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Saturday, June 30

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Editor's Note: The CNN Wire is a running log of the latest news from CNN World Headquarters, reported by CNN's correspondents and producers, and The CNN Wire editors. "Posted" times are Eastern Time.

Witnesses: Glascow attack suspects shouted "Allah," appeared to be of south Asian descent

GLASCOW, Scotland (CNN) -- One of the men who crashed an explosives-laden sport-utility vehicle into an entrance at the Glasgow International Airport Saturday set himself on fire, while another repeatedly shouted "Allah" as he fought with police, according to witnesses who ran to the scene after the vehicle burst into flames. A third man who remained inside the burning SUV died, sources close to the investigation told CNN.

Two other people were arrested in the northern England town of Cheshire in connection with Glasgow attack and two car bombs found Friday in London, bringing the total number of people in custody to four, Scotland Yard said early Sunday. Glasgow police had said Saturday night the Glascow and London occurrences were linked.

The airport incident, at a terminal check-in area about 3:15 p.m. Saturday, sparked panic at the scene and prompted increases in airport security worldwide. The British government raised the national threat level to critical, the highest level -- meaning attacks are considered imminent.

Airport worker John Smitten, who ran to the scene to help police immediately after the crash, said one of the men fought with them. "We try to subdue the guy, but he's a bad boy, he's not for being subdued," Smitten said. "He's throwing punches left, right and center."

He said it sounded as if the man was speaking Arabic. "He was shouting something 'Allah,' something 'Allah.' Everytime he threw a punch he was saying 'Allah.'"

Smitten said the second man who was severely burned and "covered head to toe in flames" also tried to fight policemen after a taxi driver used a water hose to put out the flames.

Stephen Clarkson, a passenger who was in the terminal, is quoted in several reports, including by the BBC and the Washington Post, saying that both men appeared to be of south Asian descent.

The third man apparently chose to die inside the burning vehicle, witness Jackie Kennedy said. The man sat in the car with a five-liter drum of petrol and he "poured it over himself inside of the car, and the car went up in flames," she said. (Posted 2:40 a.m.)

British soldier killed in southern Afghan operation

(CNN) -- A British soldier was killed on Saturday in southern Afghan fighting, Britain's Defense Ministry.

He was "acting as a liaison officer" between his battalion and a joint U.S. task force and Afghan Nation Army operation in Afghanistan's northern Helmand province.

The incident occurred around 9 a.m. when troops battled "a substantial group of Taliban that were setting up a possible ambush site" near to a village. (Posted 4:23 p.m.)

June civilian deaths in Iraq lowest monthly death toll this year, government figures show

BAGHDAD (CNN) -- The number of civilians killed in Iraq this June has dropped to the lowest monthly toll this year, according to Iraqi government figures.

An Iraqi Interior Ministry official on Saturday said 1,227 Iraqi civilians were killed in violence across the country in June, with 563 bodies recovered by Iraqi security forces in Baghdad.

The civilian death toll was 1,949 in May; 1,501 in April; 1,872 in March; 1,646 in February and 1,990 in January, the ministry has said. (Posted 3:54 p.m.)

Sources: Terror suspect dies; explosives-filled cars traced to Glasgow

LONDON (CNN) -- One of two suspects who crashed a vehicle into an entrance at the Glasgow, Scotland, airport Saturday has died, sources close to the investigation told CNN.

The vehicle burst into flames after the crash, and the suspect was taken to a hospital.

In addition, authorities have linked the Glasgow incident to the discovery of two explosives-filled cars in London on Friday. Sources told CNN both of those cars have been traced back to Glasgow. (Posted 3:52 p.m.)

Threat level up to highest level in Britain

LONDON (CNN) -- The British government has raised the threat level in the country to critical, the highest level.

This comes after a car crash into the terminal at the Glasgow airport, an incident regarded as a terror attack by British officials. (Posted 3:21 p.m.)

Police in UK believe Glasgow crash is terror incident

LONDON (CNN) -- Police at the highest levels in the United Kingdom are assuming that the crash of a vehicle at the airport in the Scottish city of Glasgow is a terrorist incident, CNN has learned.

Authorities are assuming that it is linked to the incident in London on Friday, when two explosives-filled cars were found. On Saturday, a car crashed into the airport terminal and burst into flames. Two people were arrested.

They believe it is directly linked to the same people involved in the London incident or think it is a copycat attack.

CNN has learned that consideration is being given about whether to raise the national threat level to its highest level, critical.

It currently stands at severe. (Posted 2:55 p.m.)

NATO soldier killed in southern Afghan operation; Taliban attack kills 3

(CNN) -- A NATO soldier died on Saturday during "an operation against Taliban extremists," according to officials at NATO's International Security Assistance Force.

The nationality of the soldier has not been disclosed, in accordance with NATO policy. ISAF will withhold the information until the appropriate national authority has made an announcement.

Another soldier was wounded during the same operation, which occurred Saturday. (2:25 p.m.)

Sources: 6 Palestinian militants killed in Gaza air strikes

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Six Palestinians were killed in two separate air strikes in Gaza, sources said.

Three Palestinian militants were killed and four others were wounded on Saturday in a southern Gaza air strike, Palestinian medical sources told CNN.

It happened in the area of Khan Younis. (Posted 2:07 p.m.)

2 detained in Glasgow airport car incident

LONDON (CNN) -- A car slammed into a front door at a terminal building in the airport of the Scottish city of Glasgow and burst into flames, unnerving Britons already on edge from the discovery in London on Saturday of two explosives-filled cars.

Police said two people were arrested in connection with the crash, feared by many officials and citizens to be an attack, not an accident.

The Glasgow Airport issued a statement saying that a vehicle "drove into a front door at the check-in area of Glasgow Airport's terminal building" about 3:11 p.m. local time.

The vehicle "caught fire on impact with the building." (Posted 1:54 p.m.)

U.S. boosting security presence at airports across the country

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The United States is boosting the security presence at airports across the country, officials said.

It is a precautionary measure in light of the incidents in Britain -- the burning vehicle at the Glasgow International Airport on Saturday and the discovery of two explosives-filled cars in London on Friday.

There have been no indications of a specific security threat in the United States. (Posted 1:39 p.m.)

NATO soldier killed in southern Afghan operation

(CNN) -- A NATO soldier died on Saturday during "an operation against Taliban extremists," according to officials at NATO's International Security Assistance Force.

The nationality of the soldier has not been disclosed, in accordance with NATO policy. ISAF will withold the information until the appropriate national authority has made an announcement.

Another soldier was wounded during the same operation, which occurred Saturday. (Posted 1:18 p.m.)

2 detained in Glasgow airport car incident

Police in Britain said two people were arrested Saturday after a car was driven into the front of Terminal One at Glasgow International Airport in Scotland. Eyewitnesses said that car became a fireball.

One eyewitness at the airport Saturday, Jim Manson, told British TV he saw a car that appeared to be a Land Rover "with a couple of guys in it trying to push their way into the airport terminal building."

He said the vehicle "suddenly caught fire" and "what was really odd" is that one of the people tried to open up the back of the car while he was on fire.

"It was very, very dramatic," Manson said, explaining that flames shot out from the front of the car, and then a mini-explosion appeared to occur. (Posted 12:55 p.m.)

Authorities working to refine imagery found in London bomb probe

LONDON (CNN) -- "There is no crystal clear image" of a person associated with one of the cars in the London bomb probe, a senior federal official familiar with investigation told CNN on Saturday.

At least not yet, the official said.

Authorities are working to refine several images, the official said, and they have determined that the two explosives-laden cars were parked at the same time. (Posted 12:32 p.m.)

Sources: 3 Palestinian militants killed in Gaza air strike

It happened in the area of Khan Younis.

An Israel Defense Forces spokesman told CNN that the Israeli Air Force carried out an aerial attack in southern Gaza. (Posted 12:29 p.m.)

NATO, U.S.-led coalition: Civilians possibly killed during Afghan fight possibly used as 'human shields'

KABUL (CNN) -- NATO and the U.S.-led coalition on Saturday said there may have been civilians killed in a big firefight in southern Afghanistan, but it appears that militants may have been using them as "human shields."

This details come amid allegations that as many as 130 people, including women and children, were killed Friday in an attack by coalition forces in southern Helmand province.

Maj. John Thomas, a spokesman for NATO's International Security Assistance Force, told CNN that remains of those who may be civilians were found among insurgent fighters found dead at their firing positions in a trench line.

"It appears that insurgents are continuing their tactic of using women and children as human shields," Thomas said. "In this case, we are fairly certain that all return fire against the enemy attack was targeted directly at enemy firing positions." (Posted 12:27 p.m.)

Mass grave found near Iraqi city of Falluja, U.S. military said

BAGHDAD (CNN) -- A mass grave with 35 to 40 bodies was found south of the Anbar city of Falluja, the U.S. military said Saturday.

The find was made late Friday, outside Ferris -- more than 20 miles south of Falluja.

"The remains were bound and had gunshot wounds," the military said.

The military has said that Anbar, predominantly Sunni, has been a battleground lately between al Qaeda in Iraq militants and Sunnis tribal fighters who oppose al Qaeda. (Posted 12:27 p.m.)

Spanish airport evacuated after warning; no bomb found

MADRID (CNN) - The airport on Spain's Ibiza island in the Mediterranean was evacuated Saturday after an anonymous bomb threat was called into a newspaper office that often receives such calls from the Basque separatist group ETA, but police later determined that a suspicious package was empty, CNN partner station CNN Plus reported.

The caller to the newspaper office reportedly did not mention ETA in this instance.

There was confusion as to whether there had been a police controlled explosion of the suspicious package or not. Some people outside the airport said they had heard what sounded like an explosion, but Interior Ministry sources told CNN Plus that there was no explosion.

There were no immediate reports of injuries. (Posted 12:27 p.m.)

U.S. soldier killed in southern Baghdad bombing; 100 U.S. troop deaths in June

BAGHDAD (CNN) -- The U.S. military said another American soldier was killed in Iraq this month, bringing the June toll to 100.

One Multi-National Division - Baghdad soldier was killed and three other soldiers were wounded on Friday "when an explosively-formed penetrator detonated" in southern Baghdad during combat, the military said in a statement on Saturday.

In April, 104 American troops were killed and in May 126 troops were killed -- making the April to June time-frame the deadliest three-month stretch for U.S. troops since the Iraqi war began.

That period corresponds with the build-up of the U.S. troop escalation, also known as the "surge." (Posted 12:27 p.m.)

Suicide bombing in Iraq's Diyala province; at least 15 civilians, police recruits dead

BAGHDAD (CNN) -- At least 15 civilians and police recruits were killed in Iraq on Saturday when a suicide bomber detonated in a Diyala province town, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said.

The incident took place in Muqdadiya, one of the restive towns in Diyala province -- which sprawls north and east of Baghdad and borders Iran.

Twelve people were wounded as well in the incident, which occurred in an outdoor market and near a police station. The incident occurred at 12:15 p.m.

The U.S. military has been conducting an offensive in the Diyala provincial capital of Baquba called Operation Arrowhead Ripper.

Muqdadiya is northeast of Baquba. (Posted 12:27 p.m.)

Baghdad raids kill 26 connected to 'Iranian terror networks,' Iraqi PM slams action, wants answers

BAGHDAD (CNN) -- U.S.-led coalition forces killed an estimated 26 "secret cell terrorists" and captured another 17 during raids in Baghdad's Sadr City Saturday morning -- an operation that prompted a rebuke from Iraq's prime minister.

The Sadr City raids, detailed in a military statement and conducted in the pre-dawn hours in the densely populated Shiite slum, are already proving to be a source of contention, with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki indicating that the attacks were carried out without the proper approval.

"The government will demand an explanation from the multinational forces about what happened in Sadr City earlier today," said al-Maliki, who deplored what he characterizes as attacks on civilians under the guise of "fighting terrorists and militias."

The U.S. military said the raids targeted terrorists tied to "Iranian terror networks," which the military said are responsible for facilitating the flow of lethal aid into Iraq. (Posted 12:27 p.m.)

Top insurgent said to be killed in Falluja

BAGHDAD (CNN) -- The U.S. military announced Saturday that it has positively identified an insurgent killed in fighting near the Anbar province city of Falluja Friday as a high-level al-Qaeda leader.

An Egyptian, who is believed to have fought for al Qaeda in Afghanistan five years ago before moving into Iraq, was killed during fighting east of Falluja Friday, the military said.

The military said Abu 'Abd al-Rahman al-Masri "worked directly for Abu Ayyub al-Masri, the military emir of al Qaeda in Iraq, and is associated with other al Qaeda in Iraq senior leaders." (Posted 12:27 p.m.)

Two U.S. soldiers charged with murder in deaths of 3 Iraqis

BAGHDAD (CNN) -- Two U.S. soldiers have been charged with the premeditated murders of three Iraqis, killings that allegedly happened in three separate incidents in Iskandariya -- about 25 miles south of Baghdad -- between April and June of this year, according to a U.S. military statement.

In addition to the murder charges, the two enlisted men are accused of trying to cover up the crimes by placing weapons next to the bodies of the dead Iraqis, the military said.

The soldiers, both assigned to the U.S. Army's 1st Battalion, 501 Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, based at Fort Richardson, Alaska, have been identified as Staff Sgt. Michael A. Hensley and Spc. Jorge G Sandoval, Jr. (Posted 6:39 a.m.)

California wildfire started by campfire; 70% contained

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (CNN) -- The Angora wildfire that has been raging south of Lake Tahoe in California was ignited by a campfire in a restricted recreation area, according to a U.S. Forest Service investigator. The wildfire is 70 percent contained, according to the U.S. Forest Service.

Investigator Donna Deaton told residents gathered at a town hall meeting Friday evening that there was no evidence that the fire was deliberately set and there are no suspects identified.

Calmer winds in the area have contributed to the progress in containment efforts, and if the weather continues to be mild officials expect to have the fire fully contained by Tuesday. (Posted 1:59 a.m.) E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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