Jessen, Beate
Both are Germans and living in Munich. Fritz is 52, 185 cm, and has brown hair; Beate is 45, 180 cm, and has red hair. They are individual tourists in Sri Lanka, probably in the south.
Update: Fritz Kohl and Beate Jessen both arrived in good health. They escaped as they decided to make a trip to the Sri Lanka highlands they day before the tsunami came. What a wonderful decision.

Kotelawala, Ananda and family
I'm looking for my friend Ananda Kotelawala and his family. He is a tourist guide and lives in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

Kumara, Depthi
We search for any information about our friend Depthi Kumara who lives with his family in Dodanduwa (Wele Kanda) in Sri Lanka. He works at the International Diving Center in Hikkaduwa. We would be grateful for any information about him, his family or situation in his village.

Kumara, Hasitha Prasath
Please help finding child 8 years old, Hasitha Prasath Kumara, mother Pathma, Christian Childrens Fund sponsored child, Bosath project 2819, P.O. box Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Kumara, S. Perdeep Indika
S. Perdeep Indika Kumara, Galle Road, Awariwatta, Moragalle, Beruwala. 30 years old, three little children, wife, working as a tourist guide mostly at Hotel Swanee.

Kumare, Jayamini
I am looking for my Sri Lankan friends, Jayamini Udaya Kumare, Sujeewa Malshanthi and their family in Ahangama.

Kurupu family; Seriwadene family
Searching for news of Domika and Kamani Kurupu and family living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Also Laksman (Lucky) Seriwadene and family of the same area. Prayers to the Buddha for their safety.

Kusumawathie, Mathes Hewage
Looking for info on Ms. Mathes Hewage Kusumawathie, Identity Card 50 554 2592 V. Her date of birth given 1950-02-23. Last address given is No 62 Akurassa Road, Dewata, Galle, Sri Lanka. Kusumatie worked at my in-laws & took wonderful care of my father-in-law during his illness. Just hope someone can help with some news. Thank you.

Kutlak, Jozef
Looking for Jozef Kutlak from Slovakia.

Lahir, Mahrouza and Sam
They run a small shop just under the lighthouse on Utrecht Bastion in Galle,

Lakmal, P.D. Ranga Dzmuthu
I want to know what happened with my friend. He was working in Riverina Hotel in Beruwala and his name is P.D. Ranga Dzmuthu Lakmal.

Lakmal, Vilag
Trying to locate Vilag Lakmal and his family from Moraglla, Beruwala, and any member of the Dapandurage family from the Matugama area.

Lamahewa, Premesiri
Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka.

Laneroole, Maxwell Neville John
Maxwell Neville John Lanerolle, 40 years old from Kandy.

Langer, Erez
I am looking for Erez Langer and his friend Eddie. They are from Israel. I don't know if they are OK.

Langeveld, Jos
Missing, my brother, Jos Langeveld, and his wife, Shiranie Boellaard. ... Both families did not hear from them after the tsunami. All information is welcome.
Update: My brother Jos Langeveld and his wife, Shiranie Boellaard, from Habaraduwa, were found alive and rather well. We are very glad.

Lankage, Ranidu
Ranidu Lankage. He is my friend from school and he is also a big time pop star in Sri Lanka. I emailed him and haven't heard from him yet.

Lasantha, Weerasinghe
I'm concerned about Mr. Weerasinghe Megahawattage Lasantha, born on August 30, 1972. His last known address is Siddeniyawatta, Palalla - Weligama. He used to work as a cook in a guest house. This year most likely in Mirissa or Tangalle. Lasantha has been my former fiance and we have a 6-year-old son, who lives with me in Austria. We'd be grateful for any information on his and his family's whereabouts.

Lebbe, Ishak
I am looking for my friend Ishak Lebbe, his wife, Jause, and three children, Omar, Zeenath and Zainab.

Leonard, John
We are looking for an Englishman named John Leonard (DOB: 4/4/73). He traveled to Sri Lanka with his girlfriend, Suzanne, just before Christmas from Kuwait and we have not heard from him since.

Long, Sandra Jean
Waiting to hear from my sister, Sandra Jean Long, furniture importer from Manhattan, New York City, in Sri Lanka on December 26.

Maduwage, Ariyaratne and Nuda De Silva
Ariyaratne Maduwage and Nuda De Silva of Telwatte, Peraliya. Near the train wreck in Southern Sri Lanka. Please check on their whereabouts and get us a phone number to contact them. Thanks.

Mahendra, Thomas
I am looking for my roommate. We are students at U.C.I. Thomas Mahendra went home to Sri Lanka to be with his family for the holidays. Please help me find my friend.
Update: Thomas Mahendra from Sri Lanka has safely arrived back at U.C.I. campus. We, his roommates, thank you.

Mahadevan family
We are interested in any information on the location of the Mahadevan family. They are visiting family in Sri Lanka. Dr. Mahendran Mahadevan; his wife, Tammy Mahadevan; his son, Ragavan Mahadevan; his daughter, Menaka Mahadevan. Dr. Mahadevan is the lab director at UAMS in Little Rock, Arkansas. His children are in medical school at UAMS also. Please contact us with any information on the family.
Update: Dr. Mahadevan and his family are home and safe in Little Rock, Arkansas. They made it home late Saturday night. Thank you for the prayers.

Mahindasiri, H.
Weheragalla Road, Mirissa.

Mahuroof, Ifthikar
I still looking for Ifthikar Mahuroof, beloved friend and Muslim gem dealer, and his family from Galle, Sri Lanka. Ifthi is average height and in his late 40s. Phones are not working and mail may not arrive. Here's hope for a successful survival and recovery of all residents.

Mairos, Helder, Luisa and Andrea
I am looking for my friend Helder Mairos, of Portuguese nationality, who was on holiday in Sri Lanka since December 23 with his wife, Luisa (Spanish), and his daughter, Andrea (Swiss).

Malwenna, Namalee
I am trying to find information on my friend Namalee Malwenna and her family, citizens of Galle, Sri Lanka. Namalee works at Exotic Roots on Church Street in Galle.

Manawadu, Anuradha and Thushari
God-daughters Anuradha and Thushari Manawadu, lived in Welipiti Modara, Gintota, Galle.

Markandu, Suhirthamalar; Sivakumar
Looking for Suhirthamalar Markandu, 26 Division No. 10, Trincomalee. Also Sivakumar, who studied at University of Jaffna between 1990-1992 in economics, from Kurukkalmadam, Batticaloa.

Marakandage, Marie-Jo (French)
And her husband Chaminda Marakandage living in Kurunduwatta, near Hikkaduwa.
Update: We are very happy to inform that our missing friends -- Marie-Jo and Chaminda Marakandage from Kurunduwatta, Hikkaduwa, are safe.

Martin, Nerissa and family
I am trying to locate Nerissa Martin, her husband, David Pope, and their son Sammi. They reside in Colombo.
Update: Nerissa Martin and David Pope. I have heard that they were in Europe at the time of the tsunami, and they are fine. Thank you to everyone who responded (including Nerissa).

Mary, Sister Lourdes
I wish to locate my cousin. She is a Roman Catholic nun (sisters of the poor), Sister Lourdes Mary. Her mother is Victoria. Her father Gregory.

Masala, Raseka
Worked at the Kosgoda Beach Resort, lived locally with his family. If anyone has news, can you please let me know. Many thanks.

Matarage, Kusan CDP
I am eagerly waiting to hear news on a child I sponsor by the name of Kusan CDP Matarage. He will be 4 years old in April. I love him and his family very much. They live in Lunugamvehera which is 105 miles from Colombo. His mom's name is Chandika, his father's name is Chandrasiri and his older sister is Wasanthi Candamali. Please contact me with any information you may have.

Matsumoto, Hikari
I am looking for any information about Mr. Hikari Matsumoto, who is my friend. His wife, Setsuko, is alive, and his son is dead.

McCracken, Evelyn
I am looking for information on my friend Evelyn McCracken from Menden, Germany area. She was travelling with her friend Jochen in Sri Lanka beginning Dec 17th. Any information is appreciated.

Mohotty, Neetha
I'm looking for any information on Miss Neetha Mohotty She lived In Pitta Kotte Srilanka with her mother and brother Piyal. Her address is Second Lane C.A.M. Housing Scheme. Her brother was a piano teacher and engineer at the University of Katubedda. Please send any info you can.

Mohotty, Pubudu
I am trying to find out some information about my school friend Pubudu Mohotty, who lives in Galle. She was living with her mother and sisters on Wackwella Road, 2nd Lane, China Gardens, Galle. (very near Galle Bus Depot). Please let me know if any one knows her or has any information. I have no way of contacting her. Thank you for your help!

Monte, Gardner
My brother, Gardner Monte, a Filipino merchant marine who is a crew member of MV Sailor, a cargo ship whose last known location was Singapore en route to Sri Lanka and somewhere to Africa. We have not had any communication with my brother since the tsunami tragedy. I would like to inquire the status of this ship and its crew members. This cargo ship is registered under Star Marine Shipping from Greece.

Moonesinghe, Ajitha Sanath
I am looking for information on Ajitha Sanath Moonesinghe. Last we spoke, he had moved back to Sri Lanka (I think Colombo) from the United States. I am very concerned about his safety. Please e-mail me with any information you may have regarding him.

Moonesinghe, Ravindra
We are still waiting any word on our friend Ravindra Moonesinghe, who was in Sri Lanka visiting. Any word at all would be appreciated, please.

Motha-Nelke, Charlotta and family
Does anyone have information about Charlotta Motha-Nelke, her husband and daughter as well as her parents Christina and Trygve Nelke who were at the Triton Hotel on the west coast? They live in Colombo but were spending Christmas on the beach.

Munasingha, Jayanthi
Munasingha, Jayanthi (a/k/a "Jaya") resides at 51-14 Vihara Mawatta, Pita Kotte, Kotte, Sri Lanka. Want to know if she is OK, etc. Don't know how bad that area was affected by the Tsunami. Jaya is a female Sri Lankan-Indian, 39 years old, 5'6" approx 160 pounds, married with one adult daughter. Her daughter was recently married there in April 2004. Please e-mail any info on her and the area's status to me. Please. Thank you so much.

Murtaza, Maisam Ali
I'm looking for a friend, his name is Maisam Ali Murtaza. He is a Canadian. He left the country on Dec. 20. His age is 23, date of birth is Feb. 13.

Muthumala, Gayan, Chaturi, Uditha, Jayantha
Four family members missing since the tsunami struck. Chaturi Muthumala, my niece,16; nephews Gayan, 8, Uditha, 9; brother-in-law Jayantha Muthumala, irrigation engineer -- on vacation in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. Anxious for any news of the others.

Nachshon, Barry
I am looking for information on the safety and whereabouts of my friend, Barry Nachshon, an American residing in Sri Lanka.
Update: I have spoken with his father and he is thankfully safe, still in Sri Lanka. Thank you for this wonderful service, CNN.

Nagarathnam, Sathiskumar
I want to know if a little boy that I sponsor through Mission of Mercy is still alive. His name is Sathiskumar Nagarathnam and he lives in a village called Palm Gardens in Sri Lanka. If you could please try and find him and let me know if he's okay I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you.

Nagendirarajah, Simon
I'm seeking my friend Simon Nagendirarajah of Canada who was vacationing in Sri Lanka over the Christmas holiday. Haven't yet heard from him and he's due in Kuala Lumpur early this week (January 3-8). Thank you and God bless CNN for doing such an excellent, albeit mammoth, yet noble job!

Naguleswaran, Adshiga
We have a student named Adshiga Naguleswaran, she is Asian, 8 yrs. old, and in the 2nd grade. She has been in Sri Lanka for the last couple of weeks visiting her grandmother and wasn't due back to Kent, Washington for another week. We are trying to find out if she and her family are okay. Can you help us, please?
Update: Hello. I had (only moments ago) e-mailed looking for a student of ours and just now received a phone call that Adshiga Naguleswaran and her family are all okay. Thanks for your help!

Naleya, Suren, Lalitha and Permal
I am looking for my sister's children -- they are Sri Lankan nationals and were last in Colombo, Sri Lanka. My sister was not with them at the time of the tsunami and she has not heard anything from them since that time. The youngest is a teenage boy about 16 years old, his name is Suren Naleya. The other two are adults now, Lalitha Naleya (approximately age 25) and Permal Naleya (approximately age 35). Does anyone know how I might find out if they are alive or dead?

Namasivayam, Kalaimathy
I'm looking for my friend Kalaimathy Namasivayam. She is a teacher at Karaitivu Maha Vidyalayam, Karaitivu, Eastern Province, Batticaloa. Her Husband is Siva and they have two small children.

Nanayakkara, Chandra
I am looking for my mother. Her name is Chandra Nanayakkara.

Nanayakkara, Naomi
Nanayakkara, Naomi (nickname Babsy) and Eddie. Last known address is Blue Lotus Beachfront guest house on De Saram Rd. in Mt. Lavinia. Please confirm safety or advise current situation.

Nanayakkara, Raja
Raja Nanayakkara and family: Our good friends who run Raja's Jewellery on Galle Road, Hikkaduwa, we are very worried about you.

Nanda, Sameera and Sunethra
I need information on Nanda Rodrigo who lives in Kadugama; Sameera Jeewantha who lives in Moratuwa; Sunethra Girihagama who lives in Wellehinde; and Ouintus and Ruth de Silva who live in Moratuwa.

Naryabinda, Guristar and Bathnay
I am seeking any information on Guristar Naryabinda his wife Bethnay and a dear friend named Victoria. I have not heard from them since before the tragedy hit. Also any information on a jeweller in Colombo named Nandin. I'm sorry I don't have his last name but any help will be greatly appreciated.

Nicholson, Champa and Andrew
Any information would be very appreciated.
Update: The Nicholsons are alive and well.

Nihmathulla, Latheef
We are looking for information about our friend Latheef Nihmathulla. He had previously worked in Saudi Arabia and recently in Japan. His home is in southern Sri Lanka. Any information you can provide about Latheef would be greatly appreciated.

Nisahsale, Charith
Looking for Charith Nisahsale; he works in Kalutara, but was home with his wife at Matara, Beach Road.

Nishantha, Mishel Rebeccalee
Request news of Mishel Rebeccalee Nishantha and sons. Living in Kalutara north. Address is Fonseka Place, Sea Beach Road.

Nissanka family
We are looking for any information about our friends Ajith, Antoinette, Jason and Aaron Nissanka. They went on vacation to Sri Lanka on December 17. We haven't heard any news. Any information would be appreciated.

Nissanke, Deepthi
Who knows something about my best friend, his name is Deepthi NIissanke, he is 29 years old and he lives in No 125, Radawana Road, Kirindiweal. I heard nothing after the tsunami disaster from him! Please help me.

Nizar, Nizri
Nazri Nizar -- I hope you and Toni are OK -- please call or e-mail, Eric, Ben and I are worried about you.

Nuwan, Marasinghe Arachchilage Sumeda
I am a World Vision sponsor and I am very concerned about a boy by the name of Marasinghe Arachchilage Sumeda Nuwan. My prayers are with him and his family (as well as all of the people affected by the tsunami), and it is my hope that they have all survived this horrifying disaster.

Ohrling, Staffan
He is from Sweden. Professor Staffan Ohrling of Mid-Sweden University. He was at Unawatuna Beach Resort in Sri Lanka from November 23.

Olivelle family
I would like to ask you for someone. It is a family from London, Essex, named Olivelle, Joseph and Shefalli. They have two children: Arun and Analle. They used to spend Christmas on Sri Lanka. Maybe they didn't go this year. I was their au pair, but I lost contact with them. Thank you.

Opanayaka, Sirima
Sister Sirima Opanayaka is with the Suore Dominicane di Malta. As far as I know she was at Melsirpura in Sri Lanka. I hope she is safe together with the other sisters and all the children they take care of.

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