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Al Qaeda member: U.S. embassies prime targets

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  • NEW: FBI says it's examining tape, but message nothing new
  • American al Qaeda member warns U.S. embassies are prime terrorist targets
  • Adam Yahiye Gadahn makes threat in newly released al Qaeda-produced video
  • Gadahn has been indicted on charges of treason and supporting terrorism
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(CNN) -- U.S. Embassies and American interests "at home and abroad" are prime targets for terrorist attacks, American al Qaeda member Adam Yahiye Gadahn said in a newly released al Qaeda-produced video.


American al Qaeda member Adam Yahiye Gadahn appears in a newly released al Qaeda-produced video.

"We shall continue to target you at home and abroad just as you target us at home and abroad ... ," Gadahn -- also known as Azzam the American -- says in the video provided to CNN by, a Web site that analyzes terrorism.

Later in the video, which is about an hour long and takes the form of a documentary, the self-proclaimed American jihadist makes explicit threats against the United States and U.S. interests, singling out embassies and consulates. Video Watch a silent excerpt of the video »

"These spy dens and military command and control centers -- from which you plotted your aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq and which still provide vital moral, military, material and logistical support to the crusade -- shall continue to be legitimate targets for brave Muslims ... until and unless you heed our demands: Stop the crusade and leave the Muslims alone," he said.

FBI spokesman Richard Kolko told CNN that investigators are analyzing the video for any indication of Gadahn's whereabouts.

"The increased messaging from al Qaeda could represent different things and our analytical personnel, working with (intelligence community) partners, review every message for clues and leads," Kolko said.

He noted that the content of Gadahn's message is nothing new.

"There is no shortage of al Qaeda making noise that they intend to attack the U.S. or its interests overseas," Kolko said. "We are concerned, but that is why we do our job every day."

CNN's senior editor for Arab affairs, Octavia Nasr, said Gadahn's threats are focused, making them one of his strongest messages to date.

"With this message he is serving as an al Qaeda propaganda tool and the terror group's mouthpiece and instigator," Nasr said.

Gadahn was indicted in October on charges of treason and offering material support for terrorism, the first American charged with treason since World War II.

Gadahn, who grew up in rural California, embraced Islam in the mid-1990s and moved to Pakistan. Since October 2004 he has appeared in at least seven al Qaeda videos in which he speaks in English and praises the terrorist network.

In late May this year Gadahn appeared in another al Qaeda-produced video.

In that video he issued President Bush a series of "legitimate demands" that he said must be met to avoid continuing jihad against Americans everywhere.

Those demands ranged from pulling out all soldiers from "every Muslim land," to halting support of the "enemies of Islam" and of Israel, to freeing all Muslims held in detention centers and prisons.

Failure to take any one of the steps, he said, would be "considered sufficient justification" for continuing the fighting and killing.


However, according to Nasr, no known terrorist activity has been linked to his messages.

Gadahn is on the FBI's Most Wanted List, with a reward of up to $1 million for information leading to his capture. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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