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Your e-mail: Remembering the pope

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CNN's Bruce Morton has this portrait of Poland's and the Vatican's son.

CNN's Al Goodman on Pope John Paul and Spain's Catholics.

CNN's Lucia Newman on the pope and Latin American leaders.
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• Millions worldwide pray for pope
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  • Time of death: 9:37 p.m. in Rome; 2:37 p.m. ET; 19:37 GMT, April 2, 2005
  • Age at time of death: 84 years
  • Death announcement: Archbishop Leonardo Sandri
  • Vatican protocol: "All the procedures that were foreseen in the apostolistic consitution (universi dominici gregis) that were put forth by John Paul II on the 22 February 1996 have been launched." -- Sandri
    Do you think John Paul II has raised expectations of the papacy?
    John Paul II

    (CNN) -- asked its users to share their views on the death of Pope John Paul II who died Saturday. Here is a sampling from thousands of responses, some of which have been edited.

    I feel sorrow that a great man as John Paul II has died. He tried all ways to get world peace. I hope he rests in peace, and that people don't forget his legacy.
    Adrian Edwards; Nottingham, United Kingdom

    I am not a Catholic, but I admire a person who is decent and honest. John Paul II touched the lives of almost everyone on this earth. He was trustworthy, humble and kind. His teachings made this world a better place. I hope that people in all places will remember this example and follow in his foot steps.
    Albert Hanna; Vancouver, Canada

    He was the most remarkable man all over the world. He was the legate of God. He changed the world with his love to all people. It didn't matter if a man was ill or if he believed in another religion, or was a bad man, the pope still loved him, even the man who shot him. He showed true compassion. He was my countryman. I live in his lovely city -- Krakow. The world will never forget him. God has opened the door of heaven for him this night.
    Gabriela; Krakow, Poland

    He showed us how much God loved us and what is the path to find Him. The Holy Spirit was always present in all his acts and in all his words.
    Eduardo Diaz del Rio; Barcelona, Spain

    I am not a Catholic, but I would like to express my sincere condolences to the Roman Catholic Church, the Christian religion and the world at large. Pope John Paul II was a diligent man who stood firmly on biblical principles without any skepticism. His stance on homosexuality will always be cherished by real Christians in this world. May his soul rest in eternal peace knowing fully that he did his duties in earnest and faithfully. To the Catholics, may you find consolation in the life of the pope. May you emulate the good that he did and try to lead lives loyal to God. As a custodian of world peace, may the world honor him and try to make this world a better place for everyone regardless of religion, race, gender or color. That would surely have been his wish. Pope, may the grace of Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit guide you in your next life.
    Vic; Cape Town, South Africa

    While the pope was a brave and notable man who stood up to Soviet communism, I shall mostly remember him as a rigid, conservative church leader who had the opportunity to modernize Catholicism and didn't.
    Mark Lindsay; Corte Madera, California

    I have been a Unitarian Universalist for the entire career of Pope John Paul II. Though he was certainly not the leader of my religion, I have always had the deepest respect for him. He was the person most responsible in my lifetime for bringing people and nations together. While I also didn't believe in all Pope John Paul II believed, I believe he acted from his heart and always did what he thought was best for his people -- the human race. I will miss the pope and his good works. The world is a much better place for Pope John Paul II having walked among us!
    Carmelo J. Corica; Aurora, Colorado

    As a Muslim from Istanbul, Turkey, I am sorry about Pope John Paul II. He was a man who committed his life to a religion. He has finished his mission. Rest in peace.
    Emre; Istanbul, Turkey

    He was a man of consistent and noncontradictory vision and beliefs. I had greater respect for this man wearing white robes in Rome than I did for nine persons in Washington wearing black robes.
    Jeff; Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan

    He touched my life and made all the difference.
    Kristine; Makati, Philippines

    I love the best human in the world -- my Polish pope! I am proud I am Polish!
    Agnes; Gdansk, Poland

    More than anything, Pope John Paul II's legacy will be that of a man who desired genuine peace for our troubled world and did all he could, as God gave him the grace, to achieve it. If only the rest of the world's leaders would put in even half the effort for real peace that the pope did. Shame on them for not. We are a poorer world without him.
    Todd Wallace, Bardstown, Kentucky

    As a Polish-Italian American, my sadness today is as deep as my joy was when this beloved man was elected. He did so much to bridge the gap of all religions and all peoples. Despite his many illnesses, he never gave up on mankind, traveling to the far corners of the Earth to help bring about peace. I will miss him, as one mourns the passing of one's own father.
    Barbara Cavolick; Takahama-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan

    He was a pope, but he was also a great man for Poland and for whole world. Rest in peace.
    Lukas; Warsaw, Poland

    As I watch the reactions to the passing of this pope, I cannot help but remember the death of Pope John XXIII. I do not feel the same sense of sadness and lost opportunity for this pope. He was a man who spoke to many, but did not speak to all. He reversed much of the democratization of the Church that John XXIII had started. While he had a great impact on the world at large, within the church, he closed doors where John Paul XXIII had opened them. I am sorry for his death, but I find it hard to mourn his passing.
    Carol; Cincinnati, Ohio

    There are many things I've seen in a different way than the pope, but I think that because of his actions during the changes in the European East, he should be remembered as one of the most important persons in the 20th and 21st centuries.
    Martin Gabriel; Spittal, Austria

    The millions that mourn for Pope John Paul II at this time is all that needs to be said about the incredible soul that he is.
    Lis Kilgour; Newmarket, Canada

    He was a great man, a peaceful man. I hope another great man will take his place for peace to be all over the world. And I hope peace will spread in the Middle East and especially in Lebanon.
    Jad Salloum; Kfarshima, Lebanon

    He represented a throwback to medieval, rightist, conservative, religious points of view. On themes such as women's rights, priest celibacy, or sexual education, he always promoted the old-fashioned antique way with no care for modern feeling or thinking.
    Frederico Kereki; Montevideo, Uruguay

    We have lost our biggest light. We are lonelier now. Pope John Paul II was in love with the world and with us all. Here in Fatima, Portugal, we have a constant reminder of his suffering -- the bullet that nearly killed him and that now rests on the crown of Our Lady of Fátima. It will forever be a sign of hope and a symbol of his and our faith. May he guide and protect us from above. Goodbye, dear friend.
    Melucha Silva; Lisbon, Portugal

    The world's most revered human being is gone back to the Lord. He has left legacies almost impossible to meet. He was the world's most unifying factor between all races and religions. I am a Muslim, but my heart still bleeds. Adieu, the pope of popes!
    Olakunle Olatunde; Lagos, Nigeria

    Pope John Paul II was the first and only pope that came to visit our island of Guam. His presence then and now gives faith, hope and life in our Christian world. My kids are saddened to see the pope's passing, but I assured them that in his passing he is with Jesus. And Jesus knows that we will miss him.
    Marina; Dededo, Guam

    The pope enjoyed the best medical care. The disservice he did to third world countries by not endorsing contraception is a sin in itself.
    Alex; Charleston, South Carolina

    Let me first start by saying that I am not a Catholic. However, at the same time I am deeply moved by the passing of Pope John Paul II. His influence on the world stage has been profound, and he will always be remembered as many have called him, "The People's Pope." I find it hard to see what direction the church may follow because of the duration of this pope's reign and the accessibility and ability he possessed to communicate to all denominations. This will be one hard reign to follow.
    Erik Raudsep; Lake Ronkonkoma, New York

    An extraordinary man comes back to his creator. I am deeply sorry and moved, but happy because he rests in peace, watching over us as he did in life. I will always remember his smile and a vision of a pope near his fellows, not a high priest unavailable to his followers. The new pope must continue and preserve that. God Bless, John Paul II.
    Jose Pablo Leon Vargas; San Jose, Costa Rica

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