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Read what mourners around the world have to say about the late Pope John Paul II 
John Paul II

(CNN) -- asked its readers to share their views on the death of Pope John Paul II, who died Saturday. Here is a sampling from thousands of responses, some of which have been edited.

The pope represents for me and my family a father, best friend and grandfather who taught people with love and simplicity all the positive sides of things and how beautiful they are. That's why we send this little note to express our love and gratefulness for him.
Luisana; Caracas, Venezuela

Juan Pablo II showed until his last breath that life is the greatest gift. He's not dead, now he's going through his last peregrination to the real life: the eternal life.
Mariana Ferrer Mello; Maracaibo, Venezuela

The pope's final years were filled with suffering. It was really sad when he was getting worse and worse. He has managed to bring everyone close to the church. He was the only man able to unite everyone. He shared his life with everyone. We can see now how much he was loved by everyone in the world. May the love and peace of God our Lord be with you Juan Pablo II.
Grecia; Cochabamba, Bolivia

I think John Paul II was one of the greatest men in the world. He visited my country and many others in Latin America. We all are very proud about him. He will be with us forever.
Monica; Lima, Peru

I think the Catholic Church will never have another pope like John Paul II. God bless you, my dear pope.
Blanca Rivera; Caracas, Venezuela

Pope John Paul II inspired a whole generation of people. He guided us through very dangerous and turbulent times in human history. Respect for human dignity as an individual and as a part of society built profound trust for his words and teaching. His legacy will be a "great example" -- an example of peace, an example of tolerance and love, an example of a way of living, an example of courage. May you rest in peace, Holy Father.
Robert Dachnal; Brasilia, Brazil

He was without a doubt one of the most charismatic popes of modern history. A man who really made a difference promoting love and peace within races and religions. May he rest in peace.
Juan Daniel Aguirre; Guayaquil, Ecuador

I still can't believe you are gone. I feel real sad for not having you with us anymore, but I know that you are now with God. You were our protector, the messenger of God on earth. Thanks for all you gave the world. No one will ever be able to replace you.
Rocio; Quito, Ecuador

Very influential and exemplary man. Very positive and constructive for the dialogues among countries and among religions. A builder of a peaceful world.
Arturo Blanco; San Jose, Costa Rica

I am 22 years old and I grew up with the image of John Paul II. I think he was a magnificent person, not only with young people, he was wonderful with all the world. He was always giving a message of peace to the crowds in every trip he made. In my country he did a great job stopping a possible war against Chile. I will always remember him.
Florencia Haendel; Argentina

There are not enough words to cry for the loss of the incarnation of what Jesus intended us to be. I will always remember him, telling the crowd and my heart: "... but love is stronger!". May God keep the pope beside him.
Mauricio Calani; Santiago, Chile

He'll be deeply missed and certainly deserves to be called "The Great." You may not agree with everything he stood for but it is undeniable the stature and importance of this man for the world in the last 26 years. Let us just hope that the Church finds someone to continue his work.
Mari Lima; Sao Paulo, Brazil

As any Catholic, I feel orphaned as [if] I have lost a father. But also I feel we have won a saint in heaven to pray for us.
Alejandro; Buenos Aires, Argentina

Juan Pablo II: Thank you for your example and for [your] love [of] the world. You will be in our hearts.
Rafael Avendano; Bogota, Colombia

Pope John Paul II [led] an extraordinary life at the service of humanity. He taught us to chose the path of good. Champion of just causes and defender of the weak and needless. John Paul II, we will miss you.
Marice Dassum; Guayaquil, Ecuador

I remember when he gave me his blessing in his 1985 visit to Arequipa, Peru. A very simple man and yet so powerful in spirit. It will be long before we receive another gift from god like John Paul II. We will always remember you in Peru.
Juan Pepper; Arequipa, Peru

I believe that we have just had a great loss, especially for Argentinian people who needed him in times of political crisis with our Chilean brothers. He will always be in our prayers.
Rodrigo Martin;
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I feel orphan[ed] today, and I feel blessed too, for we had the joy to have this extraordinary servant of Jesus Christ with us for so long, walking with us on Earth. I remember as if [it] were today his visit to my country, his words strong and vibrant: Love is stronger.
Patricia; Santiago, Chile

I think the Holy Father John Paul II was a giant of peace. He was truly a peacemaker, a leader, a friend. We will never forget him or his legacy and his passion to defend human life from the very beginning. I think we were blessed having him as leader of the church. Certainly he will remain in our hearts and our souls!
Stephanie; Lima, Peru

Pope John Paul II was a great leader, a great philosopher and, above all, a great saint.
Ricardo; Guarulhos, Brazil

Pope John Paul II was a globetrotter who took the gospel to almost every corner of the world. He did not change Catholic Church beliefs in order to gain popularity, or adapt Christian beliefs to popular convenience.
Arlene; Valencia, Venezuela

When I was 12 years old, in 1987, he passed by my side in a big avenue in Chile. I'll never forget that angelic moment. It was a difficult time in my country, and the pope was brave and brought the message of hope and love for all who believe. Before that, he gave peace for my country and Argentina. He gave us two saints, and always remembered our land with love. The sadness is in our souls and we know John Paul II will be very difficult to forget. We love him. It will be very difficult to replace someone unforgettable.
Juan Mestre; Santiago, Chile

Karol Wojtyla is a saint who made true the meaning of a savior who came to Earth because he loved man. I only saw him once as he whizzed by on his "popemobile" in 1982 as he came to console Argentines over the Falklands War. He was a shining presence. An incredible man who was everywhere at all times. We'll never see the likes of him again. May he bless us from heaven.
Lorraine Smith; Buenos Aires, Argentina

The world has lost a wonderful human being, Pope John Paul II. I had the fortune to see Pope John Paul II when he visited Peru for the second time in 1988. I was only 6 years old, but I remember him clearly. Thank you very much Pope John Paul II; we will remember you forever, and we will miss you. God bless you. Rest in peace.
Alexandra; Lima, Peru

Nobleman, simple man, humble, spiritual: An example of a true human being.
Antonio Silva; Cali, Colombia

I think that John Paul II was a world leader. He didn't worry only for Catholic people, he tried to join the people whatever ... their religion. This is very important in a divided world where the people are very selfish and unprejudiced for the other person. I think that is the most important legacy that he had given to us.
Tatiana Alvarez Gutierrez; Medellin, Colombia

I'm a 24-year-old student, born and raised Catholic. By the age of 15, I got a slap in the face by my mother in front of the church because I didn't want to enter the home of God. At that time I didn't believe in such things. After all, I didn't know what to believe in. I struggled through life not knowing what or in whom to believe. And therefore I went to many different churches of many religions. I talked to all kinds of priests and pastors, but still I wasn't convinced. Then I saw a documentary on this fine pope: Juan Pablo 2 [John Paul II]. And it all became clear to me: As long as you have faith, it's all good. After all, we are all children of the same God. I may not be the perfect Catholic and I may not even enter a church, but because of this holy man, I now know what and in whom to believe: God, our father in heaven. May the pope rest in peace and enjoy eternal life by our father's side.
Larissa Croes; Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

I love Pope John Paul II very much. When I knew he was dead, I felt a deep sadness about it, but also I was happy because he's finally in the presence of our lord. I respect him so much and I was praying and continue praying for him and his soul. God bless him now and ever.
Mapi Tomasevich; Lima, Peru

I feel a deep sorrow for the departure of John Paul II, the pope of peace, of unity, of hope, of immense love. He made this world a better place to live; he changed history. I also feel peace for he is with God now. And it's amazing to see millions of people from different religions all around the world united to mourn him, to pray for him and to pay tribute to him. Somehow, John Paul II's mission is accomplished.
Clara Pardo; Buenos Aires, Argentina

In Peru, we still remember the time when he approached the youth and spoke to us about our main mission on this planet. He touched my very soul like no other earthly being here. I remember well that we had to walk ... for kilometers to reach him, but it doesn't matter now because we got the message. Now I have a radio show every Sunday and I use it for changing youths' minds, and always, to the light.
Helene Ramos; Lima, Peru

Being Greek Orthodox, I do not believe in the pope; however, I respect Pope John Paul II for his legacy and his quest for peace around the world. The world has lost a one-of-a-kind man; never again will we presence a holy figure of such proportions.
Nicolas Sobredo; Santiago, Chile

To me, he was the man who brought the church from the 17th to the 21st century. My first pope, the one and only. I cared so much for him, as he did for us. One great man. I'm having the feeling, as I'm 21 years old now, I'll never care for another pope as I did and do, for Karol Wojtyla [John Paul II].
Gaston; Buenos Aires, Argentina

I feel very proud to have lived through the 26 years of John Paul II's papacy. The pope was an example of dignity, humanity, peace and God's love. Of course, I feel very sad because we lost a great leader, friend. However, I feel very proud and happy, because we have one more good saint in heaven!
Ubaldo Diaz; Maracaibo, Venezuela

Although he was controversial over some religious and moral issues, Pope John Paul II is surely one of the most influential leaders of modern times. He confronted tyranny and the arrogance of political regimes and their leaders with a tenacious defense of justice and peace, the basis for domestic and world democracy. He [fought] against the widespread injustice in both the communist and capitalist worlds and firmly believed in and courageously preached in favor of freedom, justice, and peace for the whole world. His journeys throughout the world attest to it undeniably.
Haydn Pimenta; Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Juan Pablo II [Karol Wojtyla] was the most wonderful man over the world. He made us see the face of God in everything he did. For me, was a very important man. He, Juan Pablo II, made me feel the presence of God helping people, watching them, laughing or crying with everyone over the world. Yesterday, during a Mass in my country for his health, I know he was saying goodbye to Peru and to everyone here ... and we also say "goodbye" because he is not going to be physically with us, but I am completely sure that Juan Pablo II is watching now us from the sky, with God and Virgin Maria at his sides. Goodbye, Juan Pablo II, a face of God on the Earth.
Susy Nunez Campos; Lima, Peru

Even as an atheist, I'm deeply sorry for the pope's death. He was a remarkably determined man, and his principles and beliefs, made him a soldier of peace, fighting every day for love and peace.
Martin; Rosario, Argentina

I feel like part of me is gone with him. A feeling of being unprotected, because he was like a father to all of us. There is an emptiness in me, sadness that goes beyond words.
Elsa Arosemena; Paraguay

I think his fight for love, peace and understanding between people, no matter what religion, what culture, what country they could come from is his great legacy. He was a great man, now he is a saint for me.
Julieta Pedrosa; Brasilia, Brazil

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