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Lamb with 7 legs faces the chop

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  • Lamb born with an extra set of front legs and three back legs
  • Animal also hermaphrodite, and unable to pass feces
  • Vet Steve Williams: "To keep it alive is probably inhumane"
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CANBERRA, Australia (Reuters) -- A lamb with seven legs was born in New Zealand but so badly deformed that it was likely to be destroyed, a local newspaper reported.

The lamb was born with an extra set of front legs and three back legs, the Ashburton Guardian newspaper, at Ashburton on the South Island, reported.

Farmer Dave Callaghan found the lamb in his field. Two of its legs hung useless behind the forelegs. The lamb walked using its two forelegs and three healthy hind legs.

Veterinarian Steve Williams said the lamb was also hermaphrodite, and was missing a part of its bowel so was unable to pass feces.

He said it was this latter problem, rather than the fact it had seven legs, that meant it would probably have to be destroyed.

"It's quite a happy bright wee lamb, he's just slowly going downhill really," Williams said. "To keep it alive is probably inhumane really." E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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