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Revealed: behind the scenes

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(CNN) -- He runs two of the world's biggest car companies, each based on opposite sides of the world, and still manages to find time to be with his wife and children. Just how does Carlos Ghosn fit it all in?

CNN's Revealed team traveled with Ghosn in April as he prepared to appear as key note speaker at the New York International Auto Show.

Here, producers Stefanie Kasriel and Neil Curry, and cameraman David Hawley write about their impressions of the man known as the "Ice Breaker."

Stefanie: "Carlos Ghosn is a man you can't afford to keep waiting. He has dozens of super-efficient people buzzing around him making great efforts so he is rarely kept waiting. It would be too expensive to hold him up even for a few seconds.

"We filmed him onboard a private plane and when we landed there wasn't a car at the ready to sweep him away to his next appointment. Ghosn had to wait several minutes and this seemed to be a major error on somebody's part. You could tell this sort of thing does not usually happen -- apologies were flying around everywhere.

"On a personal level, Ghosn was very charming with the CNN crew, and generous with his time. Talking to him was very inspirational -- he speaks with great charisma and has a clever way of connecting with people, whoever they are: from factory worker to prime ministers. Ghosn spends most of his time in meetings absorbing information. He is not the kind of manager who shouts a lot, he gives his employees lots of respect and responsibility.

"CNN was given the opportunity to film some of his top-secret meetings involving the planning and design of new products. No one had ever been given access to anything like that before, so we felt very honored."


Ghosn recieves a gift of a sundial from employees at the Nissan Plant, Sunderland in England.

Neil: "Cameraman David Hawley and I met Carlos Ghosn during a whistle stop visit to New York to reveal Infiniti and Nissan cars at the city's International Auto Show.

"The team preparing Nissan's launch event told me there's always a magnetic atmosphere when Ghosn comes to town. His schedule is organized almost to the second, making the most efficient use possible of his time. Ten weeks' work in preparing a spectacular sound-and-vision launch for these important vehicles culminated in Ghosn being brought in on the eve of the event and walked through what he needed to do.

"He grasped the situation in an instant and was in and out of the building in about half an hour. On launch day itself he made final adjustments to his speech en route to the Auto Show, delivered a keynote speech to an audience of industry bigwigs, held several meetings in several languages, conducted a series of TV interviews, and finally the moment arrived for him to launch the cars -- in front of 500 press and media representatives.

"As he stood behind the screen, seconds before stepping out to deliver his presentation, he showed the first few signs of nerves, clenching and unclenching his fists, a muscle twitched in his cheek, he sipped from a bottle of water -- and then he was gone, taking center stage before the world's motoring media.

"After it was all over, he showed a lighter side of his personality when I asked him who he was supporting in the forthcoming football World Cup. Born in Brazil, raised in France and spending half his time in Japan for work he admitted he was lucky. 'Most people have just one team to support, but I have three. And with Brazil among them I am confident I have a good chance of reaching the final and maybe even winning,' he said to me."

Studying his speech for the New York International Auto Show moments before he is due on stage.

David: "Being the CEO of two companies Carlos Ghosn is a very busy man. To alleviate the pressure, he has surrounded himself with a very good team, meaning that when he arrived for the pre-show rehearsal of the New York International Auto Show everything was in place and running smoothly.

"Throughout the two days we spent with him, he was polite and very friendly to us, despite the fact we were trailing him closely for two days as he got on with his super busy schedule.

"He showed calmness throughout the shoot with the exception of one moment I witnessed. Just before he went out to launch his new car to the media, he showed some nerves backstage, which was rare for a man normally who normally just gets on with it."

The view from Ghosn's office window at the Renault headquarters in Paris

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