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Myanmar: CNN video coverage

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(CNN) -- Myanmar has witnessed its largest anti-government protests in 19 years after demonstrations that began in mid-August over sharp fuel price increases.

Myanmar's government says 10 people were killed in the subsequent crackdown in September, but dissident groups put the death toll at more than 200. Dissident groups and international governments say the number of people detained is far higher than the country's military rulers admit.


International governments have responded with unprecedented condemnation, some sanctions and calls for neighboring China and India, major trading partners of Myanmar, to use their leverage on the junta. The United States has warned it would push for U.N. sanctions against Myanmar if it fails to respond to the world's demands for democratic reforms.

But Myanmar's Foreign Minister Nyan Win has told the U.N. General Assembly that democracy "cannot be imposed from outside" and demonstrators at recent pro-government rallies have carried placards saying "Oppose external interference." E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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