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The Scene re-visits New York to meet Moby. Do you have a favorite hangout in the Big Apple? What's your favorite Moby track? Or do you prefer the Scissor Sisters' or Don Byron's New York? Where's the best place to hear jazz? Send us your suggestions and ideas and read your comments below.

• From: Josh beldo, New york State
• Posted: Jan. 25, 2007
• Comment:
I like new york the best city,i'm from brooklyn, vibe, music, different cultures, vitality, afro-centrism, parties, lounges, clubs, and then theres manhattan-ecstatic, busy, business, worldly, to much, touristy, okay sometimes. but i'm brooklyn bred forever.

• From: jack, New York
• Posted: Jan. 9, 2007
• Comment:
Nice site actually. Gone to my favourites. Thanks for creation.

• From: Florian Seroussi, Paris, France
• Posted: Dec. 13, 2006
• Comment:
I love New York for all the same reasons you all have. I think NY is the most photogenic city. Some pictures I took were published on several websites. :) NYC

• From: Mikey Longston, NYC
• Posted: Dec. 6, 2006
• Comment:
I've been living here for 8 years and have to agree with the previous comment nothing creative has come out of this town for a long while ...NYC has lost its edge. Bring back the edgey 80's!

• From: Russian Bear, Russia
• Posted: Dec. 2, 2006
• Comment:
Who youre daddy?

• From: Rosie Ryman, Brighton, UK
• Posted: Nov. 15, 2006
• Comment:
Lunch at Big Wong's, Chinatown; the farmers' market at Union Square (and the Heartland Brewery for beers and food); the bookstores everywhere; John's pizza in the Village or in the former church at Times Square; St Patrick's Cathedral; and then being able to see the sky again at Battery Park and on the water ... Manhattan is wonderful.

• From: Ryan Gilhooley, Chicago, USA
• Posted: Nov. 15, 2006
• Comment:
In response to the article with Moby about New York City: House Music originated in Chicago not New York. Interesting piece none the less.

• From: Achim Boell, Germany
• Posted: Nov. 14, 2006
• Comment:
I have lived for 3 month in NY. I never felt homesickness. The New York people gave me chance. I came alone and left a lot of friends there. Thank you New York, I'll never forget my beautiful time there.

See you soon


• From: friederike, germany
• Posted: Nov. 13, 2006
• Comment:

i was in nyc two times. first in summer 2005 (H.O.T.) and winter 2005 (snow!!) i walked in nyc all day-you dont need a car. the subway works great (get a jacket in summer-s cooled down!!), get the staten island ferry, the tram, and take a walk through central park-turtle pond, shakespeare garden, strawberry fields,....aso

you should walk through lesto see all the samall parks and greens prepared by the neighborhod. theyre small and cute. im going to nyc on apr.10th 2007 for two weeks-and i hope to see a lot of more things i love!!!

I FORGOT: go to see "hells kitchen flea market!!

• From: Rebecca Brenowitz, New Brunswick, USA
• Posted: Nov. 11, 2006
• Comment:
I can't tell you who I would like to see featured in future films as I really don't know TV/movie personalities so well. I can tell you that New Brunswick, New Jersey - has become what it set out to become and is growing fast in to a known cultural hub of the tri-state. This town has taken jumps and leaps over the past 30 years that most people cannot recognize it. With so many places of interest, historical and cultural, with museums, galleries and theatres AND with one of the finest hotels to blossom in New Jersey, The Heldrich Center....New Brunswick is ready to take this challenge about being one of the best cities to live, visit and explore - all in walkin distance. Check it out!

Thank you!

• From: mindy, liverpool, UK
• Posted: Nov. 10, 2006
• Comment:
go to chinatown! great kitsch and tat, dirt cheap! plus if you hang around towards the back of one of the bag shops they might let you into the secret room at the back where they keep all the fakes!

• From: Ted V; London
• Posted: Nov. 10, 2006
• Comment:
If you want to skip the queues at the Empire State Building, buy a double ticket for the New York Skyride. Whatever you do, don't endure the actual ride, though. You'll lose the will to live.

• From: Deborah Collingwood; New York/Paris
• Posted: May 5, 2006
• Comment:
Charlie Parker lived at 151 Ave. B and Jimi Hendricks held free concerts in Tompkins sq. pk.

• From: Vincent Barry; Nairobi, Kenya
• Posted: Apr. 25, 2006
• Comment:
well i think that this is quite an improvement because even in the near past, it was almost very hard to get information like this on the site, but its now almost impossible to miss anything right here. We keep supporting this initiative cz we are glad! Thanks for bringing the world right here at the click of a button. Keep it up.

• From: Craig Harris; Vancouver, British Columbia
• Posted: Apr. 25, 2006
• Comment: I
think that is is retarded to say that New York is mythologized. I haven't heard anythingn unique or creative some out of there in a long time. Just a bunch a people who hate each other.

• From: Olakunle; Nigeria
• Posted: Apr. 3, 2006
• Comment:

• From: Vania Maria Leclerc; Zurich, Switzerland
• Posted: Mar. 9, 2006
• Comment:
Sinatra sang it first and perfectly :..." it is a city that never sleeps..."

• From: Ngene A. Lawrence; Hungary
• Posted: Mar. 8, 2006
• Comment:
i love nyc, it has been my wish to live in nyc, with my family. god bless america

• From: Jorge Carrasco; Chile
• Posted: Mar. 7, 2006
• Comment:
I love NY

• From: Bokwe Victor; Chingola
• Posted: Feb. 28, 2006
• Comment:
this a nice film i like it very much and it is good

From: O.W.Hampton III; Lafayette, In
Posted: Feb. 27, 2006
We Love N.Y.C. and its people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Kathleen Griffin; Bronx, New York
Posted: Feb. 15, 2006
In the "outer boroughs," add the Botanical Gardens full of rare plants in both the Bronx and Brooklyn. The Wildlife Conservation Society operates both the delightful Central Park Zoo, the Bronx Zoo, and the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is an ever-changing joy, and it's northern Manhattan branch, The Cloisters, is a magical presentation of medieval art, including the Unicorn Tapestries. Not far from The Cloisters is the Dychman House, the last survivor of the Dutch farmhouses of 17th century Manhattan. Van Cortlandt Manor in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, is another survival of a great estate, and there are old Indian hunting-grounds as well in Van Cortlandt Park. Wave Hill, former home of Mark Twain among others, is a major environmental research site as well. Brooklyn Heights is historic and charming, with a fabulous view of Manhattan and lovely small restaurants. Staten Island has Snug Harbor and an 18th century village!

worth of Williamsburg; the ferry crossing alone is enjoyable. Quuens offers a dizzying variety of ethnic communities, each rich in tradition and delicious food from Greek to Thai, Russian to Bengali. Almost every weekend there is a parade celebrating a different but fascinating heritage on Fifth Avenue. Born here, I love the city!

From: "Wildman" Steve Brill; Mamaroneck, Westchester
Posted: Feb. 15, 2006
NYC has dozens of large parks with rich, varied ecosystems, and I lead world-famous wild food and ecology tours throughout the region where people learn to identify and use common edible/medicinal wild plants and mushrooms. I incorporate cutting edge science, history, folklore, mythology, anecdotes, and humor. These tours are a must for anyone interested in nature, ecology, or science, and anyone who wants to introduce kids to nature hands-on.

From: Doug Hampton, NYC
Posted: Feb. 13, 2006
No trip to New York is complete without stopping in on Katz's Deli on East Houston Street on the Lower East Side.It's a frenetic experience and the staff can be a little brusque, but you won't get a better pastrami sandwich anywhere else. A great treat, especially in the depths of a New York winter.

From: Nadia Judson
Posted: Feb. 13, 2006
American Indian Museum Downtown Manhattan
Cooper Hewitt on 5th Avenue at 92nd Street
Frick, Fifth Avenue at 71 street

Basso East
Per Bacco
Gnocco -- All Lower East Side

Best Coffee:
Financier -- Stone Street
Leonidas -- Wall Street Area
Via Quadronno -- 73rd Street & Madison Avenue
Sant'Ambreus -- Madison 78th Street

• From: A native New Yorker
Posted: Feb. 13, 2006
You can do almost anything you want in my city. You can have a picnic at Central Park and go the to Central Park Zoo; the petting zoo it great for young kids. You can go on the Carousal at Central Park or go ice skating at the Waltham Rink. You can get same day theater tickets at TCKTS on Broadway and 42nd street. You can to the South Street Seaport and walk around and go into the museums down there. You could do a walking tour of the Financial District and see Trinity Church, Wall Street, the old Customs House, Battery Park and look over to see the Statue of Liberty. You could go to the Tenement Museum down near Canal Street and walk in and out of the shops, have lunch in a really good Jewish deli and enjoy listening to all the people around you and their accents. Go down to Chinatown and have dinner then walk over to Little Italy for pastry and coffee for dessert. Take yourself to the Plaza Hotel for high tea on a Sunday, then walk Fifth Avenue and window shop down to the Empire State Building over on Sixth and 33rd St. I could go on forever. Go visit New York, you will never be disappointed.




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