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Your e-mails: Is it time for a 9/11 movie?

Passengers get ready to challenge the hijackers in "United 93."


September 11 attacks

(CNN) -- The film "United 93," opening in theatres across the country Friday night, takes movie audiences aboard the hijacked United Airlines flight that eventually crashed in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. The subject of the film, which opens less than five years after 9/11, has been a matter of heated debate: is it too soon to tackle that topic? Are audiences ready? invited readers to join the conversation. Here is a selection of their responses: (Send in your own opinion.)

I admit when I first heard about this movie, I jumped to the conclusion that someone was trying to make money on the back of a terrible event. Then I heard that the family members had all supported making the movie. And now I'm hearing & seeing excellent reviews. Is America ready for this movie? I can only answer for myself. I will probably not go. I lived and worked very close to the Pentagon, and while I did not see the plane hit, I did hear the impact, and could see the Pentagon and the smoke from our office windows. Later we felt the explosion of the fuel storage tanks. The explosion literally rocked the office building. Like many others, I left work early that day and went home. ... I'll never forget that day (or the days that followed), but I don't want to re-live my very, very small piece of history. Thank you for this opportunity.
J.L., Arlington, Virginia

It was a sad day for us and for the families however, I believe it is important that we remember just how vulnerable we are. And to remember all those beautiful people that lost their lives.
Deboar Anderson, Hopkins, Minnesota

I believe some moviegoers may think they're ready, but will find out they are not. I feel that it still may be too soon for Americans to relive such a tragic event. Five years may not be enough time for everyone. For me personally, I am interested in seeing the movie, but I know that I may not be able to handle it emotionally. Give me another five or ten years, then maybe I'll watch it.
Tony Mojica, Culver City, California

Of course it is not too early. That day and the people who lost their lives need to be honored and remembered. The people of this country need to remember what it felt like to be attacked and have thousands of innocents killed. We need to remember we have an enemy who wants us all dead.
William Elder, Gansevoort, New York

No I do not think it is too soon for the movie release. Considering we are in the process of building a memorial it is good to remind the world why it is so important.
P. Reid, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I feel that this movie is being released WAY to soon after the events of 9/11. The timing of this movie is personally insulting and shows that Hollywood has yet again catered to the American People's fascination with death and destruction unfortunately at the expense of people who actually experienced this tragedy. Then again, maybe it is not ALL Hollywood. How convenient that approval rating of the so called "war on terror" currently being waged in Iraq is at an all time low and this movie shows up. Since so many uninformed people seem to think there is some correlation with the war in Iraq and the events of 9/11, maybe the timing is perfect.
Dan Garcia, Brookhaven, Pennsylvania

I believe that we really are not ready to see this story. Too many wounds are still fresh in our minds and memories. But I believe the reality of the situation, this could be the start of a healing process for the nation.
Elizabeth Hardy, Alexandria, Virginia

I believe for some people, United 93 will give them a way to cope with the tragedy of September 11 in a way they can relate to and understand. For me, I feel as if going to see the movie is like walking uninvited into someone's funeral. I believe the film is more for the families and other Americans that were directly affected by the incidents that occurred that day. Audiences may trickle in to see it after a while, but I feel that for most, it's still too raw and too soon.
Allyn McClendon, San Antonio, Texas

I intend to see United 93 because I feel I need to see it -- not out of any gruesome curiosity, but because it is part of the entire 9/11 saga. Just as I was glued to my computer and my TV for days watching the horror unfold, I have read virtually every book, magazine article and web site pertaining to this event. The reviews for United 93 have been positive, and I hope many people will take the time to watch normal people make difficult choices.
Rosemary, Athens, Ohio

I do think there are many of us who are ready to watch such movie. One reason may be that some of us are not psychologically prepared to watch such horror. I know that I do not want to regenerate the memories of this day. Secondly, I feel that this movie will not heal the wounds for those who are greatly affected by 9/11. I think we should learn to move on. Indeed, we should remember the events in our history, but movies such as these don't heal wounds. I feel this movie will bring back the racial tensions between Muslims and Americans. I feel finally we are finding ourselves getting back to our post 9/11 life, and with movies such as this, we can never let go of our past. Nonetheless, I think it will be a good movie in every aspect, but the audience for this movie will be comprise of those who are still holding on to the horrors of 9/11.
Purvi, Stockbridge, Georgia

I teared up reading the review of the movie. I don't think there's anyway I could watch it.
Cindy Dolen, Houston, Texas

I don't want to sound negative about the situation but if the audiences are not ready to see the movie then don't go to the theatres it is that simple and the people that want to see it have that right. People are making a big deal about something they have control over seeing it is not like they have to go see the movie
Zerlene Young, Augusta, Georgia

I think that we need to see this because we focused so much on the twin towers, that United 93 never received such ... publicity. I think they gave just as much as all the other plane's passengers: their lives. Just because the plane did not hit anything, does not mean that they did not make a gargantuan difference in how things played out that day. Therefore, I think this movie needs to be seen to remind people that it was not only the twin towers and the Pentagon that were hit September 11.
Patty, San Antonio, Texas

How could anyone sit there watching a movie with a bucket of popcorn about a terrorist attack on our country? Where does the profit go? To the victims families? " Lets make money off of our tragedy". What are people thinking?
Alison Weber, West Milford, New Jersey

I think that if the families of the people who died have given this film their blessing then the American public should be ready. I can't wait to see the movie although I will probably wait for it to come out on DVD because I'm afraid of how emotional I may become. I personally didn't know anyone who died during the 9/11 attacks yet I knew them all. They were all my brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, etc. We should never forget that day, no matter how many years go by. I remember how different people were even weeks after the attacks. People were so courteous and polite, now it seems we've gone back to being in a hurry to go nowhere and forgetting how precious life really is.
Debbie, West Hartford, Connecticut

My opinion is not necessarily based on whether or not audiences are ready, but whether or not this movie should have been made in the first place. I believe that movies are either for entertainment or to learn something new about a subject. I have not seen the film, but I would not see it for its entertainment value as well as for its educational value. What more can we learn about the tragic events of 9/11? Unless there is some new information regarding the events, it seems a bit heartless to profit on it. Are we supposed to somehow relate more to the families, mourn more over those that passed away. This is not Titanic where the lives of those had long been drowned along with their stories. If some length of time- like 10-15 years had passed, perhaps it would serve the purpose of re-telling the series of events to our children, so they may learn and keep fighting against terrorism. At this moment in time; however, it seems like Hollywood will present any movie, about any topic just to make a buck.
Florencia Prado, Boston, Massachusetts

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