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Your e-mails: Tributes to Mrs. King
Coretta Scott King leads a march in Memphis, Tennessee, in April 1968, five days after her husband was assassinated in the city.


Coretta Scott King
Civil Rights
Civil Rights
Atlanta (Georgia)

(CNN) -- Thousands of mourners crowded a suburban Atlanta church Tuesday to mark the passing of Coretta Scott King with tributes from her family and friends, veterans of the civil rights movement and political leaders. asked readers to send in their own stories of the ways King's life and work had affected their lives.

How could anyone say Coretta Scott King didn't influence their life? She is all we could hope to be: A champion for equal treatment of all people regardless of their race, background, economic status or sexual orientation. Coretta Scott King gave the supreme sacrifice, her life, to the greater cause. Her life is an example to all of us and a challenge to live better lives with purpose. She and Martin Luther King Jr. changed the world forever and impacted all our lives forever. God bless Coretta Scott King and all the work she did on Earth.
Cory Provost, Warwick, Rhode Island

Coretta King taught me how to be a daughter, a wife and a mother, and most of all what it means to be "of the world, but not in the world." Coretta King was "the salt of the earth." May we never lose her spiritual flavor.
Ramelle, Carson, California

Ms. King has made heroic efforts toward the movement with dignity and with such style and class. Her very presence was enough to make anyone stop and take a long look at what she represented. As Oprah put it, she was our royalty, and she is the queen of our struggle for equality in this country. I'm so glad to be a part of a generation that has experienced change in this country's fabrication. Ms. King has honored her late husband, Dr. King, by dedicating her life to the dream and exemplifying real womanhood at its best. In addition, she was committed to her family and the cause. I love her, and she will truly be missed.
Charlene Moon, Columbia, Maryland

Thank you, Mrs. King, for granting myself and my children the opportunity to grow up with a national holiday honoring your husband. Thank you for inspiring all woman and mothers with your grace and courage. And thank you most of all for making sure that when I was born that I never saw a "Whites Only" sign. I will never forget you and will teach my children about you.
Kim, Le Claire, Iowa

Mrs. King will always be a woman with great strength and love and compassion for others. After her husband's death she carried on a dream that will live in all of us for ever and ever. I never met Mrs. King, but I know she is always in my heart because she is a powerful woman. I love her, and I will never forget her.
Michael Reef, Fort Wayne, Indiana

I was 11 years old when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed in my city, Memphis. The city was all in a disarray. We couldn't even go to school. There was so much confusion and hatred in the city of Memphis. But when Mrs. Coretta Scott King came back to the city to lead the march that her husband intended to do, the entire city quieted down. I will never forget her presence in my city as a child.
Fannie Hightower, Memphis, Tennessee

As a 21-year-old college student, I have spent my free hours watching the service of Mrs. Coretta Scott King. As I watched, I thought about how this day will forever be etched in my mind. This is a historical day not because this is the day of her funeral, but this marks a end to the lives of Civil Rights Warriors. There are not too many Civil Rights Leaders of her stature -- Rosa Parks and now Mrs. King. It is up to my generation to carry the torch Mrs. Coretta Scott King has passed today. If not us, then who?
Jason P. Scott, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Words can not explain how thankful my family and I are for the sacrifices made so that I may simply live life more abundantly and humanely. She embodied everything beautiful about the human spirit; grace in motion, integrity beyond corruption, unbreaking strength against ill-willed individuals, and love for her fellow man! I again say thank you and may God continue his work through those you have touched.
Montell Salary, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mrs. Coretta King was an outstanding lady who taught the young women that you can stand alone and raise your children by yourself without a man figure in the house. Mrs. King and Dr. King show us to be proud of who we are and not to be ashamed of your color.
Sharon Perry, Fort Worth, Texas

As a widow with two young children, I so respected and respect her willingness to carry on with the cause that she and her husband believed in so fervently. Had she not chosen to do so, everyone would have understood. Still, she stood up for all the oppressed while also taking care of her four small children. Well done, well done.
Elizabeth Reed, Darien, Connecticut

I was an intern at the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change in 1976, although I was more of a Malcolm X-type of girl at the time. After that summer, I grew also to appreciate the philosophy of nonviolence and Dr. King's application of it in his life. I came away from it with lifelong lessons that have provided clarity, required standing up when there was an injustice, and not giving in to fear when the going got rough. The Center was Coretta's achievement. She was also so kind to my sister who is a second child, recalling how it was for her being the second daughter behind an ambitious older sister. A lot of us probably did not appreciate Mrs. King as much as we should have during her life, but her passing reminds me of her significance.
Amanda Seward, Los Angeles, California

Having grown up in the 60's the Kings not only affected black America , but also White America. Being a women there have been great strides made in equality for all women. Because of the Equal Rights Amendment all women now have more choices and better pay. Thank you and God Bless!
Patricia Eads, Kingsport, Tennessee

I am a black woman and Mrs. Coretta Scott King benefited me personally because of her strong desire to see a better life for all people, in Christ who has saved us through his blood. I was able to go to college.
Ann Miller, Currie, North Carolina

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