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Attacks kill at least 10 Iraqis

U.S. military reports 4 troops' deaths
Iraqi women mourn Monday the death of their relatives in Baquba.


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Saddam Hussein

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Attacks in Baghdad and the Baquba area killed at least 10 Iraqis on Monday, following a bloody Sunday that saw gunmen attack huge crowds of Shiite pilgrims, killing at least 20 of them.

In northern Baghdad on Monday, gunmen opened fire on a crowd in Aden Square just after midday, killing at least one person and wounding five others, police said.

Three Iraqi soldiers were killed and two were wounded when gunmen shot at an Iraqi army patrol in the Dakhliya neighborhood in western Baghdad, according to an official with Baghdad emergency police.

An official with Baquba police told CNN that gunmen shot two people to death, including a woman, and wounded two others in two separate incidents in Baquba.

In another incident, gunmen shot dead an Iraqi civilian in Khalis town about 12.4 miles (20 kilometers) north of Baquba.

Two people, including a teacher, were killed by gunmen in Balad Ruz, about 31 miles (50 kilometers) east of Baquba Monday morning, an official with Baquba police said.

In southern Baquba, gunmen shot an Iraqi civilian to death near a market. Baquba is in Diyala province, about 37 miles (60 kilometers) north of Baghdad.

Also on Monday, a U.S. soldier was killed when his vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb north of Baghdad, the military said. The military also reported that two Marines and one sailor were killed Sunday during military operations in Iraq's Anbar province.

The latest deaths bring the number of U.S. service members killed in Iraq to 2,604 since the United States toppled the government of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Seven American civilian contractors of the military also have died in the conflict.

President Bush said Monday there would be no quick U.S. exit from Iraq despite his concerns over talk of civil war in the country and the effect the war is having in American society. (Full story)

As the daily drumbeat of violence in Iraq continued, former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein went on trial for genocide and crimes against humanity in the 1988 assault on Iraq's Kurdish region. (Full story)

Sunday, crowds of Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad were attacked by gunmen who killed at least 20 and wounded more than 300 others, according to police and health ministry officials.

But the U.S. military said its initial investigation found 30 dead and wounded, noting that it does not count minor injuries in its casualty count.

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims crowded the streets of the Iraqi capital, heading to the shrine of an eighth century imam, Musa al-Kadhim, to commemorate his death.

Gunmen on the streets and snipers from the rooftops opened fire on the crowds in six Baghdad neighborhoods, police said. (Watch chaos and carnage among pilgrims -- 1:00)

Last year, nearly 1,000 pilgrims were killed during the commemoration when rumors of suicide bombers triggered a mass stampede on a Tigris River bridge.

Al-Kadhim, one of the 12 historic Shiite imams beloved by the faithful, is buried at the Kadhimiya mosque, the largest Shiite mosque in the capital.

Iraq's Industry Minister Fawzi Hariri downplayed the recent surge in violence Sunday, saying the sectarian attacks taking place in Iraq "are intermittent and not coordinated."

"While we're having real problems ... it isn't to the extent as it's portrayed (in the media) as a sectarian divide, or a sectarian problem," Hariri told CNN. "Sectarian wars happened in Rwanda, that's not happening in Iraq."

Iraqi officials estimate at least 100 people are killed each day in random attacks and sectarian violence in Iraq.

CNN's Mohammed Tawfeeq contributed to this report.

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