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Your e-mails: 'This man is seeking 15 minutes of fame' readers respond to JonBenet murder arrest



JonBenet Ramsey

(CNN) -- The arrest in Thailand of John Mark Karr, suspected of killing JonBenet Ramsey nearly 10 years ago, has shocked the nation. We asked our readers for their thoughts on this case. Here is a selection of your responses, some of which have been edited:

I think this man is seeking his 15 minutes of fame and had nothing to do with this case. My heart goes out to the Ramsey family. JonBenet deserves more than this.
Nicole D., St. Paul, Minnesota

I believed the Ramseys were innocent from day one. DNA evidence will tell the truth. The Boulder police never looked at any one other than the Ramseys. They did the right thing by obtaining attorneys right away. Its time to give this family peace. I believe John Ramsey's statement of the crime, is exactly as it happened. Look to see if Mr. Karr ever owned a taser. He's a real sicky!
Julie Pequignot, Fort Wayne, Indiana

I think John Karr has psychological problems and has deluded himself into thinking he actually committed this crime.
Michelle Whitman, Ovid, Michigan

It's my hunch that Karr wrote the note, but a second person did the killing. The DNA will probably not match Karr's and he knows it. The second person will not be involved because Karr won't be convicted without rock-solid evidence. Karr strikes me as more the mental, manipulative, fantasy type, not the type that actually killed her in such a cruel fashion. Either way they both get off.
Carol Ripandelli, Tallahassee, Florida

I think John Karr is an extremely troubled person who is lost within himself. I think he may think that he has killed JonBenet, but the evidence will prove him guilty of nothing except a vivid imagination. He is troubled and everything he has been doing is for his ego.
James Davis, Miami, Florida

I think this guy needed a ride back from Thailand before he got any deeper into trouble there. If he is found not guilty, send him back to face any charges there.
N. Benefield, Dallas, Texas

I am sick of this story. She's been dead 10 years. Thousands of kids die everyday. Get Over it!
Katy Hill, Prescott, Arizona

I feel like John Karr is a sick individual who should be put away. He is obviously troubled mentally. The fact that he told authorities that he "loved JonBenet" is ridiculous. However I do not think he is responsible for her death. There are too many details that go against him. We shall wait for DNA to figure out whether or not he was involved. He should be put away until then.
Morgan Potter, Lexington, Kentucky

Why does everyone think the Boulder District Attorney has jumped the gun? Perhaps they have more information and details that they do not want to share with the public. Surely, they would not have gone to this extent without a thorough investigation. Maybe, just maybe they don't want to try this case (if charges are filed) in the media.
Bunny Alexander, Houma, Louisiana

The Boulder DA's office is smarter than people know. John Mark Karr is a wannabe. I doubt they can place him in Boulder, Colorado at that time. And I'll bet the DNA test comes back negative. Karr says he loved JonBenet, was there when she died, and it was an accident. What he didn't say was that he killed her. The confidential information he possesses may have come from the real killer. Karr possibly contacted him in some manner (pedophiles and sex offenders do communicate). The Boulder DA's office is going to pursue that information which could ultimately locate the real killer. In the meantime, Karr is in the spotlight like he wants.
Mike Adkins, Charlotte, North Carolina

At this point I don't think Karr had anything to do with JonBenet. I think he found himself on his way to a Thai prison and decided to confess to a crime he knew would get him extradited to America. He probably would have confessed to masterminding 9/11, the Kennedy assassination and abducting the Lindbergh baby, so long as it meant staying out of a foreign jail cell.
Bradley Werner, New York, NY

Here's a newsflash for you all. JonBenet Ramsey has been dead for 10 YEARS. Let her rest in peace. You have provided the public with ZERO new "news" about the case since the SUSPECT was arrested. A countdown on the arrival of this SUSPECT serves no one and certainly not the family or the general public. There is a war going on in SEVERAL countries with MANY soldiers dying DAILY.
Zachariah Hill, Bellingham, Washington

I don't think he killed JonBenet. I think he is seeking notoriety. He has made such a mess of his life he wants to go out in a blaze of glory.
Betty Elsea, Bristol, Tennessee

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