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Your e-mails: Top priority for new U.S. president

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(CNN) -- Democratic candidates were asked what their top priorities would be for their first 100 days as president during Sunday's debates. Read their responses here. asked readers what they think should be the top priorities for the new president's first 100 days in office.

Below is a selection of those responses, some of which have been edited for length and clarity.

Bill W. of Coatesville, Pennsylvania
What is the new president's first priority?
1) Get the U.S. out of Iraq.
2) Secure the border.
3) Stop outsourcing, so called free trade agreements, and trade imbalances.
4) Restore the U.S. image with foreign countries.

Parmanand Rai of Lad Vegas, Nevada
End the war in Iraq and bring our troops home. That should be the very first thing for the new president. Secondly, upgrade our educational system so that American students can compete with children in India, Japan and China.

Ann Foster of Thousand Oaks, California
Top priorities:
1. Ending the war in Iraq
2. Strengthening laws to protect the environment
3. Providing affordable health care
4. Education
It's a tough job with tough choices.

Aaron Gordon of Washington, D.C.
The top three priorities the next president needs to address in the first 100 days of office are:
1. The war in Iraq, which is draining both our dignity and money, is a mess beyond repair and description. There is no excuse to continue running this war, and in an ironic paradox, there is no excuse for cutting off funding to the armed forces already there. That issue needs to be solved by April, period.

2. Global Warming needs to be fundamentally addressed at every level of the government. There can be no 'left' and 'right' if we are all dead or starving. As the largest polluter and 'Rome' in the global economy, we need to be not just a leader, but THE leader here. As a society once defined by innovation and vision, we need to be the source of the new technology and initiatives to drastically drop our greenhouse gas emissions.

3. The deficit. Before we tackle the problems of health care, corruption, scientific ignorance and fear, the erasure of the line between church and state, and the rest, we need to raise taxes to pay back our debts and re-create the Clinton surplus. It is foolish economics to have no money in the bank and to have China own us, in effect. We, the people, need to own the country run by we, the people.

Barbara Tafoya of York, Pennsylvania
The president's first priorities should be:
1) Immigration. Tighten the borders, no freebies for immigrants; this includes education.

2) Iraq. Get our troops out OR do something forceful to bring about peace and order in the civil/religious war that will most likely continue into eternity.

3) Port security. If big business in America needs to use ports to get their goods into the country to sell to Americans they should be more than willing to shoulder the monetary burden to tighten port security.

4) Health care! Everyone keeps telling Americans we're the best, we're the brightest, and we've got whatever it takes to get a job done. Why isn't health care a real priority? Why can't the entire country have health care? Goodness knows we continue to pay the taxman whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. Let Americans know what the rest of the free world does when it comes to health care.

5) Education. Why can't government listen to teachers who do this for a living to finally get it right? Teaching today isn't like it was 20/30/40 years ago. Our culture has changed a great deal; teachers have so much more to cope than ABC's in the classroom.

Samir Hasan of San Diego, California
Obviously, the top priority of the new president should be to implement a policy of "self determination" in the country of Iraq. A Pro-U.S. Islamic State of Iraq is completely possible. The Iraqi's would welcome this, and stop killing Americans, and a majority of U.S. forces could be pulled out, and a residual force left to assist the new Islamic State with security, to prevent any genocide, etc. from occurring.

Jake Owsley of Boulder, Colorado
The next president's priority will be re-establish integrity and accountability in the Executive Branch. In order to do this, the following must occur:
--Restore the U.S. as an example of peace, altruism and compassion in the world
--Public financing of elections
--Withdrawal from NAFTA and WTO
--Join Kyoto Treaty
--Withdrawal from Iraq by end of 2007
--Single payer health care
--Roll back tax cuts for the wealthy and super wealthy (over $200K)
--Open up records of Dick Cheney's Energy Task force.
--Re-establish dialog with our allies
--Re-establish dialog with our enemies; Iran, North Korea, e.g.
--Close Guantanamo Bay Prison
--Close all secret prisons, CIA and otherwise.

Adolfo Gonzalez-Garcia, M.D. of Miami, Florida
To try and solve the Iraq mess in a manner that works the best for the region's stability and our interests. To start working on establishing a national health care system and get rid of the middle man.

Jong Yoo of Houston, Texas
After watching the [Democratic] debates and hearing the candidates' goals, I think that a good start to all the different goals can be accomplished in 100 days. The president can go to Europe and other countries in a week or two and mend fences. Other nations will certainly be aware of the election and will already know our intentions. The president can also focus on health care, education, and the military simultaneously. Don't they work like this on a daily basis anyway? A 100 days is over 3 months. As long as you are diligent and not taking a vacation as soon as you get in office, all of these issues can be thoroughly addressed. The next president must be willing to bear the responsibility of picking up the pieces of the last 7-8 years. He/she will have a lot of work, but if he/she succeeds, a place among the greatest presidents will be reserved.

Jeffrey Kress of Old Bridge, New Jersey
Make America a good citizen of the global community! We must stop corporate America from dictating ALL of our government policies. Everything, the war in Iraq, our refusal to set and enforce strict pollution standards and emission of greenhouse gases, mandatory pollution and gas mileage standards for the auto industry, upgrading refineries and an endless list of other policy decisions designed "to protect American interests" are merely a smoke screen to permit American corporations to continue to rape and pillage our people, our country and the resources of the planet!

P. Allen of Sierra Vista, California
In the first 100 days I would like to see a candidate create REAL immigration reform. There are family members from other countries who have been waiting to legally enter this country for more than 10 years. Amnesty for illegals is unfair to the thousands who are trying to immigrate properly and are waiting sometimes 20 years (the Philippines is an excellent example) or more to enter the right way.

Brian McLaughlin of Coatesville, Pennsylvania
The first priority of the new president will probably be to repair all the damage done by the old president.

Daniel Smith of Phoenix, Arizona
Of course, the first thing would be to bring our troops home. Next he/she needs to focus on our lacking health care, decaying environment, and declining economy (i.e. gas prices). Furthermore, in the time between these many jobs, the president must speak to the world's leaders and defuse any situations that are now going on; mainly focusing on Russia, Iran, & North Korea. Finally, the president must focus on Darfur and the many other regions of the world where genocide and inhumanity are happening. Doing this will show the world our true "peace-keeping" nature.

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Ten Republicans who want to be president will take the stage Tuesday night for their first debate in New Hampshire.

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