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Read what mourners around the world have to say about the late Pope John Paul II 
John Paul II

(CNN) -- asked its readers to share their views on the death of Pope John Paul II, who died Saturday. Here is a sampling from thousands of responses, some of which have been edited:

His commitment to world peace gave many a peaceful life. May God rest his soul in eternal life.
Margareth Nzowa; Mbeya, Tanzania

I'm deeply sorry for we have lost our dear Father. But one thing that we all should note is that he is with the Divine and nothing is better. Our life on this planet is just a glimpse, yet we have more to see in the next life with our Jesus Christ. As I'm a Catholic, I'm really sad that I lost our leader. In another case I'm really grateful to God for giving such a leader which had an impact in our life.
Mahadere Berhanou; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

As a human being, I mourn because Pope John Paul II is no more. As a believer, looking at the changes he has brought to our world today ranging from peace, unity, love of humanity, let the saint return to his creator after the day's work. I look forward to the new pope that will keep his legacy going.
James Vembe; Ibadan, Nigeria

He is a man who made [a] great impact in his time. No matter his religious background. I know him to be [a] man of peace, with [a] good heart.
John Kennedy Duku; Tema, Ghana

John Paul II was a man who, entrusted with the truths of the Catholic faith, sought to renew the whole world and was consistent in the face of stiff opposition from the secular world -- a challenge to us always to stand firmly on the side of truth and justice. His legacy has an eternal tenure.
The Rev. Christopher Amojo; Enugu, Nigeria

The pope demonstrated humility at its best. Even though he was such a great, holy man of God, he found the time to go out and spread the good news of the gospel to his flock near and far. One can never forget when he visited our country in 1988, the country came to a complete standstill because everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of him -- what with the country being so small and the majority of the population being Catholics. Our prayer can only be that the Lord rests his dear soul in eternal peace. Amen.
Lineo; Maseru, Lesotho

I'll start by greeting the world that mourns a great man. What I can say about the pontiff is that, he was a great man of God who showed the world the way to light not only by his words but by his deeds as well. As a Catholic by faith, we can say the pope showed me the way to light, peace, happiness and joy. He also taught us to forgive and forget when we are offended. ... May his soul rest in the bosom of the most high God. Peace, father Paul.
Abeng Kang; Bamenda, Cameroon

1989 was a year of blessing for Zambia as Pope John II visited us. A man of humility and with such care of involving all across religion, race, politics and all. The sadness of his demise yields joy of the message of love and peace he preached in his entire papacy. Simply a unique soul.
Mwansa Chamatete; Kabwe, Zambia

Christ lived in him as he lived in Christ. So like Peter the rock. His teachings, life and works were like reading and living the gospel.
Letitia; Blantyre, Malawi

We are sad because he is gone. Taken from us when we were believing that you were going to cheat death for the second time. The pope is one of the world's greatest citizens and his teaching went round the world. His last visit to Nigeria gave us hope during the military rule that things will get better and it did because of his blessings and his prayers for us. Dear holy father, no one can ever replace you or your ways. Our only happiness is that God almighty has called you home and you are in a better place resting from all your works. Adieu dear holy father and may your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen
Milynda Dosunmu; Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Thank you, Karol! Angola is not crying. No, it is not. Angolans are happy because you were called by the Lord to become a true right-hand angel, to continue saving us and bless the world. May your soul rest in peace. Thank you, son of God almighty.
Manuel Mungongo; Luanda, Angola

This is the time when my ordinary ears can't hear, my sense of believing can't believe! Papa is gone? I am remembering 1995 when Uhuru Park in Nairobi was packed to its capacity to welcome our whole-world father. The almighty God loved him more the we did. Farewell Papa!! I will miss you.
Jack Mutiso; Nairobi, Kenya

Pope John Paul II, in death as in life, has shown that you can become a star by faithfully serving God. His long suffering before his death and his persistence in performing the duties of his office inspired hope for the weak, the sick, the handicapped and the aged. He was a rare man, and a real human being.
Orji Andy; Warri, Nigeria

Since I was born I have not known any other pope. Down here in Kenya in my small village we felt you, John Paul II, and you were a good example to all young people.
Catherine Thenya; Nairobi, Kenya

I don't know what I can say about this man, about this grandfather, about this angel and about this saint. Pope John Paul II was the greatest man the world ever had in his manner to unite people from all over the world no matter your religion, your culture, your tribe, whether you are African, American, Asian [or] European. He taught us a lot from his young life as teenager. He showed us that whatever your situation might be in life, you can become a great man by humility, by serving or helping others. You can be respected by others by volunteering all over the world. As a young man, I take the commitment to follow the steps of the Holy Father Pope John Paul II. He told us people of the Earth not to be afraid. I will keep from this prestigious man, someone of great vision, of great love, of great humility and of great missions. Now it is time for him to go near our God, for he has accomplished his mission here on earth. May he rest in peace and may he know that he left his children who will carry on with his mission. We will continue to pray for him. Pope John Paul II, as a saint, as an angel, thank you very much for your journey here on Earth. We love you and we will never forget you.
Fossuo Fokam Marcien; Douala, Cameroon

A profound leader of the Catholic Church and a wonderful man for the world! His legacy is one, holy, Catholic and apostolic. Not conservative; not liberal, but Catholic -- a 2,000-year-old legacy that will continue to the end of time, to the day of judgment.
Gregory Libera; Johannesburg, South Africa

Oooh Papa ... I sang a Gloria when you died to thank God for your life and for your papacy. ...You came to Nigeria twice, and I always thought I would see you again at least at World Youth Day this year, but God knows better. ...You always made me proud to be young and Catholic. ... I thought I would be brave and not cry, but I can't 'cause I miss you. Papa, we miss you.
Henrie; Lagos, Nigeria

I met the pope when he visited Uganda in 1993. I still recall that visit as though it were yesterday. He touched my life in a way, and the lives of others, that year. His suffering has been my suffering as well.
Aisha Nalumansi; Kampala, Uganda

Pope Paul II was a spiritual colossus, an icon of sublime morality, a beacon of hope for the hopeless and the marginalized, a bastion of strength for the weak and defenseless, the voice of the voiceless and above all a refuge for the dispossessed. Humanity has lost an irreplaceable champion. May the good Lord grant him eternal peace in the hereafter.
Nii Ayi Okine; Accra, Ghana

In a world where the value of human life depends on color, wealth and habitat, here was a man who reminded us of our mortality, of our innate similarity. History will test the selective nature of out memory...
George Mungai; Mombasa, Kenya

What can one say? There are no words to describe this man -- except to say "an angel has gone home to be among other angels." Will miss him!
Shamani-Jeffrey Shikwambi; Namibia

I am saddened and feel empty now that the pope has died. He [was] a man who [was] determined to bridge the many gaps dividing humanity today. A brave man. Compassionate. He [was] a great man. A man of honor. I was a witness to his charisma and greatness when he came to visit Manila, Philippines. He touched the hearts of many, regardless of social rank or religion. And although we will feel the pain of his loss for some time, I am happy that Pope John Paul II is now in heaven.
Sonya; Cape Town, South Africa

Pope John Paul II was a man of his flock. He touched our hearts when he visited Tanzania in the early '90s. He won us over shortly on arrival when he spoke in Swahili at the airport. Though I personally did not have the privilege of a close encounter with him, there was a moment when our eyes met from a distance! A shiver of joy ran through me. I will cherish that moment all my life!
Joe Pereira; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

I think Pope John Paul II will remain the greatest spiritual leader of our time. The people's pope. Adieu, Papa, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Michael Ikoro; Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Pope John Paul II will always be remembered for his goodness and greatness -- serving as the voice of the true moral conscience of our times. He reached out and ministered to the youth, thereby acknowledging that only through them, can the Catholic Church rejuvenate its being and invigorate its strength at a time of moral decadence and fledgling and failing faith in God.
Mary Edel Guzman; Kinshasa, Congo

Our dear beloved Holy Father was a source of inspiration for all of mankind. His lesson of forgiveness, humility and respect for human life will always be remembered by me and I am sure by a million others. He truly reached out irrespective of creed, religion, culture or race.
Mark Seale; Cape Town, South Africa

He was a great man. [He] will always be remembered when he visited my country preaching peace everywhere. To us Africans, his papacy will go down in history as as a period [when] we had someone on our side every time things were going bad. We shall miss his papal messages, which [gave] encouragement to us every time we were faced with problems -- wars, famine and drought.
Daudi Tumwesige; Kampala, Uganda

Pope John Paul II is, for me, the epitome of a true leader. He was steadfast, he was resolute, he was compassionate and best of all, he went to see the people, even though the people would have been just as happy to go and see him.
Louisa Benedict; Lagos, Nigeria

I am a Muslim from Nigeria, but I admire a person who is decent and honest. John Paul II touched the lives of almost everyone on this Earth. He was trustworthy, humble and kind. His teachings made this world a better place. I hope that people in all places will remember this example and follow in his footsteps.
Zahraddeen Sanusi; Dutse, Nigeria

This man was a true and faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. His rule came at a most critical time in church and secular history. No lesser man could have stopped the rapid decline of the '60s and early '70s into apostasy, spiritual darkness and hopelessness. His love, fairness and firmness is in accordance with the nature of the Lord he served. His love as responsibility stood on the firm ground that the secular world does not set the agenda for God's church but the church must influence and give moral direction to the world.
Fred Shaw; Middelburg, South Africa

What a wonderful example set for the entire world by this 84-year-old man. In this superficial youth-crazy world it is so uplifting to see what an older person can still achieve and contribute on such a scale. We must follow this shining example and start to revere our older citizens again, instead of just writing them off and forgetting about them. Our father the pope has left a legacy of love and tolerance that it will be a shame to squander. Loving Papa, rest in peace at last.
Theresa Garnowski; Zvishavane, Zimbabwe

A man of honor. I was personally touched with his act of forgiveness. He was a kind of leader who set a legacy to follow. The pope was not just a great man ... he was an exceptional, great man.
Omoniyi Ben; Mafoluku, Nigeria

I am a Muslim, yet sadness and sorrow were felt when we heard the news. His fight against communism, poverty and hatred are all white pages in the history of mankind that makes any man from any religion or belief stop and honor this human character for its courage. We also won't forget how he tried to make different religions open channels of peaceful communications between each other so that man can talk about his beliefs in halls instead of wars and battles. His wisdom was obvious in speeches and actions. My sincere condolences to the Vatican and all Catholics around the world; we will miss him very much.
Mohamed Gambolaty; Cairo, Egypt

The pope has really brought the love of neighbors into the world. He has visited all parts of the world, preaching for freedom, repentance of sin and the way to salvation. God sent him to work and preach; he achieved it. May his soul rest in perfect peace.
Iwuh Ferdinand Emeka; Port Harcourt, Nigeria

He was a man of wisdom, dignity, advocate of peace and above all the father of all. I am a youth, and I had been inspired by his works. He traveled around the world, uniting all [despite] so many differences ... let alone the rift between the so-called popular religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism. ... Indeed, he was the man of all times. He will not be missed by his house [Catholics] only, but the whole world will miss him, too.
Alpheus Mogwe; Gaborone, Botswana

Pope John Paul II [was] a nice man. I love the way he talked, and I remember the way he came to Nigeria to talk with our late head of state [Gen. Sani Abacha]. No matter anything, may God bless his soul and may the good Lord grant him a perfect place in heaven.
Cathy; Lagos, Nigeria

Pope John Paul II was a living saint. He will be remembered forever, especially his philosophy, faith and reason. May he enjoy eternal rest.
Thomas; Arusha, Tanzania

The pope was honest, caring, friendly, generous, nice and very special. He equalized everyone and was always a simple man. The death of this great man has shocked the whole world. The light has gone out of our lives, and there is darkness everywhere. Our father is no more.
Kodou; Banjul, Gambia

It's a very sad thing to hear about the pope's death, as he was a man of peace. He was a great man, and the world has lost a great leader. I am sure he will be in heaven where all the angels will be waiting to receive him. I hope his successor will continue with his good intentions and work.
Tony Isaac Shallop; Freetown, Sierra Leone

This man was sent to us to teach us wisdom, patience, tolerance and above all humility. I wish and pray that all mankind begin to learn these lessons. He was a legend and should be remembered by all mankind as a peaceful human being. May his soul rest in peace.
Paul; Cape Town, South Africa

John Paul dies. I cry for myself and weep for the world (this world of terror, torture, immorality and corrupt practices). Where thence lies hope, without a pope (like there never will be)?
Joseph Ajegwu; Kano, Nigeria

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