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Travel talk: have your say



Travel always provides a wealth of experiences. Have you ever had an interesting, crazy, amazing or bizarre incident whilst overseas on business? We want to hear about what you've been up to. Have your say with CNN.

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Your article on travel clothes contained ONLY items for men. I couldn't find any for women or are you still thinking women don't travel for work? Check out the CNN article from the UK on women travelers (Full story). We may not equal the men in hours of travel but we DO travel for work and travel clothes for women are abysmal. Well, maybe that's why you didn't include any, come to think of it. MaryLynne Smith, Santa Rosa, California

I have flown internationally since 1967, including 11 trips literally around the world. I am a senior manager with a Fortune 500 company, but like everyone in our company, I travel in coach. Yet travel writers (and airlines) often assume that coach passengers are price-sensitive leisure passengers, not, well, very good customers. It would be helpful to see more about the interests and issues facing coach passengers, compared to yet another breathless article about showers in First Class. Terry Elliott, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Throughout the year I put aside various pieces of clothing which, while not tatty yet, are almost there. So, when we travel, we wear these not quite perfect shirts, trousers, ties, socks, underwear, sweaters, skirts, sometimes shoes, and so on. When we arrive at our destination or, even sometimes, just before, depending on the circumstances, we just throw them away and then remove fresh clothes from our carryon bags. Works for us, especially on the long hauls such as JFK to Johannesburg or Buenos Aires. Mary Kennedy Baumslag, New York

I get Non-Iron Brooks Brothers dress shirts for my travel. The best is when you get them made to measure at the BB store events, the most comfortable thing you can ever wear. The non-iron feature really works well on travel, wash and dry then in five minutes after you take it out of the suit case they look like pressed. The other trick I use is with shoes: I always keep my shoes in shoe trees inside shoe bags, Sheraton is great for that they offer them as free amenities in the rooms. Check out the Brooks Brothers in Beverly Hills for your shoe, the Manager Anis would give you a nice tour and will probably find your shirt size for you! Sleyem Taylor

Once traveling to Kuwait City, I was told that women needed to wear long sleeve shirts and pants with closed-toe shoes. Upon arrival in 115+ degree heat, I was greeted by a woman wearing a spaghetti strap, knee-length dress with sandals. She asked me: "Aren't you hot?" Brandi, Okinawa

There's been two negative experiences with airports in my life, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Keflafik Intl in Iceland (their major airport), Paris is definitely the place to get rid of that well earned money, e.g. by spending about €6 for a tiny hot dog that doesn't taste good at all and that will leave you hungry and therefore you will need to get another one, and that was about eight years ago. I bet they're even more expensive these days and the whole structure of the airport was quite confusing. Keflafik is not really a bad airport, but it made me feel nauseous every time I had to transfer in Iceland. The air seemed to be quite thin, plus they allowed an extremely intoxicated person to board the plane made my experience really bad having to watch someone throw up and everything. Nice airports to mention are Munich, Amsterdam and Montreal Dorval. Julian R., Eschenbach, Germany

For nine years, I've lived in Hong Kong but I was educated in the UK so I traveled roughly about six times in a year for the holidays. To land at the Hong Kong old airport Kai Tak was probably the best thing about traveling for me not because I was coming home. It was a rare moment of 'Right Stuff' for anyone and to see handful of ladies minding their own business with washing had always brought me smiles. Traveling for me was (still is) true exciting and looking forward to seeing or visiting someplace not wandering about in the airport. So farewell my dear Kai Tak, I missed those take-offs and landings over the buildings and the harbor at both day and night. Patrick Cobbold, Marlborough

The world's worst airport to land at is Lindburgh Field in San Diego. On a standard approach an airliner will pass about 50 feet from skyscrapers culminating the experience by passing about 20 feet over a tower on a parking garage before dropping on the main runway. If the aircraft lands long it will slide across a busy thoroughfare and end up in San Diego Bay. Michael Sienkiewicz, Singapore

When I was a travel agent, I once traveled to the island Madeira in Portugal. The airport runway looked like the top of the rock of Gibraltar, and the runway looked about four feet long. There was no room for the aircraft to taxi and when we took off it was like flying on the Concorde, with no room for long take-offs and with cliffs all around. Our heads were pinned back for about 10 minutes, and so were our breaths. Grace, Bethlehem, Connecticut

I flew to Spain in December, 2001, not long after 9/11. I landed in Madrid, and I have never seen such extensive but unobtrusive security than I saw at the Madrid airport. There were multiple levels of security, especially for anyone flying to the USA. I was quite impressed by both the high level of security and the courtesy and smoothness of security operations. I truly felt safe during an unsafe period. Steve Robles, Mora, New Mexico

I think Las Vegas has a great airport. It's glitzy and represents the town. It has always been easy to navigate and it's really not too far from the strip. Also the Denver airport where I live is very nice. You can walk to the A concourse .T here are many stores ands restaurants. The prices are reasonable for food and not more than 10 percent over retail outlets. Gary Snyder, Denver, Colorado

I have found a great and useful Web site in my quest for good seating on airlines. offers a possibility for the traveler to find out where to sit and most importantly where not to sit. Of course this Web site doesn't help you against smelly football fans or rock concert travelers, but it's very useful nonetheless. Christian Eika, Aarhus, Denmark

China is improving. In 1999 I flew on China Eastern from Los Angeles to Beijing through Shanghai, and that was the worst trip of my flying life (more than 60 trips so far). However, I flew Air China in 2005 and found it very accommodating. I would also note that the best airline I have ever flown is Chinese (albeit Taiwanese), that is EVA, which really sets the standard far above anything else. Sue, Seattle.

I enjoyed the Brazil show but maybe you should have shown or mentioned that in Sao Paulo if you don't have access to a helicopter the only alternative is not the clogged highways; there is a modern and efficient metro system. Although, maybe the business traveler doesn't have time for this. Mark Resnick, New York.

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