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Victoria Beckham's guilty pleasures

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  • Victoria Beckham says she shares beauty products with husband
  • Spice Girl says spike heels make her feel more powerful
  • She was inspired by "Fame" TV show
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By James Patrick Herman
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(InStyle) -- Now that she has launched her dVb fashion line, Spice Girl Victoria Beckham reveals the secrets of a posh life. (Hello, Rizzo!)

Midnight snack? "I've got to say I eat loads of those bloody American pretzel things. They're so addictive. I think it's all the salt on them. I'm not a sweet-tooth person; I'm more savory."

Bad TV? "I always wanted to be a dancer when I was younger, and Fame was so inspiring. It made me want to come to New York and jump on a car. I even had a velour Fame tracksuit with gold stitching. I had a Fame bag too!"

Dessert? "I'm not into cake. I only eat fruit. I love to have strawberries -- and a couple glasses of wine. I think the antioxidants make up for the damage."

Movie musical? "Grease is quite major. I thought the fashion was just fantastic -- I love that era. The Rizzo character had the best wardrobe. Her high-waist pencil skirts remind me a bit of Alexander McQueen."

Fashion fetish? "I've got some fabulous Balenciaga shoes that are quite fetishy-looking: major pointy toes and a huge spiky heel. They definitely make me feel more powerful. And I adore fluorescent bras. It's a great way to give something normal a bit of an edge."

Accessory addiction? "I'm quite obsessed with sunglasses. I collect vintage Guccis and Carreras -- they can make virtually any outfit look cool. And they also happen to hide the fact that I've been up all night with my three children and didn't have time to put on any eye makeup."

Beauty binge? "My Pout lip gloss smells lovely and makes my lips look really shiny. And I swear by Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream. David likes it too -- we share all our beauty products." E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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