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Project Life: Story archive

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(CNN) -- July 9 - July 15, 2007

Pamper yourself: Turkish massage

How to be hardcore

Love your liver

The benefits of: Eating fish

Brigid's blog: Moshing for health

July 2 - July 8, 2007

Inner peace in the inner city

The benefits of: Water

Pamper yourself: Bird droppings facial

Blog: Straying from the righteous path

June 25 - July 1, 2007

Festive spirit: How summer festivals have come of age

The benefits of: Nuts

Breathe easy in Poland's salt mines

Brigid's blog: The aspirational gym

June 18 - 24, 2005

Ultra-running: A step beyond

Musical massage: Hitting the right notes

The benefits of: Tea

Floating to better health

June 11 - 17, 2007

Meditation: The key to calm

Eco-dining: From tiny acorns

The benefits of: Sleep

Pamper yourself: Hot stone massage

May 28 - June 10, 2007

The slow life: Real blue sky thinking

When massages go bad

Organic farming: The secrets of the soil

Pamper yourself: Facial

Addicted to your inbox

The benefits of: Laughter

Pamper yourself: Spa package

May 21 - 27, 2007

A life in the day of a life coach

The benefits of: Juggling

Exhaustion: The modern malady

Pamper yourself: A massage for men

The benefits of: Walking

May 14 - 20, 2007

Skip the fast food and go slow

How to be a slow foodie

The benefits of apples

Pamper yourself: Reflexology

Taking steps to lose weight at work

Swimming: Take the plunge

Getting personal with your trainer E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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