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Bob Woolmer's death: Your e-mails

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KINGSTON, Jamaica (CNN) -- The announcement by Jamaican police that Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer's death is being treated as murder has shocked the cricketing world during one of its biggest events.

As the investigation into the death continues, the debate rages over whether the cricket World Cup should continue and fans mourn, scores of CNN viewers have written to express their grief and consternation.

Here are a selection of your e-mails:

If (the murder) happened in Pakistan then the World Cup would have been called off immediately.

Malcolm Speed should resign from his post because he is incapable and during his tenure World Cricket has lost a great coach of cricket. Malcolm Speed holds press conferences and nothing else.
Wajeeh, Birmingham, United Kingdom

I was shocked and saddened on the sudden death of a great coach. He was very amiable personality. He devoted his whole life to cricket, both as a player and as an innovative and respected coach.

His death is a great loss for cricket world. And I think cricket world cup should continue and all the teams should dedicate their wins to late Mr. Woolmer. May his soul rest in heaven.
Zain, Pakistan

I fear that the gambling underworld has reared its ugly head to the full extent. International cricket, horse racing or boxing, it doesn't matter. Especially in Asia it can often be a case of accepting bribes or you die. In Bob Woolmer's case he simply may have uncovered some nasty truth. A sad time for cricket and also a sad time for professional sport.
Lane, Malaysia

The game of cricket epitomizes the British sense of fair play; but this sad turn events -- it's just not cricket.
Daniel Noagbe, Luton

Events like this are symptomatic of a violent world where the world's only superpower uses military force for its own ends. Sports fans themselves become violent at times.
Ray Orr, Nambour, Queensland, Australia.

This is an absolute bereavement to the entire cricket world. It once again exposes the inability of ICC to keep match fixing under check. I feel the ICC as well as the PCB is accountable for the entire fiasco.

Their respective executives should come out in public and give the explanations

on the death of one of the top cricket coaches of all time.
Prem Chand Ch., Hyderabad, India.

The death of Bob Woolmer saddens the world of sports, in particular criket, which made him famous.

It is unfortunate that it happened at the world cricket tournament, which was intended to showcase cricket, and the cooperation and collegiality between participating countries.

Instead, we will all be focus on issues, game fixing, murder etc. Let's hope that the Jamaican police can solve this crime and bring justice! As a Jamaican-American living overseas, I am concerned about the negative press this can bring to Jamaica -- a cricket loving country and a country that depends heavily on tourism.
Sophia Heslop, Germany

The person, individual or group of persons, responsible for the death of this cricket hero, Bob Woolmer has murdered sleep, and they shall sleep no more. Bob died for the cause he believed in. There is no peace for the wicked.
Chinyere Onuogu, Nigeria

The announcement by the Jamaican police that Pakistani coach Bob Woolmer was murdered does not come as a shock to me. He was the coach of the South Africa cricket team which was implicated for match fixing a couple of years back, including their captain Hansie Cronje. It's a well known fact that match fixing is rampant in the sport mainly in the Indian subcontinent. The ICC can deny the fact but it needs to wake up to the reality. The Subcontinent is the main market for cricket. The telecast rights are sold for billions in this cricket crazy region. With so much money at stake its quite possible that Bob Woolmer was murdered by the Sub continent betting mafia who have been involved in match fixing in the past. Cricket betting is a dirty business.
Parth, Mumbai, India

It is certainly sad thing regarding Bob's death. It again puts a very ugly face on mankind. Regardless of whether he was killed in connection with money or a disappointed fan. Cricket in essence, is a just game - not to die for.

My thoughts and feelings are with Bob's family, as what started as a very sad story of a loved one passing away due to natural causes, has now turned into a darker, painful, and unfathomable nightmare - R.I.P. Bob Woolmer.
Darren Zimsen

It's just sad, sick and utterly inhumane what happened there in Jamaica, I see people burning both athletes' and coaches' pictures and images when they lose matches! Why? Have we totally lost our minds?

These inconsiderate and unacceptable acts of anger must stop! What does it really say about the people and the country that shows these actions? Football players being killed after losing a world cup match, referees having the same fate after making a game deciding call, the whole North Korean boxing corner coming up to the ring to beat the lights out of the referee who awarded the match to the opposition! What's next?

Is this really sport or have some people gone insane to the point they take people's life because of a game?
Allan, Singapore

Pakistan cricket always seems to court controversy. In the past we have had Corruption, match fixing, ball tampering, and now murder. The ICC should kick out Pakistan from world cricket, but unfortunately political correctness will win.
John Miller, London, England.

The heavy commercialization of cricket has transformed it from a game to an unscrupulous business, I am befuddled at the level of security for the biggest event of cricket and no matter who did this, ICC is equally responsible for it.
Junaid Khan, Dubai, UAE

I do hope the authorities leave no stone unturned in getting to the bottom of the Bob Woolmer tragedy. As much as I hope that the investigation will indeed be thorough, I also do hope that all those 'large & small' connected will be fully exposed and punishment so severe that this scourge will be removed from the gentleman's game once and for all.
Nelun Herat, China

A fantastic and dedicated cricket professional like Bob had no business to see this kind of a cruel end. This is the result of immense corruption, which has now taken the front seat in the world of cricket and strict measures by the relevant authorities should be initiated immediately.
Pavan Bhargava, India

The dangerous obsession with the "gentleman's game" of cricket has taken an ugly turn. A brilliant coach who dedicated himself with integrity and sincerity has paid the ultimate price. Whether it was an overzealous fan or the work of bookmakers, it's becoming a notoriety that these people live their lives through the cricket players. While millions around the world are coming to terms with his death, Bob Woolmer was loved and adored in Pakistan, and lifted up the players when discredited umpires like Darrell Hair had their hand in damaging Pakistan cricket.
Dr. Saimah Khan, North Carolina

Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer (left) talks with player Shahid Afridi during team training last Friday.



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