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Group attacks steel with sledgehammer, creates art

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  • As a fundraiser, would-be artists created a design using a sledgehammer
  • A steel box was made into an artistic chair
  • Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
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By Katherine Dorsett
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ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Why create art with a paintbrush when you can use a sledgehammer instead?

A man takes a swing at creating art -- with a heavy hammer.

That question was posed by 35 people who used a sledgehammer to create a designer chair from a steel box during a recent fundraiser at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center.

"No one knew what the chair was going to look like or what kind of impact their hit was going to have on it. It was a total new and fresh art creation. It was exciting," said Eric Mack, who wielded a sledgehammer during the fundraiser.

"Contemporary art is about surprise, it's about discovering something new. And in this case, it's about creating something new with a group and having a good time," added Baxter Jones, president of the board of the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center.

The box the group hammered on is called a "Do Hit" and is manufactured by the Dutch company Droog Design. It was donated by Scott Reilly, a Droog Design distributor.

Proceeds from the event will be used to help make repairs at the Art Center.

As for the group's creation, it is now part of a larger exhibit at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center called "Finding Form." The chair will be on display until the show closes on December 22.


The fate of the chair is unknown at this time. However, the ultimate goal is that it will be welcomed into a local museum's decorative arts collection, said Stan Woodard, the communications director at the Contemporary.

When asked how comfortable the chair is, Contemporary board member Uri Vaknin replied, "Sometimes it's not always about comfort. Sometimes it's about function and sometimes it's about form. Tonight, it was about form." E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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