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Terror on Trial: Strange but true facts about Tim McVeigh

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Editor's Note: As part of's new Crime section, we are archiving some of the most interesting content from This story was first published in 2001.

(Court TV) -- The below statements were taken by Court TV "American Terrorist," a book about Timothy McVeigh by Buffalo News reporters Lou Michel and Dan Herbeck:

1. McVeigh loved the song Bad Company by the band of the same name. He painted "Bad Company" on the turret of his Bradley and listened to the song frequently through his armored vehicle's stereo.

2. Other favorite tunes his listened to in the Gulf War: "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane and songs by Queen.

3. McVeigh claimed he could identify with all the characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Of Captain Picard, he said: "The most respected man in Star Fleet, knows all systems, highly skilled diplomat, yet lonely man. Keeps his emotions in check; no quality I dislike or don't understand."

4. Of chief engineer LaForge: "Just look at the pride he takes in knowing his s--- ...I absolutely relate to the pride and care he takes in the upkeep of his systems."

5. McVeigh had a rather blunt pick-up line that he used effectively a couple of times while stationed at Fort Riley: "Okay, we've just met. We could sit here for three hours, wasting money on drinks, or we could just go now and get laid."

6. McVeigh earned a reputation for honesty as an armored guard when he found $8,000 that had been misplaced and promptly returned it.

7. Skinny as a young boy, bullies referred to him as "Noodle McVeigh."

8. His high school yearbook quote: "take it as it comes, buy a lamborghini, california girls"

9. McVeigh gave several cases of Army-issue ready-to-eat meals to poverty stricken families he encountered in Iraq.

10. As a security guard, McVeigh at one point worked the graveyard shift at The Buffalo Zoo.

11. Another assignment had him working next door to the abortion clinic of Dr. Barnett Slepian, allegedly murdered years later by the recently arrested fugitive James Kopp.

12. Nickname for McVeigh's Chevy Geo Spectrum: "The Road Warrior"

13. McVeigh applied to become a United States Marshall after getting out of the army but was turned down.

14. An avid Buffalo Bills fan, McVeigh lost $1000 betting on his team in the Super Bowl, when they lost to the Cowboys 52-17.

15. McVeigh once lied to some neighbors of Terry Nichols and told them the Army had implanted a computer chip in his butt.

16. The bomber didn't use his real name at gun shows, but instead went by the alias Tim Tuttle.

17. McVeigh once went to a massive motor cross rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, attracted by the biker lifestyle and stories about "wild biker babes."

18. In a letter to a girl back home he liked, McVeigh wrote: "I can take a hint, but this is my address anyway. If you ever need anything, let me know. 1. someone killed, blown up, etc. 2. a shoulder. 3. refuge. 4. fertilization from good stock when the clock starts ticking."

19. McVeigh has a female admirer in Germany, who has sent him a series of sexually explicit letters in prison.

20. As a teen, McVeigh loved the TV series Little House on the Prairie E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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