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10 sexy jobs

By Candace Corner
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( -- Money, power, fame and glamour are just some of the elements that take a career choice from tedious to tantalizing, but there's a little more to it than that.

In the same way that physical beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the definition of what qualifies as a "sexy" is a matter of what you find most attractive about a job's responsibilities.

Firefighters are sexy because their role requires bravery, and doctors have sexy jobs because they have commitment and credentials. Danger and intrigue can also factor in to what we find alluring.

If there's one other thing sexy jobs share with the perceptions of physical beauty, it's that society, for the most part, creates a general guideline for what makes a job hot. We find interest in the rich and famous and the jobs that seem to have the best perks.

Here are some examples of jobs that sizzle:

1. Showgirlexternal link

Why it's sexy: Their job involves performing dances in elaborate, revealing costumes onstage.

Where you'll find them: For the most part, it's Vegas, baby. They're onstage, in the dressing room or working out.

The pros: They're in the spotlight, in peak shape, and always look amazing.

The cons: It's harder than it looks, and involves constant exercise and a lot of practicing. Costume headpieces are heavy and people often confuse showgirls with being part of the sex industry.

2. Couture salespeopleexternal link

Why it's sexy: The rich and famous often shop high-end. The right store and location means there is a likely chance of working with A-list celebrities and other beautiful people.

Where you'll find them: Mostly in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris and Milan, but basically anywhere where wearing the latest trend is more important than the price tag.

The pros: It opens up opportunities for meeting the right people to launch a future position in fashion or as a personal assistant. And you can't beat the employee discount.

The cons: Retail is still retail, so expect to continue folding sweaters, re-organizing racks and assisting crabby customers.

3. Fashion journalistexternal link

Why it's sexy: These people know the industry inside and out, attend all of the fashion shows and schmooze with designers and other influential people.

Where you'll find them: In the press seats by the runway and on location for interviews. While it's not mandatory, there are more people working in the major fashion capitals.

The pros: Amazing samples and the opportunity to meet some of the biggest names in the business.

The cons: Finding work can be difficult. Writing reviews in this industry means a lot of working hours and dealing with city expenses and difficult people.

4. Runway modelexternal link

Why it's sexy: They showcase the latest fashion and their job is to be beautiful.

Where you'll find them: On the runway and at fashion shoots, largely at the fashion capitals, but also anywhere there are designers looking to show the public their newest creations.

The pros: They have a reputation for being hot and they get paid for it.

The cons: Competition is fierce. The model look that's in-demand at the moment may not be what designers are looking for next season.

5. Hotel conciergeexternal link

Why it's sexy: They're smooth operators and know all the right people and places in the area.

Where you'll find them: At upscale hotel locations and around the grounds making sure everyone's happy.

The pros: Area businesses are more likely to treat you right, since you recommend new business.

The cons: Long hours and the not-so-glamorous duty of dealing regularly with difficult personalities.

6. Makeup artistexternal link

Why it's sexy: They transform and enhance people's looks to be their best or most interesting.

Where you'll find them: At counters, on film sets, in dressing rooms and anyplace else where someone is going to be televised, photographed or doing a big appearance.

The pros: There is an amazing chance for advancement from counter rep to launching a signature beauty line or garnering celeb clientele once a reputation is established.

The cons: A client with a good experience will say a lot, but so will those with bad experiences. Word-of-mouth creates the biggest buzz, so this could work against a makeup artist.

7. Stunt double

Why it's sexy: Stunt men and women defeat the odds while they leaping off buildings, cruising through fires and conquering car crashes. The thrill and the danger create a high.

Where you'll find them: Somewhere dangerous or somewhere relatively safe and doing something dangerous.

The pros: They get the reputation of surviving some of the most death-defying acts humanly possible.

The cons: Stunts don't always get the recognition they deserve in the public eye.

8. Magazine photographerexternal link

Why it's sexy: They are paid to capture images of beautiful and interesting people and locations.

Where you'll find them: At photo shoots and in dark rooms. The majority of the work is in New York and Los Angeles.

The pros: Their creative vision pays off, literally.

The cons: Expensive and heavy equipment, finding the right frame and needing to talk your subjects into your ideas.

9.Club ownerexternal link

Why it's sexy: They are their own bosses and they create the atmosphere where people go to party.

Where you'll find them: Working the room and overseeing the scene.

The pros: As the owners of the area hotspots, everyone wants to know them. Reputation makes the business.

The cons: Trends come and go, and if club owners can't keep it interesting, patrons will party elsewhere.

10.Professional investigatorexternal link

Why it's sexy: Their job is all about uncovering confidential information, whether it's insurance fraud or cheating spouses.

Where you'll find them: Doing research, testifying in court or on location for surveillance.

The pros: Uncovering infidelities and getting justice for the romantically wronged is their bread and butter.

The cons: Serving subpoenas and other court-related work is the unglamorous side of their business. The work can also be sometimes perceived as seedy by the general public.

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