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(CNN) -- We received thousands of e-mails in the days after December's tsunamis from people seeking news of friends and relatives in areas affected by the disaster.

The e-mails are alphabetized by the missing person's last name. E-mails received before December 29 are not sorted.

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Iamrahong, Pherea (Pela) His name is Pherea Iamrahong (Pela). I wonder if you made it, you've always been strong and able to pull through anything. I'm not sure exactly where you where at, but I thought you said you worked in Phuket. I hope you made it, kid.

Ibrahim, Njoya
His name is Njoya Ibrahim, a tourist. He's my friend. He's not been calling me for one week.

Ingram, Julie
We work with Julie Ingram from Omaha, Nebraska, who was vacationing in Thailand with her son and daughter, Darren and Katharine, and want to know if they are OK. Update: Good news! We received word that Julie Ingram and her family are fine.

Jakobson, Egon and Heda
Looking for Egon Jakobson, who went to Phuket Island with his wife, Heda, on a diving holiday. He is about 60 years old.

Jamar, J.C. and Marie
Looking for J.C. Jamar and Marie Jamar, staying at Club Med, Phuket.

James, Stewart
Age 54 of Westwood Mass., USA, traveling with Maura Buckly in Phuket area. 5'10" black hair brown eyes. Last heard from on Christmas day.

Janthawang, Supat
I am looking for a good friend of mine, Supat Janthawang (known as "Pex"). The last I heard he was working on Koh Chang, at Tom Tun Restaurant on Whitesand Beach. Before that, he was working in Phuket. I have not heard from him.

Jasminn, Krista
I am looking for Krista Jasminn. She went to Bangkok just before Christmas. We have not heard from her and are unable to contact her. She traveled with two other girls. Krista is French Canadian but travelled from England.

Jauregui, Brian
We are looking for Brian Jauregui. He went on a months vacation to Thailand. We do not know what areas he was visiting in Thailand. We think he might have gone to Phuket. He is a white male approximately 25 years old. He lives in Northridge, CA. If anyone has information please contact us. Thank you.
Update: We have news that Brian Jauregui is safe and fine. Thank you CNN for posting.

Jaw, Kanphirom Sae
Looking for my friend, Thai girl working at Krabi -- Rayavadee Hotel, tall, about 30.

Jelassi, Slim and Tschirner, Kathrin
Any information on our German friends Slim Jelassi and Kathrin Tschirner. They are in their mid to late 20s. They were vacationing in Thailand.
Update: We are very very happy to inform you that we have made contact with our friends Slim and Kathrin of Germany. Thanks CNN, keep up the good work.

Jennings, Peter
Peter Jennings (born on 12/17/41) on a sailboat, traveling with Frank Morgan, Dan & Rae Emmett, off the coast of Phuket on Christmas.
Update: Peter Jennings, my brother, has just notified me that he has arrived in Honolulu and is alive and well. Thank you, CNN, for offering your assistance.

Jenson, Jonathan
We're looking desperately for my 22-year-old nephew Jonathan Jenson. He was teaching on the coast of Thailand, and the last we had heard, he was considering moving into Bangkok. We have no idea where he is now.

Johnson family
William (Bill) Johnson, his wife Bobbi, their daughter, Kelly. They are from the Atlanta, GA area, made a vacation trip to Thailand.

Johnson, Bruce
I'm looking for a friend his name is Bruce K Johnson lives in Seattle. Went to Thailand with girlfriend from Cambodia for Christmas. Any information will be passed on to relatives who are very worried as I am as well. Please any information will be appreciated. My prayers are with you all who've been affected by this.
Update: A wonderful update I just received an e-mail from my missing friend. Their both just fine, thank God. My heart and prayers are with all of you still looking for loved ones. Thank you all for your help!

Johnson, Nik
Would like to hear from my cousin, Nik Johnson. Last known to be in Bangkok, Thailand.

Johnson, Van
I am writing to find away to find out if my friend is ok, he is an exchange student and his name is Van Johnson. If you could help me that would be great.

Jones, Klara
Klara Jones, uni break in Thailand when tsunami hit.

Jones, Scott
Scott Jones recently of South Carolina was living in Chaing Mai Thailand and has not confirmed his safety to his friends since 12/23/04.

Joowong, Kornkana
Kornkana Joowong has been finishing up her master's at Portland State University, but often returns to visit her family in Bangkok for holidays and they vacation in Phuket. Would like to know that she and her family are okay.

Julius, Donald Leo
He was on his boat, Le Boss in a Thai harbour. He also has a friend and shipmate called Joe Johnson. They are both from southern California.

Junker, Ursula
Ursula Junker, my aunt, was living in Takuapa Phang Nga in southern Thailand. She is 69, a Swiss citizen and nurse.

Junpoom (Juntapoom), Somai and Samart
I lost contact with my family years ago but fear that two of my brothers were injured or killed by the Tsunami. They work in the tourist areas of Phuket. Somai (Sumai) Junpoom and Samart Junpoom. Could also check for last name Juntapoom. The spellings translated to English may vary, but that should be very close. Any help would be very appreciated.

Juntree, Karatnoot
Her name is Karatnoot Juntree. She lives in Bangkok but her family often vacations in Phuket. She also goes by Jimlim Juntree. Jimlim is a nickname. No one has heard from her since right before Christmas and we were hoping and praying that she and her family are safe. Any information would be great.

Jurasek, Harold
I am looking for my German cousin. His name is Harold Jurasek and he is 35 years old. He was in Nam Kaem and staying at the Aussie Bungalows. He was there with 3 other people, 2 females and one male friend.

Kaminski family
We are seeking information about our friends Marek, Grace and Maria Kaminski. They were holidaying in Thailand over Christmas.
Update: They are home and safe.

Kaelli, Khanita
Would like to know where Khanita Kaelli was at the time. She lived between the Seychelles and Thailand.

Kahle, Georg
I am based in the UK and my friends, Sue and Will who live in France have asked me to search for their friend, who is German and who was somewhere in Thailand. His forename is GEORG (maybe spelt with an "E" on the end) and his surname is KAHLE. Georg, please contact Sue and Will.

Kahn, Joann
Looking my friend Joann Kahn -- 29 year old Korean-American woman, slender, about 5'3". Last heard from her on December 23th. She was planning to spend Christmas on Railay Beach, in Krabi province. I'm extremely worried about her! Please contact me if you have any news.

Kalgrem, Don and Anna Mari
They were on holidays in Phuket.

Kao, James and wife Jaeb
James is a Taiwanese U.S. citizen and wife is Thai. Both living in Thailand. Received email just before Christmas, I have tried to contact since tsunami to no avail. Please let us know you are okay.

Kauffman, Bernard
We're looking for Bernard Kauffman, in his late 60s from Prince Rupert, B.C. Canada. Any information please e-mail.
Update: Bernard Kauffman of Prince Rupert, B.C. Canada, has been found safe. Thank you to all that helped us find him.

Kamdar, Jatin; Rick Young
I am looking for my brother, Jatin Kamdar, and Rick Young.

Kanai, Surani; Katsu and daughter Mio
Looking for information on friends Surani, Katsu, and daughter Mio Kanai. May have been in northern Thailand but would like to hear of their safety.

Kane, Jeff
Hoping that an old friend, Jeff Kane, who settled a couple of years ago on a small island near Phuket is OK. Does anyone know?

Kasayapanand, Sonita
Stands 5'6, black straight hair. Her parents own Phuket Ocean Resort on Karen Beach.

Kastleiner, Beate and Winifried
We are missing Beate and Winfried Kastleiner from Germany. Guests from the Sofitel Magic Lagoon Resort Khao Lak.

Kelly, Mike
Mike Kelly is a friend of mine. He used to live in Tacoma, Washington. He sold everything and moved to Thailand back in 98 or 99. He is about 45-47, 5 feet 6 inches, short blond hair, usually mustached. Last I heard he lived not far from the beach.

Kempner, Tom and Joy
Tom and Joy Kempner on vacation in Phuket from Tucson, AZ, USA. Tom is American 48 yrs, Joy is Philippine 23 yrs.
Update: Tom and Joy Kempner are home safe. Their travels kept them in the Philippines and did not go to Phuket. Thank you for maintaining this helpful website.

Kenyon, Dave
Searching for Dave Kenyon, of Perth Australia. He is British with an Australian passport, last seen in Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand on Dec 26th. He is White male, 37 years, old, 5"11, brownish/blond hair, blue eyes, hairy chest, large gold chain. His first hotel was completely destroyed, but I found out that he only stayed in that one on Dec 24. He was staying at Phuket Orchid Hotel on Dec 26th.
Thank you for everyone's concern. My friend Dave was found and made it home to Australia this morning. He is in severe shock with lots of cuts and gashes but he is alive. Thank you.

Kerdmongkol, Patcharaporn
Patcharaporn Kerdmongkol -- She is a teacher in Nursing dept. I have tried calling but no such luck.

Kevorkian, Armine
Looking for my cousin, Armine Kevorkian, who was in Thailand with her boyfriend, Richard. We last heard from her on December 24. She was in Phuket. She is in her 50s, has dark hair and is about 5-foot-6. Please relay any information you may have about her.

Kidd, Gavin and Swienberger, Helmut
I am searching for Helmut Swienberger and Gavin Kidd who were know to be in Phuket Gavin owned a cycle livery and Helmut a restaurant/bar on the beach.

Kim, Kay J.
Kay J. Kim (71 years old). She called me a few days ago and said she was heading to Thailand. I have tried to call her since the tsunami but have had no luck.

Kimie, Dan and family
Looking for Dan Kimie and Rita DiSalvo, and daughter Sara. Dan was teaching in Thai gov. school in So. Thailand. Couple in late 40's, Sara is 5 years old. They are Americans from Somerville, MA. No response to e-mail to date. Any information appreciated.

Kinney, Lisa
Lisa Kinney

Kjellander, Anna
Age four. Last seen on Phi Phi when the wave hit. She has shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes, Speaks only Swedish, She was wearing a pink and white striped sundress with ribbons on the shoulders, yellow bikini underwear, and pink ECCO sandals. Her mother was told that a little girl with brown hair and fair skin was being carried by a local person yelling: "MAMA, MAMA." There is a picture of her at this site: If you have any information please e-mail.

Klaus, Fischhaber and family
Looking for Fischhaber Klaus and family from Dachau, Germany. There were last known at Khao Lak.

Kleinsmid, Rinus
Rinus Kleinsmid is still missing. He is last seen on the beach in Khao Lak with my mother-in-law. Thank God she survived! Male, white, age 58. Tall, birthmarks/moles on left side face, right underarm, underneath ribs on right side and another thick one on belly.

Knill, John and Jackie
last seen at Khao Lak Andaman resort. Use this link for photos of them:

Kobin, Keith
I am looking for my friend Keith Kobin who was leaving Dec. 11th for Thailand. I haven't heard anything from him since the Tsunami. Any information would be helpful.

Kornicki, Christopher
My dad, Christopher Kornicki was holidaying in Thailand I am not sure which part. I have not heard from him. He is an Australian citizen, blonde hair, 5'8, aged 57.

Koskova, Petra
Petra Koskova, 30 years old, German citizen on vacation in Thailand. Boyfriend's name is Marcus.

Kosol, Derrick
I am looking for my buddy, Derrick Kosol, who went to Thailand for vacation during Christmas break. He is Thai and 22 years old with a light build. I haven't been able to contact by phone and email. We start school this Saturday and I's love to see him there. Specifics of locations in Thailand are unavailable. Thank you.

Kouras, John and Paul
I'm looking for my two friends, brothers John and Paul Kouras. We grew up together in Roselle, NJ.

Kozimor, Ted
I am looking for my brother Ted Kozimor. He is 6'2", brown hair, blue eyes, 56 years old. He is traveling alone in Thailand or may have gone elsewhere in Asia. Please I am very worried.
Update: The State Department called with great news, my brother, Ted Kozimor, sent an e-mail to a friend and he is OK. We are all very thankful.

Knight, Elizabeth
We are enquiring as to the whereabouts of Elizabeth Knight aged mid 70s, and her son Ian, both from the UK and her two granddaughters Erin and 'Littlun'. She is a good friend of my mother's who like many of us cannot rest with this disaster and who send our deepest sympathies to those who have and are suffering. We applaud those who are helping with the rescue.

Kobin, Keith
I am looking for my friend Keith Kobin.

Koh Jum
I have been trying to get any information that I can about the island of Koh Jum, Thailand. It is a smaller island about 15 to 20 miles east of Koh Phi Phi.

Korson, Cathy and Daniel
Vacationing in Thailand when the tsunami hit.

Kouras, Paul
I am looking for my friend/co-worker, Paul Kouras who had traveled to Thailand for vacation. We are all very worried, so if you have any information on him please inform me. I know you must be busy working on this for everyone, thank you!

Krabi region
The following e-mail address has been sat up to try and identify missing persons in the Krabi region. E-mail name, nationality, age, distinguishing features, height, weight, next of kin and color of eyes and hair.

Kranker, Julie & Pete
They were on their own boat in Phuket, Thailand.

Krawczyk, John and Robert
Update regarding John and Robert Krawczyk, they may have been living in Pattaya, not Phuket. They still seem to be missing.

Korson, Cathy and Daniel
American citizens Cathy and her son, Daniel Korson, from Fairfax, U.S.A., are missing in Thailand.

Krämer, Gertrud Mrs.
From Germany, lost in Khao Lak (Hotel Khao Lak Sunset Resort).

Krawczyk, John and Bobby
Looking for identical twin brothers John (Junior) and Robert (Bobby) Krawczyk, staying in Phuket, I believe. They are in their early 60s, though both look much younger and are in good physical condition.
Update: Krawczyk brothers, John and Robert are alive and well, far removed from tsunami disaster.

Kumar, Nirmalya
Professor Nirmalya Kumar (Marketing Professor from London Business School) and his wife, Gunnel Berggren and their daughter Miya were travelling to India (Calcutta) and then onto Phuket, Thailand. They left London England on December 10.

Kumwandee family
This is their sister Buaphong. Please help locate them

Kunishi, Rie
Looking for Rie Kunishi, Japanese national. Might have been working for a diving school in either Phuket or on Phi Phi Island.

Lackups family
We are looking for the Lackups Family. An American embassy family stationed in Taipei, Taiwan. They were supposed to be vacationing on the beach somewhere in Thailand this week and I have not heard from then since before the disaster.

Lade, Doug
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Lade of Valley Phone Wire, in Thailand for Christmas, visiting their son there.

Laligne, Cam and Clem
Cam et Clem, nous attendons de vos nouvelles. Contactez nous. Papa et Maman.
Update: Found safe and well. They had moved from Malaysia to Thailand just after the tsunami. This news took one week to get.. so maybe others are still safe and just have not been in contact yet. Don't give up hope yet.

Laplante, Patrick
My friends and I are looking for Patrick. He was last known to be in Phuket region of Thailand. He's American. If anyone knows anything please email or call. Thanks.

Laquidara, Adriana Marcello; Piedro Guiseppe; Giordania Romana
Adriana Marcello Laquidara (59), Piedro Guiseppe Laquidara (39) Giordania Romana Laquidara (38). All traveling together on Italian passports. All living in Australia. Last seen at Kata Beach(?), Phuket.

Larkin, Elizabeth
Looking for information about Elizabeth Larkin. If anyone has info please contact...her colleagues are concerned about her.

Lawless, Rodney and family
Family from Dublin Ireland. They were believed to be on Phuket Island at the time of the tsunami.

Lazore, Alec and Dawn Hammer
Lazore, Alec, 40, US citizen. Hammer, Dawn, 27, US citizen. Both are vacationing in Thailand. Please email if you have info.

Leaberry, Robert and Mary Carol
On Vacation with a tour group.

Leach, Kerry
I'm looking for a dive instructor named Kerry Leach. She was working on Kata Beach in Phuket.

Lebar, Antonia
I am looking for the sister of a friend. Her name is Antonia Lebar (maiden name), Austrian, who was supposed to return home on Dec. 26. She is about 5'8" and has blonde or red hair (may be dyed another color) and dark eyes (brown?). I have not heard from her or her family yet, so any information would be helpful.
Update: I have received news that she arrived home safely. Thank you.

Ledingham, Justin and Seda
I am looking for Justin Ledingham and his finacee Seda. They stayed on Phi Phi Island.

Lee, Bettina and Andy
Bettina and Andy Lee, and 2 children, Bettina may have Danish or Dual (US) citizenship, children have dual.

Lee, Eileen
I'm looking for my friend Eileen Lee, 24 (approx 5'5", slim build, black hair, Chinese). She was holidaying on the island of Ko Phi Phi with her boyfriend Dominic Stephenson. They were staying at Charlies beach resort.

Lee, Hsin-Yu
Lee, Hsin-Yu (wife) & her husband with their two daughters - aged 3 and 7 months old; originally from Taiwan visiting some family and were around the Khao Lak - haven't heard from them. Please contact me with information.

Leger, Tim
Tim is 5 years old, 110 cm, 20 kg, green/blue eyes and blond hair. He was playing with his friends at the Bhandari Resort in Khao Lak, all his friends survived. He was wearing turquoise/blue swimming trunks with sharks printed on it. I am his mom looking for him desperately.

Lekander, Rolf
Rolf Lekander with his wife and 2 daughters, Khao Lak.

Leung, Jane
Looking for any information about my son's girlfriend and her family. Jane Leung 18 years old travelling to Thailand for Christmas. Not sure if they were on the coast, at a hotel, or with family. My son had been communicating regularly by email but has heard nothing since Christmas.
Update: my note looking for Jane Leung age 18 from Port Coquitlam, B.C. Just hours after posting my e-mail we have finally heard from Jane and her family. They are fine and alive! I pray that everyone else looking for a friend or loved one will get the same good news.

Leungprasert, Suwapitch (Khwan)
Suwapitch Leungprasert (nickname Khwan), our host daughter, from Phuket. She lived with us one year. We have not been able to contact her or her family, all from Phuket. She is 18 and currently attending Silpakorn University. We have written to them, but know things are slow. Just want to know she is okay.

Leverve, Estelle
Estelle Leverve, French, 28.

Levett, John and Mary
Seeking information on John and Mary Levett (both British, in their early 60s, from Dorset) who were staying in Khao Lak, Thailand.

Levine, Paula
Paula Levine -- 70's. I am looking for any information about Paula, my friend from Virgina. She was visiting Thailand for the holidays.

Lewko, Richard; Bemben, Evelyn
Richard Lewko and his mother Evelyn Bemben of Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada were heading for Phuket, Thailand on December 25 for Christmas holiday.

Lewis family
Patricia and Duane Lewis, and their three children, Andrea, 6, Lorenzo, 8, and Jean Pierre, 16, from Berkeley, California.
Update: I am very happy to report that Patricia Lewis and her family are all safe and sound. Thank you.

Leymarie, Valerie and Mordo, David
I am looking for my friend Valerie Leymarie (French/1967) and her boyfriend David Mordo (British). They were both on a three-week trip to Thailand, Indonesia and Japan. If anyone knows their whereabouts we would appreciate your help.

Liebowitz family
Nicola, Berman and Avadya from South Africa, believed to have been on Phi Phi island.

Liggett, Randy
Looking for my son RANDY S. Liggett age 52 5'5 weighs 142 lb. has light brown/blondish hair wears in a pony tail, has some front teeth missing. He arrived on Phuket Island on Dec. 6th He was at the Inter Hospital on Dec.21st. He is an American citizens.

Lidia, Dumitru
Looking for DUMITRU LIDIA, a Canadian who lives in Toronto. Left for Thailand Dec 19.

Liefeld, Ted
I'm looking for any information as to the whereabouts of my friend Ted (John) Liefeld, 37, and his wife ,Carolyn, and son and daughter, who were vacationing in Thailand.

Limsakoune, Nilavanh
We are looking for our co-worker, Nilavanh Limsakoune. She has been in Thailand visiting her family and friends. We are worried and would like to know how Nilavanh is doing and hope she is ok. If someone could please contact us for details. Thank you.

Limstrom, Lawrence (Larry)

Lisovski, Venci
Venci Lisovski from Macedonia, Gevgelija, 43 years old, last seen in Bangkok 08/12/2004. He didn't call back after tsunami tragedy. Please call back if you find anything about him.

Lloyd, Gorason; Lloyd, Grant and Lu Ann
Vacationing in Thailand from 12-18-04 to 12-28-04.

Lloyd, Mike Laurence
I want to know about Mike Laurence Lloyd, he was on vacation in Thailand. If you know something about him, please write me back.

Logan, Wayne
We are looking for Wayne Logan last known whereabouts in Phuket area we think. He is 5 foot 5 about 160 black curly hair. He has a tattoo on his arm that says "wayne." He is a Canadian Citizen. Any info plz email me.

Lorenzson, Lennart
Lennart Lorenzson from Sweden is my grandfather who was working as a sports reporter from Gotherburg Sweden. He was staying in the "Welcome Jomtien Beach Hotel" in Chonburi Thailand. If anybody knows anything please let me know.

Lovas, Zacary
I'm looking for my friends Zacary Lovas, alias Zac (American), his Indonesian wife, Jason Lovas alias Jay (American) and their Nepalese friend Narendra Babu alias Babu. They used to travel to Thailand and Indonesia very often. Any information about them will be highly appreciated.

Lowe, Amanda
Amanda Lowe, British, late 20s, approx 5'8", medium build, auburn hair -- bobbed, brown eyes. Amanda was staying at the Princess Resort in Krabi with her boyfriend Andy. Andy is safe in Bangkok and undergoing surgery on his leg but still no sign of Amanda. They were together in their hotel room when the wave hit. Please respond with any news or sightings you may have of Amanda.

Luffman, Bradley Kent
He is 40 years old, American Citizen from Kansas City. He has long blond hair and blue eyes. He was staying on a boat with friends in Phuket, Thailand. Bradley sent me his last email from Phuket on december 21st. I haven't heard from him since.
Update: Bradley Kent Luffman has been reported safe. He contacted his family to confirm he is ok.

Luppi, Francie
Francie Luppi went to Thailand 12/20/04. Her son Conner lives in Thailand year round.

Lynch, Stan
I am looking for any information in regards to my friend Stan Lynch in Thailand. He is an American. Any information would be most appreciated.
Update: My friend Stan Lynch has been located alive and well.

Mackay, David
I am looking for a close friend of mine. His name is David Mackay and is a Canadian national who has been living on the coast in Phuket, Thailand. We have attempted to e-mail him without success.

Marchal family
French family staying at Sofitel hotel in Khao Lak on 12/26/04. Regis is 44, grey hair, w/wedding ring (3 mixed rings in three gold colors), last seen in Adidas bathing trunks w/geometric design. Sylvie is 48, short chestnut hair, watch with black band (or watch with red stones) on left wrist, and gold/large diamond wedding ring, she was last seen in a bathing suit. Thea is 11, long brown hair, wearing necklace with small grey pearls and silver pendant that is either an elephant or a rabbit. All may have been heading for a tailor shop. Son Lucas has been found and is safe. Family is anxious for word.

Mac-Rae, Karen
I'm looking for a friend -- last whereabouts were Thailand -- by the name of Karen Mac-Rae and if she is missing or ok, please email me back.

Maroo, Sonalle
Received an email on the 21st Dec. from Sonalle "Sunny" Maroo that she'd "go down south" from Bangkok to be on the beach. I think she went to Karabi. Sunny is British and of Indian origin. I have emailed her since, but no response. Please contact me.
Update: I have now heard from Sonalle "Sunny" Maroo and she is well and alive. She was on the east side of Thailand and is unaffected to the extent where she didn't know how big the catastrophe has been. The news travels slower down there.

Maas, Aili
My friend and co-worker, Aili Maas only left before Thanksgiving to go to Thailand. We are all worried about her very much.

Mayes, Jackie
I am looking for my good English Friend Jackie Mayes. She was to be spending Christmas and the New Year on the Beach in Thailand. This is according to her holiday letter stating that she and her companion were to go on a trip to Vietnam, start in Hanoi and down to Sagion, and then to Thailand for holiday. She is from The Quantocks, Thatcham Berkshire, England. Any information would be much appreciated.

McCoy, David
We are seeking information on my husband's brother, David McCoy, last known to be living in the Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai area of Thailand. He is a retired 55-year-old American. He is about six feet tall with grey hair and can speak the language fluently. Thanks for any information.
Update: My husband's family has been contacted by his brother in Thailand and he is in a safe place. Thank you for all of your support.

McGivern, Robert and Eliza
My cousin Robert McGivern and his wife, Eliza, flew to Thailand on Christmas Eve. We have not heard from them since. Please contact me if you know of anything.

McGuiness family
My two cousins Kayte and Angela McGuiness and their grown-up children Michelle, Kate, Jamie and Sarah, their husbands and Jamie's fiance flew to Thailand for Jamie's wedding. They must have arrived Christmas Day or Boxing Day.
Update: This is in reference to Angela McGuiness and her family in Thailand. They are all alive and well.

McGuinness, Brian; Arthur Edwards, Steve Plunkett
All three arrived Phuket December 25 and have not contacted home since. All are approximately 50 years of age. Please help to find them.

McGuigan, Doris
We are very concerned about our friends Doris and Gordon McGuigan from Northwood, Middlesex, London spending 7 months in Thailand. Last heard of 21st December Tengsai Bay, Ko Samsi staying in beach bungalow.

McLean family
Seeking information on my brother, Bryan, wife, Betty, daughter, Isabella, son, Callum McLean. Vacation for holidays in Thailand with Hahn family. Have not had contact since departure from U.S. December 17.
Update: The McLean family was found. They are all safe and sound. Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns.

McNight, Gordon
Also called "Sandman."

Madsatun, Piyanoot
Piyanoot Madsatun ("Eyud"). Address: 168 M.6, tambon Kura, Kuraburi district, Phang Nga province, 82150, Thailand.

Mahakijpaisal, Sira
I am trying to find out information about an exchange student we hosted in 1998, and his family from Bangkok. His name is Sira Mahakijpaisal. His father is Kosal, and his mother's name is Busom. He has an older brother named Gida, and a younger brother named Asani. I would like any information available to us. His last known address to me was 8 soi Charoennakhon 55 road, Bangkok, Thailand.

Mahe, Tammy Tran
I am looking for my friend Tammy Tran Mahe and her 1-week-old baby, who were living in Phuket, Thailand, right next to the Hotel Sofitel. Can anyone give me some information about her?

Mains, Jeff
My dad's name is Jeff Mains. He is 53 years old, 5'10" and 165 lbs. with blue eyes and brown hair. He was last in Pattaya, Thailand but travels throughout Thailand. He is retired Navy and a merchant marine.

Markhorst, Ame
Baby girl, 9 months old. Blond hair, 2 small teeth. Her name is Ame Markhorst.

Marriot, Gavin
My boyfriend, Gavin Marriot, was on holiday in Thailand. I haven't slept for a whole week as I have tried to email, phone and send text messages with no answer. He is Scottish. I would appreciate any details about my loving darling. I really love him and have cried the whole week with no one to help me.

Marshall, Bob
Family looking for Bob Marshall. Age 47. Birthday Dec 24/1957. Height 6 foot. Weight 250 lbs. Multiple tattoos including a picture of an Asian peasant sitting down, drawn in only black ink, tattooed on the back of his calf. Last known to be in the Phuket area. He is a scuba dive instructor. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Update: Found alive (he was under water scuba diving). Thank you so much for your wonderful caring service.

Marshall, Nancy
I am looking for information about my aunt, Nancy Marshall... she was to leave for Bangkok on the 22nd of December, where she would spend Christmas, and that she would be in either Thailand or Cambodia for New Year's.

Martin, Greg
I am looking for my friend, Greg Martin. He is about 5'6", 135 lbs, black hair and brown eyes. I believe he was visiting Phuket, Thailand at the time of the tsunami. Last contact from him was Dec. 23, 2004. He is an American citizen.

Martin, Kevin
I am looking for my friend Kevin Martin.

Martin, Michael
My brother Michael Martin, age 63yrs. Short brown hair, wears aviator style glasses, 5'6", 150lbs. Thai girlfriend, nickname "Mam," owns taxi service in Bangkok. Should have heard something by now.

Martin, Robin
My Dad works in Thailand and I don't know if he was there when the tragedy happened. My brother and I are worried because we haven't heard from him yet. His name is Robin Martin. He has light brown hair, his eyes are light blue and he's fat but not too fat. He's about 5'0" (I'm not sure). Please e-mail me if you have anything.
Maroo, Sonalle
I'm looking for my mate, Sonalle "Sunny" Maroo. She was last seen island hopping in the Krabi Province. Sunny, please let us know that you're okay.

Marzonie, Chris and Sharon
Hello, I have two dear friends who are visiting Thailand and I would make sure they are alive and safe. They are Chris and Sharon Marzonie. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what part of the country they were planning on being in. If you could please let me know if you know anything about them, I would greatly appreciate it.

Masay, Bao
I am looking for a very good friend. He is Thai, his name is Bao Masay. He is a Boatman (long tail boat) in the Phi Phi Islands at Phi Phi Lanah Beach Club and Phi Phi Island Village. Bao's height is 5ft 7in weight 165lbs and he has gold eyes.

Massin, Eve and Sivade, Carl
We are looking out for our friends Eve Massin and Carl Sivade (French citizens, living in Munich, Germany) and are requesting information. They travelled to Phi Phi Island on Dec. 25 and probably rented a bungalow on Tonsai Bay. Since then we don't have any further news. Please, if anybody has seen them, could you let us know. Our hearts go out to you all.

Mastoon, Zachary
I am looking for my friend, Zachary Mastoon. Last I heard he was in Thailand. He is originally from Evanston, Illinois, but was living in New York City. Please send me any information that you might know about his whereabouts.

Mathis, Johnnie Ray
Help me locate my friend Johnnie Ray Mathis who retired to Thailand three years ago. Johnnie was a helicopter pilot in Saudi Arabia and is an American citizen. He is about 63 years old.

Matti, Pulkkinen; Kantor family; Silventoinen, family
Please e-mail if you have any news of these families, last seen or heard from on Khao Lak on Christmas Day. They are Finnish. Their names are: Matti Pulkkinen, 41; Vera Kantor, 7; Mirjam Kantor 5; Samuel Kantor, 3; and their mother, Tiina Marila-Kantor, 39; Marko Silventoinen; Perttu Silventoinen 7; Iida Silventoinen, 5,; Leo Silventoinen, 2.

Mercer, Craig
I am desperately looking for my dear friend Craig Mercer (from South Africa).

Mette, Angela
My dear friend Angela Mette went on holiday with friends in Thailand (friends: Katie (Australia), Andrew and Jo (UK)). I am desperately waiting to find out if she is safe. Height about 160 cm, blonde, American citizen (lives in London). Please help if you can.

Miller, Hugh
One of my employees, Hugh Miller, age 41 from Austin TX was vacationing in Thailand for the holidays. He is not technically over due until the 7th when he is set to fly home. His mother passed away last year with no other living relatives and now IBM is his only family so to speak. Knowing Hugh, he is probably helping others of there. We just want to know he is OK.

Mills, Shelly-Jo
A co-worker of mine went to Thailand for Christmas. Her name is Shelly-Jo Mills. I'm not sure if she was travelling alone or with her kids. She is probably in her late thirties or early forties and blonde. She was due to come back to work on Monday, January 3rd as a school bus driver, but no one has heard from her. If anyone has seen or heard anything, please let me know.
Update: I wrote you an email about shelley-jo mills. please remove it from your list. she has been located, and in the meantime, i've started receiving emails from all over the world trying to scam me out of money, because my email address is published.

Mischol, Marguerite
Marguerite Mischol was last seen in Ko Phi Phi on a boat. She's 47 and has black hair. Her husband, Ludvic Mischol, is still searching for her. Please help us if you know something about her, and contact us!

Moesman, Donnie; Hofland, Melissa
We are looking for two people last seen on Koh Phi Phi. A male, Donnie Moesman, 2m tall and a female, Melissa Hofland, 1.6m. The male has dark brown hair and the female has long dark hair.

Mondron, Michael
Looking for friend Michael (Mike) Mondron. In Thailand, believed to be in Phuket area. Possibly working in a bar/export business. White, 48 years old, blond hair, stocky build. Any information appreciated.

Montes, Aurelio; Francisca Cooper
My friends Aurelio Montes and Francisca Cooper from Chile were on their honeymoon in Phi Phi island on Princess resort. Aurelio is OK, but his wife, Francisca Cooper, has not been found yet. Please let me know any information you may have.

Monyo, Rosa and Emily Sandoz
Looking for my cousin Rosa Monyo who was vacationing in Thailand. She wrote a few days before Christmas. Also looking for my friend Emily Sandoz who was traveling in Thailand with a friend of hers -- Tom. She e-mailed on Christmas morning. Anyone with information, please feel free to email me.

Morden, Cameron Andrew
I'm looking for a friend and colleague by the name of Cameron Andrew Morden. He was vacationing in Thailand for the holidays. He goes by the name Andrew and works for the Whirlpool Jetboats in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada. He is mid-20s, tall, blond and wears glasses. Any information is appreciated. Thank you.

Morell, Lynn and Nick
Lynn Morell and her husband Nick Morell were in Thailand getting married and visiting family in Bangkok. We believe they were honeymooning somewhere in the area still when the wave hit. We've tried reaching them by email and cell - no response. Lynn's Thai name is Sangaroon Yangchana. Nick is a U.S. citizen. Lynn has been living in the U.S. for years but has visited her family in Thailand several times. I have no contact info for her family - she has many friends here in the U.S. that want to know if she's OK. They own a house in Diamond Bar, California, have a dog....we're very worried. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or can help find her. Thank you!

Morgan, Melissa
Melissa Morgan -- American, early twenties, petite, 5'6", brown hair, traveling with diplomat parents, going through Thailand, not sure when.

Moro, Kerstin and Marco
I am seeking word on a Swiss couple who were vacationing in Thailand. Kerstin and Marco Moro left their home in Zurich, Switzerland, for vacation in Thailand on December 23 or 24. I do not know where they were going in Thailand. If anyone has word of them, please contact me. Thanks.

Moser, Marcel
Has anyone seen Marcel Moser, last seen walking with his wife on the beach at Khao Lak? He is approx 185cm, has grey white curly hair and is of Swiss decent. Please contact us. We are desperate to hear from him. Perhaps he is walking around looking for his wife who survived and is also looking for him.

Moulton, David and Nuch
Looking for David Moulton and his wife, Nuch. Unsure of last known location but was around Phuket. David is 5'10", gray hair, Maine accent. Anyone knowing of his whereabouts, please send e-mail.

Mowry, John
John Mowry, he is about 48yrs old 5"8 155, he is a teacher at RI, US community college.

Mullan, Catherine; Len Barrett
Looking for Catherine Mullan and Len Barrett,from England. They were in Takuapa. Their children were found; they are missing.

Munshi, Jamal
My husband and I are looking for our friend Jamal Munshi. We believe that he has a home in Phuket, Thailand, where he resides at least several months of the year.

Murad, Celeste
She was in Thailand with her parents.

Murawski family
I am looking for Polish citizens Marika (14), Mikolaj (7) and their father Dariusz Murawski (41). Their mother Agata Murawska is in hospital in Bangkok. She is not able to looking for her family. All of them ware spending holidays on Phuket in hotel Sofitel.

Naithani, Poonam
I am searching for my friend who went for Holidays I guess to Phuket on 20th December 2003 Her Name is Mrs. Poonam Naithani She is 5 ft , fair in color & have nearly golden hair. If you get any information regarding her please forward it to my email ID.

Narula, Premchit
Have not had any new from my friend who lives in Bangkok and was on vacation to northern part of Thailand. She has not replied to my email either. Her name is Premchit Narula.

Nauss, Heinz-Dieter
We are missing the German guy Heinz-Dieter Nauss (written Nauß) located at the Garden Beach Resort (Beach Happy Lagoon) at Khao Lak/Thailand. Many thanks in advance for every information.

Neaga, Ramona
I am looking for a friend, her name is Ramona Neaga, she was a dance instructor and last time I talked to her she told me she was in Thailand.

Nelms, Carl Thomas (Kallahan, Carl)
Looking for brother who was living in Thailand. name is Carl Thomas Nelms aka as Carl Kallahan. Red hair with a lot of grey, 5'10, between 170-180 lbs. The word love is tattooed on his hand with one letter on each finger. He has a beard and moustache. Any info would be appreciated.

Nelson, Andre and Smith, Alan
Andre Nelson and Alan Smith left for Addis Sabbaba on Dec. 24, flying from there to Phuket.

Nelson, Mike and family
Mike and Sue Nelson, and their children, Greg, Patricia, and Jen.

Nelson, Peter
I'm looking for Peter Nelson who was to have been in Southern Thailand. Peter is 59, has red hair, is 5'10" tall and weighs 190.

Nemenio, Ellen
I am looking for Ellen Nemenio 28 years old. She is Fillipino descent and traveling as an American. She went to Thailand for vacation until Jan 8th.

Newman family
Looking for Mr & Mrs Newman and three children, Harry, Jack and Daisy who traveled out for a family holiday.

Nicholson, Eric
He has a tall and thin build, blond hair and blue eyes. He has been working north in Sumatra near Medan (in the jungles with orangutans) but was on vacation south of the Equator, around Lake Maninjau. We are desperate and anxious to hear news of this area's condition and subsequently Eric's condition.

Niehuss, John; Li, Ernest
They were visiting Thailand at the time the tsunami hit.

Niemann family
We are looking for our friends the German Niemann family, living in South Korea. They were staying at the Sofitel resort at Khao Lak. We were supposed to meet up with them on Phuket this week, at our hotel. Mr Ulrich Niemann, German, is 2 meters tall, 100kg, 45yrs, red hair and blue eyes. Ms Joyce Niemann-Liu is 40 yrs old, Taiwanese, 55kg, black haier and has brown eyes. Mr Leander Niemann is their 30-month-old boy, 100 cm tall, 20kg with brown eyes and black hair. If you have heard anything from them, please contact us directly in Singapore.

Niland family
Our family is worried sick about our friends who went to Bangkok, Thailand on vacation to visit their family. Their names are Joseph, June (parents) and their kids are Jessica (4 years), Justin (7), and Junior (10) and their niece Oyi (approx 22 years), and their last name is Niland. They live here in Riverside, Ca but frequently visit Thailand. The Nilands are located approximately in Bangkok. Please notify me if you have any info. We would like to know if they are safe.

Nilsavang, Olivier
My nephew Olivier Nilsavang and Cinderella Bui is lost somewhere Phuket or KHAO LAK. He was last seen in the Bamboo Orchid Resort.

Nilsson, Annette
We are very worried, and looking for any information about our friend Annette. She was in Thailand when the tsunami hit. We have not heard from her since. She is Swedish, in her late 30s and around 6 foot tall, she was traveling with her husband Peter and 2 children: Hanna (10 years old) and Alfred (7 years old). Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

Nishioka, Yuji
I am looking for my friend Yuji Nishioka and wife who was headed toward Phi Phi Island.

Nokdhes, Chuntri (Charles)
We are looking for Chuntri (Charles) Nokdhes and his family. He was traveling to Thailand for his daughter's (Maelynn) wedding ceremony. We are concerned co-workers. He was to arrive back in the U.S. on Jan. 3.

Oakley, Carl
From Harrow, Middlesex, England.

Ogg, Natsuko and Scott
I am trying to contact my best friend, Natsuko Ogg (Japanese) and her husband Scott Ogg (American). They are living in Phuket in Thailand and Natsuko works at a resort there.The last postcard I received had this address: Marriot Phuket Beach Club, 230 Moo 3, Mai Khao, Talang, 83110 Thailand.
Update: I recently sent an appeal looking for my best friend after the tsunami disaster. I just received an e-mail from her today and I'm happy to report that she and husband, Scott, are alive and well staying with relatives in Japan. Thanks so much CNN for your help.

Ohlsson family
Nils, Mirra, Kevin Ohlsson from Sweden.

Oller, Billy and family
We are desperate for information about our friend Billy Oller and his family. They travel to Thailand each Christmas for holiday. He is believed to be with his 2 girls Sofi (age 11) and Gennivive (age 14), and his wife, Samatha. Billy is about 40. He has two tattoos, one on each arm: a Union Jack Flag and a Confederate Flag.

Olson, Sage
My friend Sage Olson was visiting family in Bangkok with his mom and dad. I dont know if they are ok. Please email if you know about them.

Ong, Chong Soo and Geok Leng
I'm desperately looking for my cousin brother Chong Soo ONG, & his father Geok Leng ONG who staying years in Phuket, Thailand for business. Last contact was before Christmas.

Opravil, Oldrich
Oldrich "Olda" Opravil of Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Age 65+. Traveling with group. Last contact 12/18 from Thailand. Former Post Doc Fellow at Univ. of Michigan.

Orr, Wendy
Robert and wife Wendy Orr, were on a holiday trip in Thailand. They're from Sacramento, California. They're in their late 60s. They normal stay in hut when they travel to Thailand.

Ortiz, Stephen J.
I am looking for my brother, Stephen J. Ortiz. I believe he was in Phuket at the time of the disaster. He was scheduled to return to California today but I have not had any word from him for over two weeks.

Outmayer, Rene
He is traveling through Thailand. Has anybody seen him?

Overdam, Brigit
My sister, Brigit Froling-van Overdam, has been missing from Phi Phi (Princess Resort) since Sunday.

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