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Future Summit

"Will science eventually build robots indistinguishable from human beings?"

I think yes.But the answer 'Yes' is sitting in the basis of mimicing our physical nature but The real question is how can we embed the element of human nature the sense and the spirit of human motion to the machines we build.First we hav to understand ourselves completely I think.
Prasad Nalaka Perera, Sri Lanka (July 23)

Someday science builds robots almost as like as human. Eventually machines programmed by humans might destroy people malfunctionly, which is tragic. Science has brought many advantages as well as disadvangages for mankind. Inventing new things caused creating new problems. It is like vicious circle. Human beings are greedy for new things and more things. But they need to know why they make robots. They need to think if we, humans really need human-like machines like real-life bionic man.
Jahng W.D, South Korea (July 21)

Man can make the mechanical parts of a human but it is the spirit that makes man special and closer to God. Man will never be able to make anything similar to a complete human being.
Annie Mathew, Kuwait (July 18)

Scientific advance in robotics is best directed at augmenting rather than replacing human intellect.
Dr S Bhanerji, India (May 18)

I think its pretty difficult for robots to become indistinguishable from humans because I believe the human body is a wonderful piece of creation. It is very complex with a range of emotions, behaviors and mental faculty which is difficult to replicate
Vijay, Mumbai, India (May 18)

I do not believe robots are such good friends because I have seen a lot of bad movies.
Nahom, Ethiopia (May 17)

If indistinguishable by appearance, then it is possible. But beyond that, if talking about feelings, emotions, expressions etc., it is unlikely that a robot can feel and express emotions pari passu with human.
Jayesh Heda, India (May 17)

Not at all. The expense of building robots that do that cannot be justified - why would we need them?
Mohammed Igbal, Bangalore, India (May 17)

We DO already talk to our pets and plants. We also cheer our favorite sport teams on TV out loud and urge them on. Robots or Androids, why not? Consider people with disabilities, the elderly etc. They could be useful aides. Potential "emotional" attachment? The vast majority feel attached to their cars or SUV's. Let's take the plunge and do forward.
Andre de Bois, Quebec, Canada (May 16)

No, I don't think so. Robots can be build with human characteristic such as legs, body, hands, eyes, etc however to make a robots undistinguishable from human being it require more than just a set of logic programming, it require a soul. Unless the scientist can somehow imitate a soul of a human being into a robot programming; I personally believe robots that are undistinguishable from its creation are only exist in science fiction.
Christ Evert, Jakarta, Indonesia (May 15)

I think robots and androids are a great project, but I don't think they are going to help us make a better world for tomorrow. We (the real human beings) don't know how to distinguish between the positive and negative effects of these technological advances. Last night I was watching a documentary about "human dolls". These are very popular in Japan, in fact, most men already have one, not only as a "technology advance" but as a real companion. Most of them said they love them, that they are better than real women because they canīt say no, they canīt offer opinions, which gives men total power in the "relationship" and that makes them feel good. I felt really upset after it. What about real relationships?
Stephanie Watson Illich, Barcelona, Spain (May 11)

I believe not only this but, in future, these robots will take away most of our jobs and make half of the human population unemployed. Waiters, housekeeping, office reception desk, delivery boys, courier guys and even retail sales staff will be replaced by intelligent robots. They will be cheaper, more durable and employers will not have to worry about the retirement pension costs for these honest employees. Not to forget that the same may replace our armed forces to a large extent. Can you believe in a human looking robot which will penetrate enemy territory and explode with nuclear capability after reaching the designated target? There are no limits to this technology called robotics or cybernetics as we mention it today.
Kunal Chittar, Mumbai, India
(May 11)

Finally, I might get a date!
Oren Milgrome, CA, U.S (May 10)

No, I don't think science will build Robots that are indistinguishable from human beings. Even though Robots are smart, practical, and beneficial in human's daily life, they will still lack human psychology and emotions. They will not have a social life as we do since they are senseless and haven't at the same communication abilities.
Maysaa, Lebanon-Beirut (May 10)

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