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Your e-mails: Remembering the pope

Read what mourners around the world have to say about the late Pope John Paul II 
John Paul II

(CNN) -- asked its readers to share their thoughts on Pope John Paul II, who died Saturday. Here is a sampling from thousands of responses, some of which have been edited:

The legacy of Pope John Paul II is one that all leaders of all nations must emulate in this millennium if we are to achieve world peace. He gave selflessly and tirelessly, devoting his life toward achieving world peace. It is indeed a real legacy that he has left, a challenge to all and each one of us. He embraced all peoples of the world and has touched millions around the world. We have been spiritually nourished by his life and have received an everlasting blessing from his life.
Nancy; Nairobi, Kenya

I think that a great moral voice has gone, and he will be sadly missed by millions of people who are fighting against injustice, racism and immorality. Adieu, pope.
Tochukwu Okafor; Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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The pope is holiness personified. He showed us, especially the youth, that despite the materialistic nature of the world, a man can serve God if he submits to His will fully. And the life of the pope is just the most explicit example of that virtue.
Kareem; Japan

Pope John Paul II was a true humanitarian in every sense of the word. His was a life well-lived, and he is now safe in the arms of Jesus. I consider it a privilege and an honor to have had him as my leader. I will always remember him.
Wayne Scurville; Pune, India

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Let us thank God for having given us a wonderful leader in Pope John Paul II. In his death, the world has lost an amiable, admirable, honest, humble and pious man who worked tirelessly for peace and the welfare of all nations and mankind. It is a time for reflection of our own lives so that his legacy may not be forgotten. May God grant his soul eternal rest.
Francis Menezes; Sydney, Australia

Pope John Paul II was the people's pope and our spiritual father. We thank God for choosing him, and we will miss him deeply. He will forever be in our prayers.
Victor and Anita Silveira; Wanganui, New Zealand

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This morning I was listening to a favorite Italian song of mine: "Un Uomo Venuto da Lontano," a man who came from a faraway country. The song talks about the life of his holiness, that he comes from a far country, neighbor to Auschwitz, a man who was shot, and so on and so forth. It made me reflect on the life that he, the pope, lived -- the simple life that a follower of Christ lives. Following the funeral Mass on TV, I could not but reflect that amongst all leaders of nations, never in the history of the world had there ever been a leader who had such a crowd mourning and already proclaiming that they want him to be proclaimed as saint. The late pontiff was a great man -- great because he tread on the footsteps of Jesus Christ and because he maintained the teachings of the holy church. Like him, we need to have faith that the Holy Spirit will help the cardinals to choose the right man for the post. And all for the glory of God.
Maria; Msida, Malta

Pope John Paul II was indeed a spiritual, political and social leader. His influence upon history will be regarded as one of the greatest gifts ever given to humankind. We should thank God for sending such a man on the face of Earth.
Andrei Sava; Iasi, Romania

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With humility and courage, John Paul II hugged the whole world in his peregrination and spread God's love and peace. His soul may rest in peace. Thank you Lord.
Marta Ravelo; Guatemala

Pope John Paul II was a great man. He didn't distinguish between Roman Catholic and Jew, Muslim and Buddhist, black and white, male and female. He was truly a man of God. All were equal in his eyes. He was a man to be proud of, a man to emulate, a man to respect, a man to love. He will be missed. If ever a man deserved to be a saint, it was he. He has come as close as any man can to uniting the world. May he rest in peace with God.
Krystyna; Clifton, New Jersey

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Here in Bolivia, we all feel like orphans. We mourn the loss of a great spiritual leader, Pope John Paul II, and value his contribution to the Catholic Church. We are so very sure that he is with God. How wonderful that must be, to be in the presence of God.
Ayda; La Paz, Bolivia

I can repeat what someone else said at the Vatican, "It is a pity I did not know more about him when he was alive." What a great man, and what a great example of a life to follow.

Jorge; Bogota, Colombia

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