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Police detail school shooter's molestation claim

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PARADISE, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Jeffrey Miller briefed reporters Tuesday on what police have learned about Monday's shooting at an Amish school. Highlights from his briefing follow:

(Miller begins by giving a timeline of what Charles Carl Roberts IV did on Monday before shooting 10 girls in an Amish schoolhouse and then killing himself. [Full story]

The timeline ends with Roberts calling his wife from the school.)

Miller: Roberts calls his wife and would not tell her where he is. Roberts stated to his wife, "I am not coming home. The police are here." Then he states, "I molested some minor family members," family members that were 3 and 4 years old, 20 years ago.

It's unclear from his wife, but Roberts states to his wife that he's getting revenge for something that occurred in his life. Roberts then tells his wife where the suicide notes are located within the residence, and that's the last conversation Roberts has with his wife. ...

Roberts' wife stated to us that Roberts took the loss of their child Elise very hard. Elise was a child born prematurely nine years ago. We were able to confirm that through the records of the county. Nine years ago, and she lived for approximately 20 minutes. And she was buried at a church close by where the family resides.

(Miller describes how the school was barricaded with boards and furniture. He gives details of Roberts' purchases of hardware items and a stun gun in the days before the attack.)

Miller: On the bottom of one of the boxes that Roberts brought into the school, after we photographed everything at the scene and we began to remove the contents of all the items that he had put in the school, we discovered a bag of nails, chains, small clamps, and two tubes of KY Jelly.

One of the 2x4 pieces of wood had 10 large eye hooks in the boards, spaced approximately 10 inches apart. It's important to note that we had 10 victims at that time that were in the school. ...

As for Roberts making statements about molesting family members: from the interviews by the Pennsylvania State Police, both sides of Roberts' family were interviewed. His parents, his wife, they had no knowledge of any molestation by Roberts affecting any family member or anyone else. And this was a complete surprise to them. ...

We believe these minor relatives of Roberts -- and this is alleged to have occurred 20 years ago -- were between 3 and 5 years old. It's unknown what type of molestation, whether it was fondling or inappropriate touching, or sexual assault, or if anything occurred -- we don't know.

We tried to confirm whether there was ever a report made of such a crime. And we were not able to confirm that a report was ever made, and we have not been able to confirm that something actually occurred. ...

Roberts was angry with God for taking Elise, as outlined in his suicide note, stating that it had changed his life forever and he was not the same since it happened. Roberts expressed hate towards himself and towards God.

Roberts states in the suicide note that he has another reason for his anger but he cannot discuss it, and it happened almost 20 years ago. Robert states in his suicide note that he has been having dreams for the past couple of years about doing what he did 20 years ago. And in the dreams, he wants to do those things again.

(Miller gives more detail on how thoroughly Roberts prepared for the attack.)

Miller: The ammunition, batteries, flashlight, multiple weapons, bucket, toilet paper and change of clothes are indicative of an individual preparing for standoff contingencies. The KY Jelly has no exact reason other than the potential for a sexual assault aid.

(Miller responds to questions from reporters.)

Miller: There is no evidence that the victims were sexually assaulted in any way.

(He is asked whether police have interviewed family members who might know if someone was molested 20 years ago.)

Miller: We made every attempt to contact members of the family that would have any specific knowledge about any particular offense that could have occurred. And to this point, we still have a couple more people we want to talk to. But to this point, no one has any knowledge of anything like this.

And it's possible that even if we're able to locate the people that is most likely, the individuals, extended family members that are most likely to be the potential victims here, because of their young age it's very possible that they may have no knowledge of this. But we are not finished with that yet.

(Miller is asked about Roberts' motive.)

Miller: It's pretty clear to us based on the actions that he took, again, that he intended to go into this school. Now, we believe it had nothing to do with the Amish, but it had to do with this victim range, which was ... young female students ages 6 to 13.

And we believe that he did not intend to come out alive. But we're also concerned that he may have had an extended plan to be in there for a lengthy period of time.

And it's very possible -- we don't know for sure, but it's very possible that when he talks about doing the things and having dreams for the last two years about doing things that he did 20 years ago, if in fact it's true that he did do this molestation, that he perhaps planned with the kind of wood and eyebolts and flex cuffs and KY jelly and other things, it's very possible that he intended to victimize these children in many ways prior to executing them and killing himself.

Question: And the arrival of the police may have interrupted that?

Miller: Yes. Our assessment right now, as I tried to relay, was that he became disorganized when we arrived.

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  • Naomi Rose Eversole, 7
  • Marian Fisher, 13
  • Lina Miller, 7
  • Mary Liz Miller, 8
  • Anna Mae Stoltzfus, 12

    Source: Pennsylvania Police

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