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Executive Education archive

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(CNN) -- The Executive Education archive is below. It is split into the following subject areas:

Business school news

MBA news

Benefits of an MBA

Student and learning trends

Teaching trends

Surveys and studies

Global news

Real world experience

Business attitudes

Business school news:

Ranking socially conscious MBAs

The first virtual business school campus

Opening the book on business history

Doggedly pursuing a business plan

Bridging commerce and research

Where business and government meet

Educating future education leaders -- students help a school board

Helping business face terrorism

The business boat race -- Oxford and Cambridge square up

Teaching environmentally-friendly business

Follow the funny money -- teaching people to tackle money laundering

How schools advertise themselves

Balancing faith and business -- religion in the workplace

Business skills through inter-school competition

Wired up for high-tech learning

The kinder side of MBAs - teaching business with a social conscience

Learning the business of luxury - a specialist MBA in the millionaires' playground of Monaco

Lights! Camera! Study! New MBA brings business skills to the movies

Schools look to expand resources -- attracting top academic talent a challenge

Schools' task: attracting still under-represented women

Libraries face electronic changes - how learning is done on the Web, not from dusty books

Trump throws open the virtual door - flamboyant businessman sets sights on executive education

How the price of an MBA can vary -- by tens of thousands of dollars

MBA news:

Understanding the subprime crunch

Business education for Marines

How a top careers service makes a top school

The vexed issue of MBA league tables

The Newsweek MBA: where news meets business

The good times are back - market booming for new MBAs, study shows

Underhand means - survey shows some MBA students tempted to cheat

Boom time for business schools - survey shows string rise in 2006 applications

Poor planning? Study shows some businesses do not plan properly for learning

The buck stops here - survey shows top business schools have top deans

Could do better? Senior executives give MBA courses mixed review

Choosing the right path - survey shows how MBAs plot their careers

Warning bells over fake degrees

Recruiters up early -- as this year's students get to their desk, business schools target next batch

Benefits of an MBA:

From intern to in work -- how your summer could shape your future

Investigating business -- what their research tells you about schools

Benefits of an MBA:as well as leaving school with an MBA, students pick up a vital network of contacts

Getting an MBA makes an employee more valuable to their company -- and more likely to leave?

MBAs are not just for corporate folk -- those starting their own business are also interested

Alumni links a two-way street

Student and learning trends:

Learning to manage creatively

Back to business -- helping mothers return to work

Pitching 'outrageous' business ideas

Educating future education leaders

Learning from actors -- the manager as performer

Competing to do good

Pitching an 'outrageous' business idea

Learning to be creative in business

The students who give back -- cash from benefactors

Can MBAs teach creativity?

Private equity -- the latest MBA must-have job

The growth in popularity of part time MBAs

Offering a more intensive learning experience

The extra dimension for MBAs -- 'social intelligence'

Cheers! The Wine MBA, or raising a glass in Bordeaux

Wired up for learning - new technology means the classroom is everywhere

The meaning of life (and business). An MBA course like no other

In the mood for business - how emotions can shape performance

Fit for business - MBA students fight expanding waistlines

The etiquette of business - learning the cultural dos and don'ts

The MBA entrepreneurs. Can you work and study at the same time?

Seniors, too, still keen to learn. Should you take an MBA later in your career?

Testing time for schools, students. How the GMAT test makes sure schools take on the brightest MBA students

EMBAs: older, experienced, driven. How EMBAs attract high-flying, motivated executives

'Scholar ship' ready to set sail - how a 'floating campus' will take MBA studies onto the high seas

Teaching trends

Teamwork -- in sports and business

Learning from the king of con men -- "Catch Me If You Can" fraudster teaches tricks

The school touchdown -- teaching former NFL stars business skills

The manager as performer -- can leaders learn from the theater?

Leadership -- can (or should) it be taught?

Learning business from the Bard: teaching with Shakespeare

The art of teaching imagination - learning business is an art gallery or a museum

Opening the book on business: can literature teach lessons to executives?

Boardroom to battlefield - new MBA aims to produce better military managers

He shoots, he scores! Soccer EMBA brings professional approach to game

Starting out young: are undergraduate courses as useful as MBAs?

Warning over 'macho' MBAs. Don't forget the more feminine skills, academics say

Timing an issue for young execs - 12-month MBAs offer more flexibility for students

Going global adds value to course: how studying in a range of location adds international perspective

Course delivery explores new path: how interactive learning supplements traditional lectures

'Do it yourself' trend growing: how some big companies are organizing their own executive education

Traditional degrees go in for redesign - MBAs become more specialized to meet market demand

Soft skills all part of the mix - it's not all about qualifications and cleverness, experts warn

Demand used to shape courses - how MBAs are evolving according to students' desires

North America opts for custom mode: business schools in North America at vanguard of MBA innovations

Europe institutes battle with unity challenge - EU nations try to bring in unified standards for executive education

Has online study really transformed the way people learn?

Students look at tailored options - does one size fit all for MBAs, or should students have choice?

Surveys and studies:

The science of business dominance

The sports star as business brand

US schools dominate Financial Times 2007 rankings

Boom time for MBAs in 2007, survey says

The $100,000 dollar club: how top MBAs can demand top money

Where to go? Ask the recruiters

The many paths through the business school choice maze

Luck or judgement? How the stock market might shape post-MBA careers

Nature or Nurture? What creates an entrepreneur?

Productivity through diversity: a good mix works well for business, study shows

Beware the gender gap: female MBAs earning less than men, study shows

Google leaps up MBA jobs wish-list

Boom year for class of 2006 - more job offers, salaries higher, survey shows

Graduates seeing rosier prospects: higher starting salaries for new MBAs, US-based body says

US names dominate business school rankings: big names like Wharton and Kellog top MBA league tables

Global News:

Educating Asia's business leaders

Crossing the Anglo-French divide

Helping the Middle East's young businesswomen

France's elite schools -- the grandes écoles

Business with Islamic values -- teaching Muslim finance

French schools surge forwards

Teaching 'Britishness' to business people

MBAs with that extra international dimension

Europe vs the U.S. -- where to go for an MBA?

The rise of Africa -- the continent's business schools organize

Thinking EMBA? Think globally

India: the other emerging economic giant

The challenge of China: how no business school can ignore the new giant

Focus on China: how China occupies the minds of today's MBA students

Learning the innovative way - why are Bombay's 'lunch runners' the new business gurus?

Remote location proving no bar: New Zealand might be a long way from most places, but its MBAs are gaining a reputation

Schools look to expand resources - training schemes aim to end teacher shortage at Asian business schools

Schools responding to Asian demand - business schools embrace demand for executive education on continent

Brand power marks out competition. Business schools use big name brand to expand into Asia

Economic growth underpins demand. Schools struggling to meet need for executive education in Asia

Oil-rich region has great growth potential. Middle East region is embracing executive education

Real world experience:

Turning technology into money

The MBAs who changed the world? Biofuels experiment a success

Fast lane to success - students compete to devise marketing for car firms

The MBA entrepreneurs - entrepreneurs who set up a businesses -- and study for an MBA at the same time

Business students follow the case. Real life case studies a vital part of MBA learning

'Knowing vs doing' debate rolls on. How can schools balance theory and practice?

Business attitudes:

Companies look for long term links. How firms are forging deeper relationships with business schools

Employers look at value of courses - is an MBA alone enough for skeptical companies?

Fast pace of business drives EMBA. As the business world evolves, so do professional qualifications E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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