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Your e-mails: Give us more memory, better wireless options

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  • Apple's scheduled announcement on Wednesday draws speculation
  • iPhone was released on June 29
  • asked readers for feedback on pocket-sized devices
  • What do you want in a device? Send an I-Report
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(CNN) -- Apple announced Wednesday that it was overhauling its line of iPod digital music players for the first time in two years to include more storage and bigger screens. A new product, the Wi-Fi-enabled iPod Touch, was also unveiled, as well as a new version of iTunes that will feature ringtones for the iPhone.

The Apple iPhone was released on June 29 of this year, and customers lined up to get one. asked readers to share their ideas about what they think should be included in new versions of pocket-sized gadgets like the iPod and iPhone.

Below is a selection of the responses, some of which have been edited for length and clarity:

Daniel Moir of Eden Prairie, Minnesota
I think the iPod needs to increase in storage capacity. With movies and TV shows now available in iTunes, it takes up a great deal of space if you put some of this stuff on there. I have had the 80G most recent version and can fill it in a heartbeat. They shouldn't have anything new introduced until they can hit at least 160G.

Catherine Keup of Atlanta, Georgia
I'd love if there were an application that doubled as a GPS navigation system. I'm always getting lost, but I always have my iPod on me too.

Todd Bemis of Atlanta, Georgia
I believe the disk functionality of the iPod should be password-protected. I store files on the thing, and would like those items to be protected, especially since iPods are such obvious targets for thieves. Should be pretty simple. I'm surprised it's not in there already.

Mark Quigley of Sandy, Utah
The current 80GB iPod is near perfect in performing the task at hand. The only thing lacking is better integration: Bluetooth or something else is needed for wireless headsets, car stereo systems and syncing with the linked PC.

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Brandon Tingley of Brussels, Belgium
Call me old-fashioned, but it would be nice to be able to read books on my iPod. There would be room for a small library on it ... just think, listen to music AND read while commuting.

Dan Gleason of Mapleton, Utah
Give me an iPod / iPhone / PDA with GPS and voice navigation!

Dianne Otto of Houston, Texas
I use the Nike iPod on my daily runs and would like to see an option for intervals (i.e. beeps on the minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes) and also a heart monitor option without the chest strap. It gives calories, time, distance and pace, but heart rate would be a nice feature.

Jonathan Zabala of Monrovia, California
To keep up with the trend-setting vision of the iPod, I think the next iPod should have wireless capabilities ... iPod meets MySpace wayfinding. Imagine an iPod with a user profile, like MySpace or Facebook, with Wi-Fi. So, if you're listening to your iPod and someone within a certain radius of you pops up on this conceptual iPod Wi-Fi network. This allows all iPod users within a certain radius of each other to communicate, text, be friends, share music and/or sell music or playlists. If you can [sell] your playlist or music to another fellow iPoder, i.e. you would make 20 cents for every song sold from your iPod library, Apple would make another 20 cents, and the music producer would make their 60 cents. Everyone wins. Just another way of the new methodology of communication. An iPod that is Wi-Fi, texting capabilities, and can communicate with other iPods in a certain area. The entire iPod phenomenon carries over into an exclusive iPod Wi-Fi communications network.

Debra DeLoach of Gainesville, Florida
Thank you for the opportunity to comment on iPod changes. I would like the iPod to add the ability to use batteries for power. I am constantly having to re-charge my near-dead iPod Mini (4 GB) and have grown tired of doing so. My 13-year old daughter has a non-iPod MP3 player that uses batteries. She listens to her music at her convenience, while I'm a slave to the charger.

James Riley of Temecula, California
There are two major gaps as I see it, both involving Internet connectivity. First, the iPod of the future will have a built-in wireless (WI-FI) connection to allow for downloads over ANY wireless network (rather than having to pay AT&T per byte). It will also play Internet radio stations. (live feed from flash streams on the Internet). Finally, it will have expandable capabilities so that the memory, processor, and other features can be purchased and installed by a typical user.

Greg Shaffstall of Hilliard, Ohio
I love my 60 GB iPod video, but I would love to have some customization options native to the Apple firmware. At least change colors of some things, maybe add a wallpaper. I would also like a more in-depth shuffle feature, one that doesn't generate a playlist but can choose a random song on-the-fly.

Native, fine-tuning EQ options. Presets are ... OK, but everyone's ears are different and not everyone uses the same speakers and/or headphones. Possibly a hardware shuffle slider button. In addition, when a song comes on, I often find myself in the mood to hear more from that artist. I feel like I want to hit a button to go straight to that artist's directory and play more, but, alas, I have to sift back the main menu and go from there.

I bought an InvisibleShield for my iPod. While I love and forget about it, it doesn't cover it completely, mainly the corners. Why shouldn't Apple be able to apply its own scratch-proof covering? No one wants their iPod to get scratched. How cool would it be if it were entirely scratch-proof out-of-the-box?

Dan Miller of Bayside, New York
IPods as well as cell phones should have emergency contact information available at the touch of a button that will give emergency contact info as well as any medical conditions kind of like the vial of life concept. That way if something happens to someone it can be common knowledge that their information is available by finding such common items that people carry with them everywhere.

Peggy Baggerman of Carrollton, Texas
Let me delete songs directly from the player. I like to add the entire CD into my iTunes but don't always want all those songs forever on my iPod.

Ray Davis of Knotts Island, North Carolina
It's simple. Use a larger body to create a flash player such as Nano that has more memory. A 30 GB Nano is what is needed (or higher). This could be accomplished by using multiple memory stores.

Ricky Konkolewski of Columbus, Ohio
Goodbye wheel. Hello all-screen.

Shari Cline of Vancouver, Washington
I would like to be able to transfer movies from DVD to my iPod. It would be nice to be able to load music or movie that I own that are different file formats. Also replaceable battery.

Robin Phillips of Charlotte, North Carolina
The new iPod should include more wireless features. It should come with Bluetooth-capabilities and Bluetooth enabled earbuds. You should also be able to do wireless synchronization between your Bluetooth enabled Mac or PC and be able to wirelessly sync your iTunes with your iPod. I also think it should come with the Internet connectivity, so that users can connect to the iTunes store, buy and download music right from the iPod.

Michael Brechlin of Fayetteville, Arkansas
In a new iPod I would like to see a built-in fm tuner, and built in Bluetooth. I would also like to see larger capacity flash-based storage space and lower pricing.

Dean Gittleson of Valley Center, California
I would like to see a fingerprint reader and a credit card reader and use my iPhone as a secure point of sale appliance.


Jeanne Carter of Beavercreek, Ohio
Bookmarks are needed. For example, when watching a video and the unit is turned off, it will go back to that spot ONLY if you go back to video. But say you want to listen to a book or song, and then go back to the video...your place is lost. This is an easy fix as Palm Pilots can already do this feature with books and game book marks.

Greg Hoile of Marietta, Georgia
All iPods will become solid state and therefore have no possible failure from hard drive crashes. They should also be upgradeable in terms of RAM as well as the operating system version and version of iTunes. The minimum capacity should be around 50 GB. Ideally, the iPhone should double as an iPod, to become the only piece of hardware that you need to carry around. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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