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Your e-mails: How is Hong Kong faring?

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HONG KONG, China (CNN) -- Hong Kong has weathered much in the past 10 years: the Asian financial crisis, SARS, growing pollution woes and continuing questions about democracy.

CNN is asking readers to weigh in on the Chinese city: how it met challenges since the 1997 British handover, and what challenges lie ahead. Below is a selection of their responses, some of which have been edited for length and clarity:

I think Hong Kong is getting actually better after so many years. After all, we are all Chinese and we share the same cultural roots and we can never change this fact. In Chinese we have a saying that "the crow is always black." In my eyes, all politician are the same, just like those crows.
Michael Yang, Hong Kong

My mother is from Hong Kong. After 10 years with Communist China, Hong Kong residents yearn for the good old days of Chris Patten, who loves our egg tarts.
Raymond Yu, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Hong Kong in 10 years -- I feel it hasn't improved much. Hong Kong people can be lost in their way and their lives. For them, jobs and money are the most important things in their life, such as they want to work for money but not want to work for enjoy their life. Also, they can't see their future. It's really hard to find a job which I can show my skill, especially since I'm deaf. Lots of employers in Hong Kong worry about communication problems when I had interviews with them.
Phoenix Cheung, Hong Kong

From an external perspective, we always wonder why people in Hong Kong accepted a non-democratic British colonial government, and then suddenly demanded democracy under the Chinese government. The current situation begs the question of whether the so-called pro-democracy movement is a result of foreign interference [which] does not wish to see a successful Hong Kong under Chinese rule.

Sure, there are problems under Chinese rule, but there were problems under British rule. And let's face it, Hong Kong is nothing without the support of mainland China, whether Hong Kong gets full democracy or not. And the leaders in Beijing have bent over backwards to accommodate Hong Kong already.
John Wong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As a Hong Kong resident, born and raised locally, I am proud to call this my home. I have lived in and seen the likes of Hong Kong's rivals such as London, New York and perhaps recently, Singapore. But the people of this vibrant and rich cosmopolitan jungle will keep it buzzing and ahead of the pack for years to come.
Kapil Kirpalani, Hong Kong, China

Well, I think [after] 10 years [Hong Kong] is still going pretty good and smooth. Hong Kong has a much better background and sense of democracy, this special administrative region, it is surely special for the Chinese government. But will it be more free in taking control of the both politics and social affairs of Hong-Kong in the future ? We will see.
David Folla, Shen yang, China

There are a few suggestions for my fellow residents in Hong Kong. I believe these suggestions will make Hong Kong a better place.

  • Teach debate in high school
  • Ask students to do practical projects to raise awareness of elections.
  • Think about your identity. What are your proud of? What do you care? If you care only about having a LV wallet, or seeing the best star in Korea, Japan, you will be nothing but a slave of the modern culture.
  • Everyone should read the news more. People should read more than one newspaper. People should not only read the news about pop stars, they should read about politics. People should not only read the news, but think about it critically.
  • Don't have an inordinate care for money. Care for your freedom. Humans dies but ideas don't.
  • Don't care so much about the international ranking of Hong Kong. Set your own standards and achieve your goal. If your standard is good, others will follow.
  • Stop stereotyping people.
  • Please slow down. There isn't a tiger chasing you.
  • If you want to be a truly international city, think beyond yourself. How's the genocide in Darfur? How are the elections in South America? How's the climate change?
  • Care for the underprivileged more. It is not glorious to see homeless beggars, abandoned old people, inaccessible facilities for the physically challenged, and covert prejudice to people with disabilities.
  • I love you Hong Kong. I really do.
    Martin Yip, Oxford, Ohio, USA


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