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Before she was a princess, she was a child - shy but affectionate, respectful but mischievous.

Ten years after the death of Princess Diana, two women who helped raise the future princess are providing a new, intimate portrait of the girl who would become the "People's Princess."

Diana Frances Spencer was born into a life of privilege. She grew up at Park House, a country home leased from the royal family's Sandringham estate in Norfolk, England. Her parents, Johnnie and Frances Spencer, were well-known members of the English aristocracy.

Inge Crane came to Park House as an au pair when Diana was just 3 years old.

"There's always been something special about Park House. It's difficult to put a finger on what it is," she said in her first interview, given exclusively to CNN. Read full article »

CNN's Soledad O'Brien contributed to this report

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