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Iraq hit by 7 bomb attacks in one day


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BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Seven bomb attacks ripped through Iraq on Monday, killing 16 people, including a U.S. soldier, and wounding 56, officials said.

The attacks came on the day British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw arrived in Baghdad, the Foreign Office said. Straw was scheduled to meet with Iraqi politicians to get an update on the formation of a their new government.

The day's most deadly attack -- a suicide bombing -- took the lives of 10 people and wounded eight others in Baghdad's mostly Shiite Muslim neighborhood of Khadmiye, Iraqi Emergency Police said. No other details were available.

A homemade bomb exploded near a group of day laborers in central Baghdad, wounding 20, police said.

The wounded were evacuated to the Ibn al Nafis and Kinidi hospitals.

Southeast of Karbala, a roadside bomb struck a vehicle in an American military combat patrol, killing a U.S. soldier, according to the Coalition Press Information Center.

The death brought the number of U.S. troops killed in the Iraq war to 2,275, according to military reports.

Other attacks Monday included a car bombing that targeted the mayor of the Jisir Diyala area -- just north of Baghdad -- killing two of the mayor's security guards, police said. Eleven other people were wounded in the attack and the mayor escaped unharmed.

To the north of the capital in Mosul, a bomb detonated at a restaurant in the city center early Monday, killing three people and wounding six others, police said.

Back in Baghdad, in the central part of the capital, two homemade bombs exploded, wounding nine civilians, police said. The attack targeted a Western convoy, destroying three civilian cars.

After Iraqi police arrived at the bombing site, they discovered a car bomb in the area, which they secured and diffused, according to police.

Another homemade bomb attack Monday -- also in central Baghdad -- struck an Iraqi police patrol and wounded two police.

Abductees released

Two Macedonian nationals, who were abducted in Iraq last week, were released Monday, a British official in Basra said.

The men were kidnapped Thursday while traveling in a vehicle outside of Basra. They were working for a services company called Ecologue.

No other details were available.

Violence on Sunday also killed several people.

Nine Iraqis -- most with the army or security forces -- were killed in separate incidents in the Iraqi capital and in Kirkuk, an official with the Iraqi Emergency Police said.

An Iraqi army soldier, a police officer and a police commando -- none of whom was in uniform -- were killed in separate shootings in Baghdad on Sunday afternoon, the official said.

Two civilians were killed and six people were wounded when a car bomb detonated near an entrance to the heavily fortified Green Zone, the official said, and a suicide bomber wounded four civilians after entering an Iraqi army checkpoint.

A Baghdad store owner was also gunned down on his way to work, the official said, and authorities found three bodies in western Baghdad.

In Kirkuk, Brig. Gen. Hathem Khalaf, director of operations for the Kirkuk Police, was killed when a homemade bomb hit his convoy Sunday. Two others traveling with him also were killed.

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