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Weight loss success: Sharon Twitchell

    By Jacqueline Adams
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    Tired of squeezing into a size 22 and with her marriage on the verge of collapse, Sharon Twitchell decided it was time to change her life.

    Sharon Twitchell

    Sharon Twitchell lost 110 pounds in 10 months and went from wearing a size 22 to a size 2.

    Name: Sharon Twitchell
    Age: 51
    Hometown: Mountains of western North Carolina
    Occupation: Retired
    Height: 5'2
    Heaviest weight: 227 lbs.
    Current weight: 117 lbs.
    Pounds lost: 110 lbs.

    Defining moment
    I was wearing size 22 and getting my clothes at stores where the largest size was a 24. I asked myself, "Where are you going to buy your clothes after you get bigger than a size 24?" My husband and I were literally coexisting as if we were roommates. I told him one day that I had to stop living the way I was living. I knew I had to change my life.

    How did you finally lose the weight?
    Diet: Weight Watchers POINTS system.
    Exercise: I did a lot of aerobics, usually about 1 hour and 90 minutes. I bought an elliptical machine and a recumbent bicycle and started exercising six days a week.

    How long did it take you to lose the weight?
    Ten months. I started October 26, 2004 and reached my goal weight on August 26, 2005.

    How has this changed your life?
    First, I have a marriage again. By the time I finally reached my goal weight, my wedding ring was too big and I had already had it resized twice. The jeweler was hesitant to do it again, so rather than resize it; my husband bought me a new, beautiful diamond ring. When he gave it to me he said it was a renewal of our wedding vows.

    He keeps telling people that he's got his wife back. I haven't been this weight since before our first daughter was born.

    Do you have any tips for other people who want to lose weight?
    If you want to lose weight you can't look at it as diet. It has to be a lifestyle change. You have to be ready to commit and be ready to change your life. Find something that fits your lifestyle and stick with it.

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