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With a new Harry Potter movie and book coming out, asked readers to send in their photos of the witches and wizards they love. We received a number of photos and stories from creative readers.

Gina Grudier of Garner, North Carolina, said her sons, Nikki, 8 and Charlie, 6, have dressed up as Harry Potter characters for Halloween for the past three years. In 2006, Nikki was Harry and Charlie was Ron Weasley. They even have cloaks brought to them from England by the Easter bunny. The Easter bunny has also brought them Harry Potter Easter baskets in the past, complete with "cockroach clusters" candy and Bertie Bott's Every Flavor jelly beans.

The boys' older sister, Stephanie, has dressed as Hermione in the past, Grudier said, adding that the 16-year-old has mostly outgrown playing dress-up and prefers to focus her imagination on the Internet fan-fiction universe. Read full article »

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